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written & directed by Marz Richards

5 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Episodes - 1/22/11 - 2/12/11
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/14/11

Open your mouth, citizen!  HERE COMES JUSTICE!

theme song by Marz Richards & Ryan Johnson
comic book artwork & animation by Jeret Ochi


Ceasar F. Barajas

Captain Battle (Eps. 1-4)

Brendan Broms

Captain Battle (Ep. 5)

Pat Towne

Sgt. Dick Danger (Eps. 1-5)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Razorback (Eps. 1-5)

Sean Sweeney

Numbers (Eps. 1 & 4)

Colin Willkie

Pvt. Anson Whilikers (Eps. 1-2)
Pvt. Benjamin Whilikers (Ep. 3)
Shield Action (Ep. 4)
Pvt. Charlie Whillikers (Ep. 5)

Corey Klemow

Pvt. Roger Stephens (Eps. 1-2 & 5)

Paul Plunkett

Adolf Hitler (Eps. 1-5)

Marz Richards

Dane Cook (The Thief of Tomorrow) (Eps. 1-5)

Bruno Oliver

Wealthy Businessman (Ep. 1)

Matt Valle

Sea-Man, King of Hotlantis (Eps. 1-4)

Ryan Johnson

Sea-Man, King of Hotlantis (Ep. 5)

Curt Bonnem

Command Scientist (Eps. 1-2)
American Spy
(Ep. 1)

Gregory Guy Gorden

Duke Gregory (Eps. 1-4)

Chuck Neal

Sir Charles (Eps. 1-2 & 4)

JJ Mayes

Spy (Ep. 2)

Joseph Beck

Benny Hill (Eps. 2-5)

Richard Levinson

Old Man (Ep. 2)

Natasha Norman & Mikaela Richmond

Burlesque Girls (Ep. 2)

Jaime Robledo

Das LuftBot (Eps. 3 & 5)

Carrie Wiita

Lady Lucifer (Eps. 3-4)

Erin Holt

Lady Lucifer (Ep. 5)

Alyson Schultz

D-Bot (Eps. 3-4)

JJ Mayes

D-Bot (Ep. 4)

Terry Tocantins

Zweibot (Eps. 3-5)

Alyssa Preston

Doomhilda (Eps. 4-5)

Monica Greene

G-Bot Ein (Ep. 5)

Erika Salomon

G-Bot Zwei (Ep. 5)

Megan Alexis Stier

G-Bot Drei (Ep. 5)

Rick Steadman

Pvt. Franklin Whillikers (Ep. 5)

David Mayes

Pvt. David "Nitro" Whillikers (Ep. 5)

EPISODE ONE: "Enter the Awesome!" (1/22/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Weakling Roger Stephens, army Private, is transformed by military science into the heroic Captain Battle! Sgt. Dick Danger tells us that the Germans have the bomb - somebody's been messing with Time. He shows the All-Awesome Squad a spy film of Dane Cook allying with Hitler, giving him time travel capability in exchange for his friendship. A message arrives for Captain Battle, asking for a meeting in London... and it's from Benny Hill. All-Awesome Squad, GET AWESOME!

First Exciting Issue! Pvt. Roger Stephens (Corey Klemow) and Sgt. Dick Danger (Pat Towne). Captain Battle (Ceasar F. Barajas) kicks Hitler's (Paul Plunkett) ass. Calling a meeting to order. Numbers (Sean Sweeney) and Razorback (Jay Bogdanowitsch). Numbers (Sean Sweeney) and Razorback (Jay Bogdanowitsch). The Royal Consorts (Chuck Neal & Gregory Guy Gorden). A heroic pose. The All-Awesome Squad watches a classified film. Hitler confers with a wealthy businessman (Bruno Oliver) while an American spy (Curt Bonnem) looks on. He has something amazing to show Herr Hitler. It's a time-traveling Dane Cook (Marz Richards). Dane Cook amazes them with his time traveling powers. Captain Battle is appalled. Pvt. Whilikers (Colin Willkie) delivers a telegram. It's from... Benny Hill.  Who? 'All-Awesome Squad... GET AWESOME!' Curtain Call

Captain Battle Opening Credit Sequence

EPISODE TWO: "The Fool & the Hill!" (1/29/11)
Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Anna Baardsen

SUMMARY:  The All-Awesome Squad meets with Benny Hill in London. He's a time traveler from the future as well. He explains that he's so rich that he purchased Liberace's time gauntlet, which he liked to use to visit the Court of Versailles. Later, in 2007, Dane Cook started buying up the routines of dead comedians, passing them off as his own. He got the time gauntlet from Hill's estate. When he found himself friendless and alone, he spent a lot of time smoking meth and watching the History Channel... and then travelled back in time to help Hitler win the war. But how did Hill get back to WWII?  He used his backup device: a time codpiece. Suddenly, Pvt. Whilikers races in, dying - killed by robot Nazis. The rest of the men are trapped on the boat. The All-Awesome Squad, with Benny Hill in tow, go off to avenge him and save the others.

The Fool & The Hill! Pvt. Stephens is transformed by SCIENCE! Birth of a hero! The American Spy has stumbled into a trap! Captain Battle and Sea-Man spot trouble! The Axis of Jerks has your money and your plans!  An eruption of violence! The old 1-2 takes care of the Thief of Tomorrow! Bagged the bad guy in under a minute - AWESOME! Benny Hill (Joseph Beck) makes his presence known to the Squad. Razorback shoots first, asks questions next week. Benny Hill demonstrates his superpower. Sgt. Danger wonders why he's never heard of Benny Hill. Benny Hill is from the future, too! Dane Cook bought the Time Gauntlet at Benny Hill's estate sale! Dane Cook just bought all the rights to George Carlin's material! 'This is what we're up against? A time-traveling speed freak who can anticipate our every move? Damn! That's foul!' Sgt. Danger just isn't a hands-on-hips kind of guy. The death of Pvt. Anson Whilikers! 'That's the last man I lose to Nazi Robots!' Benny Hill joins the All-Awesome Squad! All-Awesome Squad! GET SOME AWESOME!

The World's Greatest Warrior, Captain Battle, is created through good ol' American SCIENCE!
He is joined by Sea-Man, and they proceed to defeat evil in a quick minute.

Benny Hill tells us how Dane Cook purchased the material
of deceased comics and passed it off as his own.

Unhinged by the death of Private Anson Whilikers,
the All-Awesome Squad runs headlong into battle.

EPISODE THREE: "Terror on the Thames!" (2/5/11)
Photos by Jacob Sidney
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  The All-Awesome Squad board the sub, where they encounter mad scientist Lady Lucifer and her Nazi Robots. A robot/human dance off ensues, and the Nazi Robots are defeated. Sgt. Danger informs Pvt. Whilikers' twin brother Benjamin that his brother was killed, and Benjamin swears vengeance. As the All-Awesome Squad prepares for all-out, non-dance battle with the Axis of Jerks, Dane Cook freezes time. "Why would you pick a fight with a man who has a time machine?" Benny Hill unfreezes. "Because I have one, too," he says. "Looks like you'll have to have a fair fight after all!"

Terror on the Thames! Lady Lucifer (Carrie Wiita), Mistress of Mechanical Mayhem! Cute boys have a tendency to drown. This upsets Sea-Man. Das LuftBot (Jaime Robledo) is summoned. Epic Dance Battle!

The Axis of Jerks tricks the All-Awesome Squad
into a dance battle on the banks of the Thames.

Lady Lucifer summons a special weapon to the battlefield in a
last ditch effort to defeat the All-Awesome Squad on the dance floor.

EPISODE FOUR: "The Sword and the Shield!" (2/12/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  The epic battle commences!  Dane Cook and Benny Hill unfreeze their compatriots so that the battle may begin.  Hitler presents Dane Cook with the Sword of Sigfried, which confers invincibility.  It seems Cook may win... but the sword's power wanes after just one minute.  After all, Hitler wasn't going to give anybody ultimate power that lasts forever!  The Axis of Jerks summons Doomhilda, and all seems lost... but the Royal Consorts come to the rescue, defeating Doomhilda and all of Lady Lucifer's robots!  Hitler, Dane Cook and Lady Lucifer escape... and Hitler reveals that this battle was all a trap.  The robots were merely analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the All-Awesome Squad.  Next time they meet, the robots will be invincible.  Meanwhile, Benny Hill says that he managed to synchronize his Time Codpiece with Cook's Time Gauntlet.  The All-Awesome Squad can now follow the Axis of Jerks throughout time.

The Sword and the Shield! The Forces of Awesome! Sgt. Danger brings us back to the moment of final conflict! The Time Gauntlet is weakened by the presence of the Time Codpiece! Time to get in the game, Lady Lucifer! The Thief of Tomorrow calls out the Captain! Hitler has stolen something from the Museum of History! It is the Sword of Siegfried, the blade that slew the last dragon on Earth! With Sword in hand, the Axis of Jerks spins the momentum back in their favor! The magic weapon brings the hero to his knees! The power of the Sword only lasts for a minute, more than enough time for Captain Battle to recover! Lady Lucifer summons Special Weapon Robot X! DOOMHILDA! (Alyssa Preston) Doomhilda's Sonic Attack takes out the All-Awesome Squad! The Royal Consorts rescue the Squad and destroy Lady Lucifer's robot minions! Sea-Man and the Royal Consorts look forward to a full debriefing! Trickery!  The Axis of Jerks played the Squad into a perect set-up in order to learn all their weaknesses! Gloating. 'With the Time Gauntlet, we can strike from any era we choose! The All-Awesome Squad has fallen into our trap!' Sharing an evil laugh. Curtain Call

EPISODE FIVE: "In the Grip of the G-Bots!" (5/14/11)
Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  As the All-Awesome Squad regroup, Lady Lucifer prepares her latest creation: the sexy and deadly G-Bots, whose speed will be enhanced with her new Speed Cream.  Meanwhile, the Squad, attempting to gain access to Lady Lucifer's lair, send the hapless Whillikers brothers to their deaths, tripping Lady Lucifer's various traps.  Captain Battle finally intervenes, triggering the final trap: a ray gun that devolves him back into 4-F weakling Pvt. Roger Stephens.  He is unaware of his transformed state... and of Lady Lucifer and her minions closing in on them.

In the Grip of the G-Bots! Sea-Man (Ryan Johnson) is feeling fabulous. "It's real simple!" Sgt. Dick Danger brings us up to speed on the story so far. Lady Lucifer (Erin Holt) shows off G-Bot Drei (Megan Alexis Stier). As the Whillikers brothers (Colin Willkie, David Mayes & Rick Steadman) stand by, Sea-Man notices a piano he's just gotta play. "They should have just killed him!" Captain Battle has been devolved back into Pvt. Roger Stephens (Corey Klemow).

The luckless Whillikers brothers are called upon to deal with Lady Lucifer's booby traps.