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A Study in Degredation
written by Gregory Sims
directed by Ben Rock

1 Episode

A filthy dentist, a deluded actor, an eight-ball of cocaine, the
world's worst television pitch and massive cell phone rambling.

Photos by Andrew Post
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch


Gregory Sims


Kimbertly Atkinson


SUMMARY:  Rodney calls his cocaine dealer from the park, repeatedly calling the man a "pussy."  Meanwhile, a man named Spewing calls his ex-girlfriend, Julie, leaving her a long, rambling message about how he's going to write a hit HBO series that will redeem him.  He begins a self-flagellating rant addressed to Kim Cattrall, who he accuses of judging him, but he's accidentally re-dialed Julie, who has been listening to his tirade.  He discovers his mistake, but too late... she hangs up on him, leaving him alone and distraught.

Rodney in the park with his cell phone. Calling his dealer. Addressing his cocaine: 'YOU HAVE NOT BEEN VERY GOOD FOR ME!  LATELY.' He's accidentally pocket-dialed Julie.  She heard everything.

Cocaine-addled plans to write a hit HBO series