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written by Anna Baardsen
directed by Ari Radousky

2 Episodes
Original Run: 1 Episode - 4/2/11
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/14/11

A fan wrote this play.


Lemon Baardsen

Will (Eps. 1-2)

David LM McIntyre

Ralph (Eps. 1-2)

Cindy Caddel

Allison / Moon (Ep. 1)

Gregory Sims

Jacob (Ep. 1)

C.M. Gonzalez
Adina Valerio
Emily Donn
CJ Merriman
Joseph Beck

Fairies (Eps. 1-2)

Corey Klemow

Narrator (Ep. 2)


Lisa Anne Nicolai (Ep. 2)


Colin Willkie (Ep. 2)

Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Meet Will, who wants to go to the Royal Academy for Fairies when she turns ten. Her pet Chinchilla, Ralph, tries to point out that the Moon has gotten caught in the window, but Will can't hear him when he speaks. Will was born after her mother suffered a series of miscarriages, and raised her to believe she could do anything she can imagine. Ralph, however, explains that Will has no imagination. Even the fairy dream comes from Ralph. And her faith in her will is shattered when her parents promise her she can have a dog if she can raise the money to neuter it. She saves up bottles and cans for a year... and then finds her parents didn't think she could do it. They can't have a dog because of their lease. Ralph is her consolation prize. A lonely Ralph sighs his troubles to the Moon, and asks her to take him with her. The Moon says she travels alone... but, still stuck, rips the house free from its foundations as falies into the air, tipping the house sideways. A sleeping Will awakens - or is she dreaming? - and suddenly can hear Ralph, and imagine things for herself. She conjures up fairies to help right the house as it flies. "Where are we going?" asks Will. "I don't know," replies Ralph. "I haven't imagined it yet!"

Will (Lemon Baardsen) and Ralph the Chinchilla (David LM McIntyre). Will tells her life story while Ralph gazes at the Moon. Students at the Royal Academy of Fairies (CJ Merriman, Joseph Beck & Adina Valerio). Will can't hear Ralph when he speaks. Parental interlude. Will's parents Allison (Cindy Caddel) and Jacob (Gregory Sims) tell 'The Saddest Story With the Happiest Ending.' Will listens for the hundredth time. Will tells the story of how she came to learn that her parents doubted her. A Chinchilla waiting to be gifted. Jacob lets Will down. Her world shifts around her.  Jacob doesn't even realize what he's done. 'I am a CHINCHILLA!' 'I AM FUCKING ADORABLE!  Don't you try to deny it!' Will, who wanted a dog, is sad to be stuck with a 'living consolation prize.' As the Moon launches into the sky, the house lurches! One fairy (C.M. Gonzalez) is not enough to right the house. A blur of fairies! (Adina Valerio, Emily Donn & Joseph Beck) The house is righted, and they fly into the sky. 'Where are we gong?' 'I don't know... I haven't imagined it yet!'

EPISODE TWO (5/14/11)

Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  A sinister new narrator takes over the story, manipulating the narrative so that the sun rises, the moon fades away, and the fairies leave.  The house crashes in the desert, where Will, now awake, can no longer hear Ralph's voice.  Thinking she's the last survivor of nuclear war, she ties a ribbon between herself and Ralph, and Ralph is overjoyed when Will says that he's her only friend.  However, they meet a rabbit named Claire, pursued by a coyote named Vern.  Will thinks the coyote is a dog, and abandons Ralph to find the ravenous coyote something to eat.  Vern's okay with that... but the moment she stops feeding him, he'll just eat whatever's nearest.  Ralph tries to warn her she's in danger, but she can't hear him.  Claire promises to keep a dejected Ralph company.  The narrator then interjects that he lied about being a narrator... and cuts the ribbon joining Will and Ralph.

"I'm  your new narrator - third person omniscient." (Corey Klemow) Enjoying a flight through the air. As the air pressure decreases, sleep becomes impossible to fight. The house lands in the desert. Claire, a rabbit (Lisa Anne Nicolai) flees a coyote. "You can't see me! I'm not here! You can't see me!" Vern (Colin Willkie), the hungry coyote, is happy to follow Will instead of eating her for as long as she'll feed him. Ralph, abandoned by Will, is less than thrilled with Claire's company. The ersatz Narrator cuts the ribbon that connects Will and Ralph.

Will and Ralph land in the desert. Communication problems ensue.