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written & directed by Scott Leggett

13 Episodes
Original Run: 8 Episodes - 2/12/11 - 4/23/11
Playoffs Run: 5 Episodes - 5/14/11 - 6/25/11

Sometimes families are weird... and British.


Mike Lanahan

Margaret Whiffbottom (Eps. 1-13)

Eric Curtis Johnson

George Whiffbottom (Eps. 1-8 & 13)

Henry Dittman

George Whiffbottom (Ep. 9)

Julia Griswold

Timothy Whiffbottom (Eps. 1-13)

Natasha Norman

Vicky Whiffbottom (Eps. 1-13)

Michael Holmes

Joe Whiffbottom (Eps. 1-7 & 10-13)

Scott Leggett

Mickey (Eps. 1-13)

Sean Sweeney

Duffy-One (Eps. 1, 3-5 & 7)

Marz Richards

Duffy-Two (Eps. 2-6 & 10)
Duffy (Eps. 12-13)

Carrie Wiita

Sara Goodloins (Eps. 1-13)

Colin Willkie

Announcer (Eps. 1-13)
Voice of Tim's John Thomas Knob (Eps. 2-8 & 11-13)

Matt Valle

Jenn (Ep. 2)
Vivian (Ep. 3)

Ari Radousky

Jenn (Eps. 3-6)
George Whiffbottom (Ep. 10)
(Ep. 11)
(Ep. 13)

Victor Isaac

Jenn (Eps. 7-13)

Erika Salomon

Vivian (Ep. 2)
Mildred (Ep. 5-7 & 10)

Michelle Roberts

Vivian (Eps. 3-9, 11 & 13)

Carrie Keranen

Vivian (Ep. 10)

Franci Montgomery

Mary (Eps. 2-7)

Jacob Sidney

Mary (Eps. 8 & 10-12)

Peter Fluet

Mrs. Rattleton (Eps. 2-5)

Terry Tocantins

Vicar McVicar (Eps. 2-13)

Trey Perkins

Graham (Eps. 3-10 & 12-13)

Mandi Moss

Lucy (Eps. 3-13)

CJ Merriman

Nancy (Eps. 3-13)

Rebecca Larsen

Emily (Eps. 3-10 & 13)

Carrie Keranen

Emily (Ep. 11)
Polly (Eps. 12-13)

French Stewart

Headmaster Gilmore (Eps. 4-10)

Pat Towne

Peggy (Eps. 4-5 & 10-13)

Vanessa Perkins

Polly (Eps. 4-5 & 8-10)

Gregory Guy Gorden

Polly (Ep. 6-7)
Lizzie (Ep. 8-13)

Erika Salomon

Mildred (Eps. 6-9 & 11)

Erin Holt

Sasha (Eps. 7-13)

Bryan Krasner

Mr. Cloots (Eps. 6-13)

Jaime Robledo

Mr. Anaconda (Eps. 7-13)

Brendan Hunt

Dr. Luftergraun (Ep. 12)

Leon Russom

Mr. Lords (Ep. 13)

EPISODE ONE (2/12/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Jay Bodganowitsch

SUMMARY:  In this BBC sitcom from 1976, the Whiffbottoms are an average working-class family dealing with a proto-punk son, an American-accented cat their youngest son insists can talk, and the sexual peccadilloes of the family patriarch.

A happy British family. (L-R: Julia Griswold, Michael Lanahan & Eric Curtis Johnson) 'No one wants a story about a whaler!'  'You are one very unsubtle boy.' Vicky Whiffbottom (Natasha Norman) complains her young brother has gone through her drawers again. Timothy blames his 'john thomas knob.' Timothy is told to go feed the cat. Feeding Duffy (Sean Sweeney), an oddly American cat. Mickey (Scott Leggett) comes to visit. Mother holds down the fort. Mickey's off his trolley. Teenage Joe (Michael Holmes) is off to shoot heroin with Mickey. 'It's 1976, DAD!' A stern talking-to. Margaret is overcome with love for her husband. Sara Goodloins (Carrie Wiita) is here to see George. 'Family, I have an announcement.  It seems that I have, inadvertently, impregnated young Sarah here.' Join us next time, when you'll hear Duffy say... 'THAT BABY AIN'T NORMAL!' Curtain Call

Mickey visits the Whiffbottom family at breakfast time.

Young Timothy thinks the family cat can talk.

Teenage rebellion, 1976-style.

EPISODE TWO (2/19/11)
Photos by Annette Fasone
Video by Jay Bodganowitsch

SUMMARY:  It turns out that Margaret knows that Duffy can talk... and Duffy has dirt on her. They both have something the other wants. Margaret forgives George for impregnating his students, but Vicky isn't so forgiving. It turns out there are two other impregnated girls, Vivian and Jenn, staying with the family. Mickey's mother, Mrs. Rattleton comes by to take him home, and Joe accompanies him; they're going to eat raw ham and shoot heroin. Timothy is angry at Duffy for not speaking in front of the family and making him look like a loon. An odd voice says, "Destroy" - but only Timothy hears it. Apparently, his John Thomas knob is talking to him. Meanwhile, the Vicar comes 'round for a chat with George. Apparently everyone knows about his sexual liasions with his students... that's perfectly okay... but advises George to give Margaret a bit more attention and affection. Mrs. Rattington, meanwhile, exhorts Margaret to tell George about "the appointment." But how can she tell her husband that she feels like a man trapped in a woman's body? George reaffirms his love for Margaret, and they're a happy family once more... but for how long?

Mickey's convinced he's killed a Hobbit, but it's just an apple. George explains to his son why he sleeps with his young students. Timothy's mad at Duffy for not speaking in front of the family. Join us next time, on... 'Cool Side of the Pillow.'

Margaret is having a hard time dealing with her talking cat and her husband's peccadilloes.

Duffy's staying silent, while Dad explains his tendency to impregnate his students.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY: Duffy reminds a harried Margaret, tired from taking care of all the underage girls her husband has impregnated who are now living with them, that he knows about her "old job." She doesn't notice that there seem to be TWO Duffys. The cats meet each other and confirm they both "know about the thing." Meanwhile, Margaret has no extra money for Vicky's school dance. She may have to go back to the "old job," but George won't have any of that feminist guff. Also meanwhile, Sara's friend Mary tells her, "My baby's going to kill your baby," while Timothy confides in his friend Graham. "You must take the third baby!" commands Timothy's John Thomas knob while Graham listens, leading to a misunderstanding with an aroused Vicar. Adding to the confusion, Joe and Mickey arrive with their new punk rock girlfriends, Lucy and Nancy, who are moving in. And finally, George has impregnated yet another one of his students... the creepy Emily. "Things are gonna start getting REALLY weird," she promises.

The Whiffbottom family are ready for another episode. Margaret is exhausted from caring for her increasingly large household. Duffy-Two (Marz Richards) meets Duffy-One (Sean Sweeney). There's no money for Vicky's school dance. Her life is ruined. George won't hear of Margaret going back to her old job. Sara, Jenn and Vivian yearn for Mr. Whiffbottom. Margaret doesn't want to hear about Timothy's John Thomas knob. Things get weird between Sara and Mary (Franci Montgomery).  Timothy confides in his mate Graham (Trey Perkins). Graham's shocked to hear Timothy's John Thomas knob talking! Vicar McVicar catches the boys and misunderstands. The babies must be coming soon. Mickey must be calmed once more. Meet Lucy (Mandi Moss) and Nancy (CJ Merriman). Lucy announces she and Nancy are moving in. Enter Emily (Rebecca Larsen), yet another pregnant teen. Mary and Emily get creepy with each other. Emily promises that things about about to get REALLY weird. Awkward freeze frame! Awkward freeze frame! A full, full house at the Whiffbottoms'. Curtain Call

Mrs. Whiffbottom is nearly overwhelmed by all the activity in the house.

Sara and Mary do the laundry and talk about the future their babies might have together.

EPISODE FOUR (3/26/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Chairman Barnes

SUMMARY: The Duffys may not be cats... but then again, they might be the same cat.  Margaret is introduced to Mrs. Rattleton's transgender friend, Peggy, who encourages her go to through with her plans to become a man.  George is brought up before Headmaster Gilmore, who implores him to be "master of his domain" and stop impregnating his geometry students... but he ends up bringing home Polly, yet another girl impregnated with Whiffbottom seed.  Polly's another creepy one; she, Mary and Emily declare the "trinity" to finally be complete.  Polly reports to Headmaster Gilmore... who declares that everything is going according to plan.

Ready for another episode. Treats for a kitty who's learned not to sit on the couch. Margaret puts Vicky in charge while she's out. 'Make sure those pregnant teenage schoolgirls do all their chores.' The house is getting awfully crowded. Lucy and Nancy are ready to shoot some heroin. Graham's mum doesn't want him hanging out with Timothy any more. Duffy-One tries to offer Tim some advice. 'What the John Cleese? Who are you?' Tim meets the two Duffys. George meets with Headmaster Gilmore (French Stewart), who tells him that educators must bring order, not chaos. 'Are you looking at my buttocks?' 'No.' 'Do you WANT to?' 'A little.' 'Very good.' George agrees to control his urges. Margaret ponders how to tell George she's a man trapped in a woman's body. Peggy (Pat Towne), who used to be a man, encourages Margaret to 'turn that Eleanor Rigby inside-out.' The good girls and evil girls argue over the fates of their babies. The good girls and evil girls argue over the fates of their babies. A household of chaos. Polly (Vanessa Perkins), yet another schoolgirl George has impregnated with his 'strong Anglican seed.' 'The trinity is complete!' An awful lot of characters means an awful lot of chaos. An awful lot of characters means an awful lot of chaos. An awful lot of characters means an awful lot of chaos. 'Is it done?' 'Yes, we've all moved in.' 'Excellent - exactly as I planned!' Curtain Call Curtain Call

The two Duffys talk to Tim about his social problem, and their confusing dual existence.

The mean girls and their mean babies have plans for the nice girls and their nice babies.

Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY: As the Duffys ponder their dual existence and Tim bemoans his talking todger, George and Margaret go out for a night on the town, and Joe, Mickey and their punk girlfriends go out for a punk orgy. The evil girls threaten the good girls, who decide to ask the Vicar for advice. On their date, Margaret, with the support of Mrs. Rattleton and Peggy, tells a shocked George about her intended sex change. The evil girls visit Headmaster Gilmore, and threaten him when he won't tell them what comes next. They say they're in charge now that they're pregnant, and demand to meet a "Mr. Cloots." The headmaster says that's not possible. The punk girls break up with Joe and Mickey, waking up an irritated Vicky, who pours out her heart to Mickey... who offers unexpected comfort, and offers to help her get a job. Vicky is touched. George brings home Mildred, yet another pregnant schoolgirl. That makes seven. George begins to despair. Meanwhile, the Vicar has armed the good girls...

Another week with the Whiffbottoms. 'How can we be the same cat?' 'If we ARE a cat.' 'You wanna go lick ourselves?' 'Meow.' Tim bemoans his fate. The Duffys don't know what to make of it all. George and Margaret are going out on the town. The evil girls start a fight with the good girls. Joe calls a halt to it. Polly sneers at the good girls. The good girls decide to go see the Vicar. Margaret confesses to ulterior motives for their night out. Peggy introduces herself. Mrs. Rattleton offers encouragement from the sidelines. Inappropriate. Peggy's still got her todger in a jar at home. George is disgusted. Margaret makes her confession. Mrs. Rattleton and Peggy offer their support. They try to reassure her. 'He'll get used to the idea.' 'Will he?  Will I?' The evil girls pay a visit to Headmaster Gilmore. They tell him they're calling the shots now. They expect more respect from now on. Vicky pours out her heart to Mickey. Mickey is unexpectedly sympathetic. George brings home pregnant schoolgirl Mildred (Erika Salomon), 'lucky' number seven. 'Mickey... you ever feel like you're standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down into a sea of fire and despair?' 'All the time.' 'Ladies,' says the Vicar, 'prepare yourselves.' And so ends another episode of COOL SIDE OF THE PILLOW.

George and Margaret are hitting the town. The punk rockers have other plans.

Margaret reveals her heart to George with the help of her support group.

Vicky finds an unexpectedly sympathetic ear in Mickey.

EPISODE SIX (4/9/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Suze Campagna

SUMMARY: As George despairs, Duffy-Two is panicked that his other self seems to have disappeared into a rift in reality.  Mickey takes Vicky to her first day of work at the sewage factory.  George advises a heartbroken Joe to go to the ends of the earth to find Lucy and get her back, so he takes off for the punk club.  Meanwhile, it transpires that Graham has been spying on the Whiffbottoms for Headmaster Gilmore, who is shocked to learn there's a new, seventh schoolgirl.  The evil girls arrive and force the reluctant Headmaster to take them to meet Mr. Cloots.  Elsewhere, Tim has run away from home, and won't come back until he figures out if he's mad or not.  He is spied upon by Sasha, a Russian cat... who can also talk.  Duffy and Sasha are acquainted. Sasha claims not to know anything about the rift in reality or Duffy's double, but obviously knows more than she's saying.  At church, the good girls learn paramilitary techniques from Vicar McVicar in order to stop the coming apocalypse.  At the punk club, Joe and Lucy happily reunite, but Nancy is left alone, wondering where Mickey is.  Back at home, Margaret announces to a devastated George that she'll be living at Mrs. Rattleton's for a while.  And elsewhere, Headmaster Gilmore introduces the evil girls to the boss, the frightening Mr. Cloots... and they scream in terror as he removes his mask.

Another week of weirdness with the Whiffbottoms. George is at a turning point, where his dreams and his nightmares converge. Joe is sad that Lucy left him. Duffy-Two is panicked that his other self seems to have dissapeared into a rift in reality. The evil girls are off to see the headmaster... and start the apocalypse. Mickey gets ready to take Vicky to her first day of work at the sewage factory. Mickey gets ready to take Vicky to her first day of work at the sewage factory. 'I'm Mildred.' Graham has been spying on the Whiffbottoms for Headmaster Gilmore. The evil girls demand to meet Mr. Cloots. 'We like to watch things stop breathing.' Tim has run away, and won't come home until he figures out if he's mad or not. His John Thomas knob tells him he has a responsibility to everyone. 'Can you at least elaborate?' 'I don't have a lot of information!' He is spied upon by Sasha (Erin Holt), a Russian cat. Sasha and Duffy are well acquainted. Sasha knows more than she's saying. 'How do you know that we are cats?  Meow?' 'I DON'T! MEOW!' The good girls at church. They wonder if it's healthy for pregnant girls to do jumping jacks. The Vicar exhorts them to keep at it. At the punk club, Joe and Lucy reunite. 'All I can think about is you shooting me up with heroin with a dirty needle!' Nancy is left alone, wondering where Mickey is. 'I'm Mildred.' Margaret announces that she'll be living at Mrs. Rattleton's for a while. 'Please allow me to introduce myself.' The terrifying Mr. Cloots (Bryan Krasner) makes even the evil girls scream in horror. Curtain Call

Say what you will about the Whiffbottom household, but you can't say it's boring.

Headmaster Gilmore interrogates Graham about
the goings-on at the Whiffbottom residence.

Moving moments with Mildred.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY: Amidst more chaos at the Whiffbottom household, they discover that Tim has run away, and everyone splits up to look for him while Mickey, at Joe and Lucy's encouragement, goes off to find Nancy, who they say misses him.  Meanwhile, Mr. Cloots is unhappy to find that there's a seventh pregnant schoolgirl.  She must be dealt with... as must Tim's talking todger.  Elsewhere, as Duffy and Sasha discuss Duffy's odd interdimensional duplication, Mickey runs into Tim and convinces him to go home.  However, they are intercepted by Mr. Cloot's creepy henchman, Mr. Anaconda, who kills Duffy and kidnaps Tim.

Mr. Whiffbottom's looking a lot less sanguine these days. Jenn (Victor Isaac) thinks her baby's dead. The Vicar continues their training. The Whiffbottom's marriage is strained. Peggy accuses Mr. Whiffbottom of being sexist. Vicky arrives home, smelling awful. Margaret is proud of Vicky for getting a job. Lucy and Joe assure Mickey that Nancy misses him. They realize Tim is missing. Everyone splits up to find Tim. Mr. Anaconda (Jaime Robledo), henchman to Mr. Cloots. Mr. Cloots is angry that Headmaster Gilmore is letting the evil schoolgirls walk all over him. They're just gestation devices. 'Please, choke me, Mr. Cloots! Choke me!' 'No... rewards must be earned.' Mr. Anaconda even creeps out Mr. Cloots a bit. The girls are ready to kill and destroy. 'Look!  Baaaaaaaby!' Mr. Cloots is unhappy to learn there's a seventh pregnant schoolgirl.  She must be dealt with. Mr. Anadonda is sent to deal with Tim and his talking todger. Duffy has reverted back to his original form. Mickey finds Tim, who confesses he thinks he's going mad. Mickey tells tim to come home. Mickey consoles Tim with some unexpected wisdom. Tim decides to go home. Accosted by Mr. Anaconda. Duffy says Anaconda will take Tim over his dead body.  He's right. Duffy lies dying in Sasha's arms. 'Do you know who that was?  Do you know what you must do?' 'Yes.' The Death of Duffy The Death of Duffy An elegy: The Vicar sings 'Plastic Jesus.' Curtain Call

Mr. Cloots requires the services of the vile Mr. Anaconda
to bring the trinity of unholy pregnant teenage girls in line.

Neighbor Mickey shares great insight into the turmoil of life... and then tragedy
strikes beloved house pet/inter-dimensional traveler Duffy the Cat.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY: Nancy goes to the Whiffbottoms to try to find Mickey, while Jenn is convinced her baby's dead... it's not kicking. As the Vicar insists gender reassignment is a sin. and Sara begins to show signs of bloodlust, we find that Timothy and Graham are held hostage by Mr. Cloots and his associates.  Mr. Cloots sends his henchmen to find Sasha and eliminate Graham and Mildred... and also to find George, saying it's time they became reacquainted.   He then offers to make all of Timothy's wishes come true.  Back at the Whiffbottom home, Sara and Vicky reconcile, while George blames Margaret for Tim running away and Nancy and Mickey finally reunite.  Mickey's got Sasha in tow, and he tells everyone about Duffy's death and Tim's kidnapping.  Suddenly, Timothy arrives... and he's been turned into a girl.  Back in Mr. Cloots' lair, Tim's talking John Thomas knob, now held in a jar by a gloating Mr. Cloots, desperately calls for help.

Another week with the Whiffbottoms. Mildred's still standing about. Lucy tells Nancy that Mickey was looking for her. Jenn's baby isn't kicking any more. The Vicar warns there are dangerous and evil forces about. Timothy is held hostage by Mr. Cloots. The evil girls and Mr. Anaconda taunt Graham. 'Why did you kill an innocent cat?' 'Duffy was hardly innocent.' Mr. Cloots offers to make all of Timothy's dreams come true. Vicky and Sara reconcile. Mickey and Nancy reconcile. Everyone agrees that Sasha is sexy. Especially Jenn. Mickey catches everyone up on what happened to Duffy and Tim. George blames Margaret for Tim running away. Timothy comes home... transformed into a girl. 'Finally, John Thomas Knob... you are mine!' 'Help meeeee!' Tim's new female body comes with a couple of great benefits. Awaiting doomsday.

Mickey and Nancy reconcile.

Timothy and Graham are held hostage by Mr. Cloots and his associates...
and Mr. Cloots has big plans for young Master Tim.

EPISODE NINE (5/14/11)

Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY: BBC7 airs a trailer teasing the shocking events coming up in the final four episodes of Cool Side of the Pillow.  SEE! Mr. Cloots try to force Headmaster Gilmore to eat Tim's severed, sentient John Thomas knob!  SEE! Vicar McVicar face off against Mr. Anaconda!  SEE! a romance blossom between the magically transgendered Tim, now a girl, and his best mate, Graham.  SEE! Vicky begin to date Mr. Cloots just to rebel against her parents!  SEE! THE FINAL FOUR EPISODES OF... COOL SIDE OF THE PILLOW!

BBC7 presents the most beloved sitcom of all time. Evil villains! Personal strife! They were the best of friends... but their unborn babies were mortal enemies. "I'm so confused!" "Confusion is everywhere!" "I taste lemons!" Mr. Cloots gratuitously tries to force Headmaster Gilmore to eat Tim's John Thomas knob. The Vicar and his fists, Mr. McGillicuddy and Mr. McGee, face off against Mr. Anaconda. Sasha tells Mickey about Mr. Cloots' plan for the evil babies. Graham doesn't care that his best mate Tim's been turned into a girl. Romance blooms. Vicki defiantly begins to date Mr. Cloots. "My whole life has turned upside-down and I don't know how to right it!" The battle to stave off the apocalypse begins. The battle to stave off the apocalypse begins. And it's all coming up on the final four episodes of... "Cool Side of the Pillow." Only on BBC7!

Do try to keep up as we run through the problems
facing the Whiffbottom family and friends.

EPISODE TEN (5/28/11)

Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY: Mr. Cloots and his cronies invade Margaret's dreams... she's not an ordinary woman, and they need to learn more.  Margaret dreams of her desire to change her gender. George is faceless and doesn't love her. The female Tim offers her his John Thomas knob.  Vicky is shagging Mr. Cloots and says she's more woman than her mother will ever be.  The pregnant schoolgirls say that George impregnated them because Margaret isn't woman enough.  Margaret, goaded beyond endurance, briefly transforms into a man, though she's still in denial. Sasha and the late Duffy appear to her and tell her they need her to kill Headmaster Gilmore, assuring her it's a metaphor; it's just a dream. She does so, and finds it satisfying to do so... and then suddenly awakens to find it's all real, and Headmaster Gilmore is dying at her feet, much to the shock of the rest of the family... to say nothing of Margaret herself.

Welcome back for another episode. "She's not an ordinary woman... she's much more than that." Mr. Cloots and co. invade Margaret's dreams. She dreams George (Ari Radousky) is faceless, and does not love her. Graham and the transformed Tim. Tim offers her John Thomas knob to Margaret. "I know you need to change." The kids all have butterly wings. "We have invaded your dreamscape in the form of butterflies, thus symbolizing change, or transition." "Who the fuck are YOU?" asks the Vicar. Margaret is transformed into a man. Headmaster Gilmore calls Margaret a freak. Margaret, thinking it's still a dream, kills him. "This isn't the wacky ending I was expecting!" Join us next week, when you'll hear Mr. cloots say: "This means WAR!" Curtain Call Curtain Call

Ordinary housewife Margaret Whiffbottom is under extraordinary pressure in
her daily life and has a remarkable dream as a consequence of her worries.


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY: George is drinking for breakfast, devastated by the wreckage of his life, when he is sobered by finding the body of Headmaster Gilmore and learning that Margaret killed him.  Peggy and Lizzie exhort Margaret to flee to Switzerland and have the operation.  George protests, but Joe stands up for his mother, seeing how sad she is.  The Vicar arrives and finds the body... and George, stepping up to defend his wife, takes the rap.  He gives Margaret money for the operation and sends her on her way.  Mr. Cloots - arm in arm with Vicky - arrives with Mr. Anaconda and the evil girls.  He and George know one another - George helped him a long time ago.  Now it's George's turn to help him.  Join us next time when you'll hear Tim say, "Dad? How did all this start?"

Time for another episode. Margaret and Mickey panic over the murder. Margaret learns that Mickey can talk to Sasha. "I have to pee and I can hear lemon trees!" Joe, Lucy and Nancy wonder what all the commotion is. Mickey tells his friends about the murder. George is drinking for breakfast. He is sobered when he finds the Headmaster's body. George rants about the wreck of his life. George is still angry at Margaret. Peggy and Lizzie exhort Margaret to go to Switzerland to have the gender-change operation. Joe stands up to his father to support his mother. "I know she's sad - and I don't wanna see her sad anymore!" The Vicar and the good girls arrive. George takes the rap for Margaret. Lucy and Joe are touched. Mr. Cloots arrives, Vicky on his arm. Mr. Cloots has business here in the Whiffbottom home. "Hello, George. Do you remember me? I helped you a long time ago." Margaret is proud of George at last. Curtain Call

In the wake of her dream-induced homicide, Margaret makes a quick decision about her future.


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY: It is revealed that George met Mr. Cloots on the field of war.  Back then, Peggy was Pete, and wanted to be a woman, and George was a virgin.  Mr. Cloots appeared to give them their wishes.  Pete became Peggy, while George was granted a magical John Thomas knob.  Mr. Cloots has since used that magical John Thomas knob to start the apocalypse, and a Baby War is nigh.  Meanwhile, somewhere in Switzerland, Margaret meets with the ambiguously-gendered Dr. Luftergraun.  Both she and George remenisce about the day they met and fell in love.  But now, it's time for Margaret to love herself.  She goes in for the gender reassignment operation.  Back in England, Duffy suddenly rushes into the Whiffbottom home, reincarnated as a human, and he has several prophecies.  "I foresee a plane of fire and destruction! Young Tim will steal the third baby! The pregnant girls shall make war! The Vicar and Mr. Anaconda shall face one another in mortal combat! Some are going to find courage where there was none - others will only find despair. There are those who are not as they appear to be. Some will reveal their true selves, while others will be utterly lost. And the one named Mickey will arm wrestle Mr. Cloots for the fate of all mankind!"  But what about George?  "George," confides Duffy, "you're the one who sacrifices everything."  Join us next time when you'll hear all the pregnant girls say: "My water just broke!"

The penultimate episode. Chaos as George buckles. George's life is ruined. The evil girls are ready for the Baby War. Mr. Anaconda shows off his trophy. Mr. Cloots prepares to reveal all. George prepares to make a confession. Vicky is shocked. Mickey deals with things as usual.  "What's going on?  Why do I smell papayas?  WHY IS TIME MELTING?" "What do I want? Oh, George... you know the answer to that question." Peggy used to be Pete. In Switzerland, Lizzie helps Margaret prepare for the operation. What's Sasha hiding? George remenisces... Happier days. Young love, long ago. Duffy is reincarnated as a human! He delivers several prophecies. Some are encouraging, some are dire. "Some are going to find courage where there was none!" "...others will only find despair." Join us next time, when you'll hear: "My water just broke!" Facing an uncertain future.

George and Margaret Whiffbottom dream of happy days in each others arms.


Photos by C.M. Gonzalez * Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY: As everyone comes to grips with Duffy's prophecies, which he says were imparted to him by his boss, a Mr. Lords, the girls go into labor, and Joe helps with the delivery.  As the apocalypse begins, George is consumed with guilt.  Mickey goes to find Mr. Cloots to meet his destiny, over Nancy's objections.  Peggy reveals that she's Mickey's father.  Margaret arrives home, now a man, and goes with Peggy and Lizzie to rescue Vicky from Mr. Cloots.  Duffy, upon finding that Mildred's baby is the third baby born, tells Tim he must throw the baby into the seas of fire and despair, and that Margaret is an ancient, evil being who has conspired with Mr. Cloots.  At Mr. Cloots' lair, the evil girls are also giving birth. Vicky is horrified by what Mr. Cloots has done to her family. He's the worst boyfriend ever! Margaret arrives with her friends and tells Vicky to come home. She resists: "I don't have to do what you say." Margaret says that's true... but she doesn't have to do what Mr. Cloots says, either.  She's a woman now and can make her own choices.  Mr. Cloots ducks out, and the women pursue him.  Meanwhile, George sees his school sucked into the earth, into the pit of fire and despair.  Enter Mr. Lords. God, apparently, is an American. George asks his forgiveness, but Mr. Lords makes him realize that it's Margaret whose forgiveness he needs.  Mr. Lords tells him he can't take things back, but he can move forward... if he's willing to truly sacrifice.  As they leave, Tim and the others arrive, pursued by Mr. Cloots, and Tim throws the third baby into the pit. Graham gets Tim's John Thomas knob back from Mr. Cloots. Enter Mr. Lords, who says that the prophecy must be fulfilled. Mickey arm wrestles Mr. Cloots.  If Cloots wins, Apocalypse. If he loses, he must return to the pit.  Mickey nearly loses, but Nancy arrives to cheer him on, buoying him up with her love.  Mickey wins, and Mr. Lords throws him into the pit.  The world is saved.  But there's one more thing that needs saving... George and Margaret's marriage.  George arrives, transformed into a woman.  He promises to give their love everything he has to give for the rest of his life.  They tearfully reconcile as Duffy sings "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman."  The narrator tells us of the future good fortunes of the Whiffbottoms and friends, and the inevitable bad ends for the evildoers.  Jenn even ends up working for Mr. Lords.  And George and Margaret?  They lived out their days devoted to each other's happiness.  And every night, as they went to sleep, they laid their heads down on... the cool side of the pillow.

For the final time, we tune into BBC7 for "Cool Side of the Pillow." Duffy says his boss, Mr. Lords, said the Apocalypse is happening today. "Meow! The world is going to end unless we do something! Meow!" Panic and fear. "It's all my fault, Peggy. It's all my fault." The girls are going into labor. More panic. Joe commands everyone to help the girls deliver their babies. Mickey faces his destiny. "I ain't ever done nothin' important in my whole life. I'm startin' to realize it's cause I never tried." Duffy ponders. "I delivered a baby and didn't puke once!" A transformed Margaret comes home. Tim approves of the change in his/her mother/father. Peggy is charmed to meet Dr. Luftergraun. Tim holds the third baby. It's Mildred's. She's ancient and evil, and the baby must be thrown into the sea of fire and despair. "What in the blazes is happening?" The Vicar is ready for the Baby War. Margaret finds Vicky and tells her to come home. George sees his school sucked into the earth, into the sea of fire and despair. Enter Mr. Lords (Leon Russom). "I'm not the one who can grant you forgiveness," says Mr. Lords. George realizes his soul aches without Margaret. Mr. Cloots is horrified as Tim throws Mildred's baby into the pit. "ENOUGH! It's time this shit ended." Mr. Lords lays down the law. Mickey arm wrestles Mr. Cloots for the fate of the universe. Nancy arrives. "Mickey! I'm sorry I doubted you. I love you, Mickey!" Mickey, bouyed by Nancy's love, finds the strength to win the match. George enters... transformed into a woman, so he can still be with Margaret. "Love isn't some magical thing that's just given to you... you have to nurture it and work for it and fight for it." Evil reacts to love in the usual way. Peggy and Lizzie are moved. Margaret listens raptly to George's apology. Once again happy together. At last. Everyone dances. Everyone dances. Everyone dances. Joe and Lucy would get married and have great careers. Tim would become a boy again, while Graham was eventually killed in the Falklands War. Vicky learned she didn't need to be validated by a man, and became a famous author. Mickey and Nancy got their own spinoff, "All Mouth and No Trousers," which would run for seven years. Peggy and Lizzy would become the most famous trans-gender lesbian couple in all of London. Emily would be behind bars for rape and perversion, Polly would die in a Satanic death cult and Mary would work at Hooters. None of them were allowed to keep their babies. Mr. Anaconda founded the Tea Party. "Small government, yesssss." Sara raised her baby as a single mother, got into politics, and now serves as the Minister of Defense. Vivian would become a chef and have three more kids.  And Jenn... ? Jenn did indeed have a tumor, not a child. "It can't be all sunshine and rainbows," says Mr. Lords... who then invites Jenn to come work for him. George and Margaret lived out their days devoted to each other?s happiness. And every night, as they went to sleep, they laid their heads down on... the cool side of the pillow. Curtain Call Curtain Call

Duffy helps the Whiffbottoms come to a final reconciliation with a song.