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written & directed by Joe Fontes

1 Episode

This voiceover's loaded.


Colin Willkie

Francis Fletcher

Laurel Marlantes


Erin Holt

Miss Astor

Sean Sweeney


Robert Dimitri
Brendan Patterson

The Palookas

Joe Fontes


Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Francis Fletcher is a mute detective... but like all great noir detectives, he does have a voiceover.  Suzy, his girl Friday, gets him out of jams, but against his own better judgment, he flips for the seductive Miss Astor, who leads him into a heap of trouble...

Meet private dick Francis Fletcher (Colin Willkie). He's mute. Thank goodness for noir voiceover. Fletcher is in another tight situation. He's rescued by his invaluable girl Friday, Suzy (Laurel Marlantes), who always saves his bacon. The only reason she works as his secretary is because he can't answer the phones. Miss Astor (Erin Holt) seduces him into taking a case he knows is probably a setup. Waiting on a street corner, all noir-y. Enter ne'er do well extraordinaire, Cuddles (Sean Sweeney), and his Palookas (Brendan Patterson and, barely visible, Robert Dimitri). Miss Astor shoots Fletcher. Cuddles and his boys amscray. Curtain Call