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by Chris Hutchings & Jacob Sidney,
avec Richard Levinson
directed by Jacob Sidney

1 Episode

jíne say what?


Jacob Sidney

Jameson Franco

Rebecca Larsen


Brandon Clark

Maitre d'

Erin Matthews

Erin Matthews

Richard Levinson
Kevin Remington


Matthew Marchant
Michael Lanahan


Chris Hutchings
C.M. Gonzalez

Cue-Card Boys

EPISODE ONE (2/12/11)
Photos by Annette Fasone
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Web designer Jameson Franco's made it into the top 1% of the wealthiest people on earth by working in the porn industry. He thinks he's bulletproof... but one morning, he wakes up in a French hotel room after a night of being stoned to an increasingly surreal series of events. His girlfriend suddenly speaks French, there's a green, froglike Maitre d', he meets an odd pair of twins who tell him not to speak, and there's a dominatrix who unleashes a pair of dogs on him, and cart him away. What on earth is going on... ?

Logo by Chris Hutchings Jameson Franco (Jacob Sidney) and his girlfriend (Rebecca Larsen), who is suddenly speaking French. Twins Jean Claude (Richard Levinson) and Van Damme (Kevin Remington). The Boss (Erin Matthew) sics the dogs (Michael Lanahan & Chris Hutchings) on Franco. The mysterious Maitre d' (Brandon Clark) looks on as Franco is spirited away.

Franco explains how he found financial security in an uncertain world.

Franco's not sure how he got to France... or, really, anything that's going on.