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written & directed by Paul Feldman

1 Episode

Today Silverlake, tomorrow the world.


Jaime Andrews


Natasha Norman


Curt Bonnem


Eric Price


Jenelle Riley

Woman In Crowd

Corey Klemow

Man In Crowd

Pat Towne

Corporate Titan 1

Jacob Sidney

Corporate Titan 2

David Mayes

Goon 1

Mikaela Richmond

Goon 2

EPISODE ONE (10/2/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Ceasar F. Barajas

SUMMARY:  Demagogue Vollmar demonizes hipsters and leads the populace into a revolt against them.  The hipsters won't fight back, because it would mean admitting what they are.  But Lo, a hipster who secretly values sincerity over irony, has had enough of the oppression and decides to fight back.

Lo (Jaime Andrews) is excited to find a copy of 'Return to the Valley of the Dolls.'  Her hipster friends (Natasha Norman & Curt Bonnem) chastize her for showing an emotion. Vollmar (Eric Price) whips up a crowd into an anti-hipster frenzy.  After all, THEY'RE not being foreclosed on. 'It's comforting having something to blame everything on!  I feel absolved of all responsibility for my actions.' Vollmar conspires with the Corporate Titans (Pat Towne & Jacob Sidney) to use the media against the hipsters. Hiding out at Don's (Douglas Gabrielle) bar at Hillhurst & Franklin, Lo tries to rally her friends against the brutal beatings and the H badges, but they're too 'whatever' to care. 'What'd you say to me, unecessary ski cap?'  The goons (Mikaela Richmond & David Mayes) threaten the hipsters. Lo shocks her friends by admitting her actually listens to her CDs... and then using them to kill the goons.

Mark denies that he's a hipster.