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written & directed by Peter Gilabert

3 Episodes
11/6/10 - 11/20/10

The battle for control can only result in one victor!

Theme From "I, Lipitor" - Composed & Performed by Peter Gilabert


Joseph Beck

Roger (Eps. 1-3)

Nathaniel Edwards

Doctor (Ep. 1)

Marz Richards

Lipitor (Eps. 1-3)

Colin Willkie

Viagra (Eps. 1-3)

Jaime Andrews

Ambien (Eps. 1-3)

Ari Radousky

Placebo (Eps. 1-3)
Synapse (Ep. 2)

Victor Isaac

Valium (Eps. 2-3)

Erin Holt

Cocaine (Ep. 3)

Tifanie McQueen

Lyrica (Ep. 3)

Suzanne Karpinski

Botox (Ep. 3)

Gregory Guy Gorden

Penicillin / Ritalin (Ep. 3)

Curt Bonnem

Quaalude (Ep. 3)

EPISODE ONE (11/6/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Jay Bogdonowitsch

SUMMARY:  Roger is prescribed Lipitor by his doctor, but also asks for Viagra.  The gods of the two drugs, late of the land of Pharmacia, battle for supremacy in his body.  At first it seems that Viagra will be victorious, but when Roger's date doesn't go well, he goes home and takes another drug - and the goddess Ambien slays Viagra with her sleepy ways.  Lipitor is quite taken with Viagra, but instead ends up courting Propecia... but it turns out that it's not Propecia at all, but rather the trickster god Placebo, disguised for his own amusement.

Meet Roger (Joseph Beck). The doctor(Nathaniel Edwards) prescribes Lipitor. 'Who summons Lipitor, god of clean veins and lower cholesterol?' (Marz Richards) Roger also 'summons' Viagra (Colin Willkie). A battle for supremacy. Ambien (Jaime Andrews) slays Viagra. Romance, or just sleepiness? Enter Propecia (Ari Radousky), goddess of hair, daughter of a famous Grecian named Foruma. Propecia is unmaksed as Placebo.

Meet Lipitor & Viagra.

EPISODE TWO (11/13/10)
Photos by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Placebo tells Lipitor that he was trying to rescue him from falling in love with Ambien.  Meanwhile, it seems that Viagra was not slain after all, but merely asleep.  Synapse, god of news, tells Viagra that Lipitor and Ambien plan to join forces to rule Humana - i.e. Roger.  Viagra wants revenge, and also to escape Roger - so he asks Synapse to give Roger a headache.  This causes Roger to take Valium, whose cool head Viagra needs to help him scheme.  Valium's plan is for Synapse to continue to increase the severity of Roger's headache, causing Roger to take more drugs, building up legions who can oppose Lipitor and Ambien.  Eventually, Roger will O.D., giving Viagra his freedom.  Meanwhile, Lipitor asks Ambien to be his wife.

Roger tells of the abortive date whch motivated him to take all these drugs. Placebo tells Lipitor he was trying to rescue Lipitor from falling in love with Ambien. The slain Viagra. But hold!  Not slain!  Merely resting. A sleepy thumbs-up from Ambien. Synapse (Ari Radousky) brings Viagra the news. Synapse helps summon Valium (Victor Isaac). Valium: God of calmness and apathy. Valium gives Viagra advice. The courtship of Lipitor and Ambien. The courtship of Lipitor and Ambien. The courtship of Lipitor and Ambien. The courtship of Lipitor and Ambien.

EPISODE THREE (11/20/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Roger just left the emergency room after spending a day or two in jail. He'd had too much to drink and took too many medications... leading to a party in his stomach. It's Lipitor and Ambien's engagement party. Viagra crashes the party... and collapses. Roger must have eaten saltpeter, making him itchy and swollen. He takes Lyrica... who, it transpires is Lipitor's mother... and Ambien's, too. Uh oh. It seems that Ambien is Lipitor's half-sister, born of a drunken night between Lyrica and Alcohol. Lipitor is shamed, but resolves to stand fast in the realm of Roger.  At that moment, Ambien returns and introduces Lipitor to his newborn son... Ritalin.

There's a party in Roger's stomach. The newly engaged couple. Valium and Cocaine (Erin Holt) - her younger brother Crack is in rehab. Placebo and Valium's half-brother, Quaalude (Curt Bonnem). Viagra crashes the party... ...and promptly collapses, due to Roger's ingestion of saltpeter. Roger becomes itchy and swollen. Enter Lyrica (Tifanie McQueen). Lipitor remonstrates with his mother. 'O, would that I could dissolve this capsule in a million tears, and capture it in a glass to be taken twice daily!' Curtain Call