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written by Richard Levinson
directed by Colin Willkie & Richard Levinson

1 Episode

Bringing Mirth to Earth!


Anthony Backman


Bruno Oliver


Richard Levinson

Caller 1

Colin Willkie

Caller 2

Suzanne Karpinski

Caller 3

Corey Klemow


Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Two drivetime DJs with an obnoxious show in which everything is about who banged who get a shock when one of their callers turns out to be an alien who is quite intrigued to learn that Earth girls are easy.  The DJs, Kenny and Kev, are secretly erudite intellectuals, and they're horrified to find that the alien, Tom, wants their help when he arrives on Earth in finding "tang to bang."

Kenny (Anthony Backman) and Kev (Bruno Oliver), drivetime DJs for K-BANG radio, wanna know who you're bangin'! During the commercial break, their true, erudite selves come out. Spasmed by alien caller 'Tom.' 'He will revivify,' promises Tom, who will arrive in a week. (Or not, given that the serial ended here.)

Kenny and Kev get an unexpected caller to their morning radio show.