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written & directed by
Rebecca Larsen & Colin Willkie

1 Episode

In Mother Russia, a good day is grey skies... and tears.


Sean Pritchett

The Pig

Stephen Simon

The Ass

Matthew Merchant


Erin Matthews


Scott Leggett


Julia Griswold


JJ Mayes


Alyssa Preston


Jonas Oppenheim

Vladimir Lenin

EPISODE ONE (4/16/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  Is sad story.  Pig and Ass, they tell us this sad story.  Is tale of bureaucrat and young love.  Is tale of Lenin and Mother Russia and a Russian mother.  Is sad.  Is good.  Da?  Mikhail and Svetlana, they burn with forbidden passion, but they both are married.  Svetlana's husband is Stanislov, a bureaucrat who turns to his portrait of Lenin for advice.  He is frustrated and unhappy, for passion with his wife, it is gone.  His only comfort is his obedient daughter, Anika.  Elsewhere, Mother Anna, she finds her son Yuri a disgrace.  He wants to make her proud.  They have no rubles, but he must bring home meat.  But how?  On the road, he meets Anika, and it seems that it is love into which they fall.  Is good?  Or no?

The Pig (Sean Pritchett).  'For me, life in shit is good! The story you are about to see is not about shit - it's about love.  And love can be as beautiful as shit.' Mikhail (Matthew Merchant) and Svetlana (Erin Matthews). They burn with forbidden passion - they are both married to others. He has a confession: 'I have moist dreams to rub your chesticles.' She also makes confession: 'My love for you is hot wet like oil slick. And I only have so many pairs of pants.' Who is this? It is Pig's friend, The Ass (Stephen Simon)! Pig continues the story. Stanislov (Scott Leggett) and his portrait of Lenin (Jonas Oppenhaim). His wife, Svetlana, no longer seems to love him. Stanislov is 'lighting ball of frustration.  And angstness.' Stanislov's only joy, his daughter Anika (Julia Griswold). Angry Anna (Alyssa Preston) interrupts. Anna  is dissapointed in her son, Yuri (JJ Mayes). Yuri has seen terrible things today. He has brought his mother a hat.  She is unimpressed. She sends him to the village to get some meat. 'One day, Mama... I will go down in history! I will make you proud! Also, I will get meat.' Alone and sad. 'Ah... desire!  Another grey day... so many beautiful dolls that smile at me but not for me.' Anika's innocence makes the Pig hungry. Anika and Yuri meet.  Is it love into which they fall? 'Ah - two ignorant motherfuckers! What will become of them?'

The Pig introduces us to The Ass.  They speak of love, and other things.  More or less.