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written by Joe Jordan
directed by Jaime Robledo

8 Episodes
Original Run: 7 Episodes - 12/11/10 - 3/19/11
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/14/11

They're on the high seas to hell.


Eric Johnson

Obadiah (Eps. 1-7)

Jacob Sidney

Obadiah (Ep. 8)

Paul Plunkett

Shplank (Eps. 1-8)

Chairman Barnes

Peet (Eps. 1-3 & 5-8)

Victor Isaac

Goatse (Eps. 1-8)

CJ Merriman

Penny (Eps. 1-2, 4 & 6-7)

Mandi Moss

Terrence (Eps. 1-2, 4-8)

Dana Snyder

Isaiah (Ep. 1)
Stump (Ep. 2)

Bryan Krasner

Argus (Eps. 1-8)

Carrie Keranen

Calypso (Eps. 1-5)

Corey Klemow

Linsey (Ep. 2)

David LM McIntyre

The Man in White (Eps. 2-5)

Peter Fluet

Dregg (Eps. 3-4)

Jaime Robledo

Dregg (Eps. 5 & 8)

Jaime Andrews

The Woman In Red (Eps. 4-5 & 7)

Heather Klinke
Chad Fifer
Jaime Robledo

The Islanders (Ep. 4)

Brendan Broms

Shiphand (Eps. 5-6)

Ari Radousky

Shiphand (Ep. 5)

Aaron Francis

Shiphand (Eps. 5-6)

Curt Bonnem

Tony (Eps. 6-7)

Mark McClain Wilson

One-Eyed Willie (Ep. 6)

Marz Richards

One-Eyed Willie (Ep. 7)

EPISODE ONE (12/11/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Joseph Beck

SUMMARY:  Obadiah is haunted by his time aboard the whaling ship Nausicaa. He remembers joining up, still happy and joyful. His wife, Penny, bring him his lucky knife, which he nearly forgot at home. He bids goodbye to her and his son Terrence... who has had a terrible vision, and warns him that a shadow is falling over him. Penny promises to be true to him, though it doesn't ring true. Another warning comes from a blind old man, Isaiah, who says the vessel is cursed. Brooding, limping Captain Argus calls for heartless men to join him. Obadiah nearly turns away... but then the seductive siren Calypso appears, calling to him.

Obadiah (Eric Curtis Johnson) is haunted by his experiences at sea. The crew of the Nausicaa. Gruff First Mate Peet (Chariman Barnes) gathers a crew together. Peet and new ship's cook Shplank (Paul Plunkett). The heathen Goatse (Victor Isaac). Obadiah bids farewell to son Terrence (Mandi Moss) and wife Penny (CJ Merriman). Terrence prophecies doom. Terrence prophecies doom. Penny unconvincingly promises to be true to Obadiah. Penny unconvincingly promises to be true to Obadiah. Blind Isaiah (Dana Snyder) also prophecies doom. Doomsayers. Obadiah is a bit shaken. Coldhearted Captain Argus (Bryan Krasner). 'I call on those without a heart... without a soul.' Seductive, mysterious Calypso (Carrie Keranen). 'And suddenly... nothing else mattered.' Curtain Call

Obadiah takes his leave of his family, ignoring several prophecies of doom.

EPISODE TWO (1/22/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Obadiah continues his tale... interrupted by Calypso, who says that she loves him. The crew brings in their first whale. As the whale is gutted, Linsey, a young crewmember, sings while he works. Back at home, Penny disciplines a gloomy Terrence for reading too much Edgar Allan Poe. "Yes, mother!," he cries, "Send me to the grave, where I belong!"  Back aboard, Goatse says he takes no joy in the hunt. He's taken a solemn vow to the Sea God. Linsey is harpooned by Argus for his incessant singing.  Argus then announces they'll be changing course for icy waters.  And then Obadiah spies Goatse, conferring with a strange gentleman all dressed in white, who seems to then disappear into the briny sea.  "In the deep, we wait," he intones.

Continuing his tale. Distracted by Calypso. 'The sperm is what we aim for... 'tis an oil that the world cannot now spin without.' Peet informs Obadiah that they use ALL parts of the whale. Stump (Dana Snyder), the second mate, warns him his wife will be unfaithful. 'The sea is deeper than you know,' says Goatse. Waiting for the Sea God. Premonitions of doom. Argus tells them they'll be sailing into icy waters. Argus has killed Linsey (Corey Klemow) for his incessant singing. The mysterious Man in White (David LM McIntyre). 'In... the... deep... we... wait.' Curtain Call

Peet holds forth on the power of sperm oil, and the awesome might of the sperm itself.

Photos by Aaron Francis
Video by Anna Baardsen

SUMMARY:  The sea is suddenly scarce of fish. Rations are running low, and so's morale. They're coming up on a mysterious, uncharted island, and are prepared to raid it if the indigenous people won't give them supplies. As they drop anchor, a strange stillness descends. Argus tells the tale of how he lost his leg to the whale... and got it back again. Peet reports that the scouts on the island haven't returned. Argus sends Obadiah and Goatse after them. As Obadiah vows to return home, Goatse ritualistically presents him with a glowing red liquid, and commands him to drink.

'Music pleases us...' '...thank you...' 'He displeases us...' '...we are sorry...' 'What does it feel like?  Being human?' Shplank is tired and hungry. Peet catches Shplank complaining. Second Mate Dregg (Peter Fluet). 'Your coat is soft!' Dregg makes Shplank uncomfortable. Argus looms.  Argus shares the story of how he lost his leg. Which he still has. Argus admires Obadiah's knife. Obadiah is discomfited when Argus professes a kinship with him, as a fellow hunter. Goatse bides his time. The scouts aren't back from the island. 'I saw my wife and child reach to me as I descended deep into the dark.  I will return home.  I will.' 'Drink.'

Obadiah is beset by visions of the object of the hunt.
The denizens of the deep speak to him as if in a dream.

Obadiah and Shplank discuss rations, sobriety, and the
First Mate's fixation upon a particular kind of whale.

Argus tells Obadiah of his hatred for sperm whales, and professes
a kinship with him that Obadiah is loath to acknowledge.

Photos by Jacob Sidney
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  Obadiah tells us that sometimes he forgets he has a wife and child waiting at home. It helps to tell the story. He continues: As they explore the island, Obadiah reveals that he did not drink Goatse's liquid, which Goatse says is a magical potion to "help you see reality." He also warns that the Captain wants Obadiah to kill him. They meet strange islanders who claim that Obadiah and Goatse are translucent. They offer Obadiah some fruit, which induces nightmarish hallucinations. The islanders appear to be animals who have taken human form, and he sees his former shipmates, also transformed into animals. He sees his wife, building him a boat to use to sail home when he has none, while Calypso tells him that his home is here now. And a strange, squid-woman in Red beckons to him, asking how deep he can go, as the Man in White looks on. All goes black. "Where has the world gone!?" he cries...

Meeting strange islanders (Heather Klinke, Jaime Robledo & Chad Fifer). Goatse will go to find food. Strange threats from a hallucination of the Captain. Penny is building Obadiah 'a boat to use when you have none.  To sail home.'

Obadiah and Goatse encounter lunatic natives upon the island they are searching for food.

After consuming a great deal of the psychotropic fruit, Obadiah communes with the island.

EPISODE FIVE (2/12/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Calypso asks Obadiah why he keeps playing the same song over and over. He says it reminds him of home. She brought him back from the dead, she says - he denies this, and vows not to forget his home. Obadiah, determined to remember, continues his story: Lost and frozen in a hallucinatory void, he sees Goatse swimming towards him through the depths, admonishing him to drink the red water. Obadiah finally does so, and finds himself back on in reality, on the island. Goatse has found food. Shplank and Dregg seems to have gone mad. They all return to the Nausicaa, where they immediately set off to the west, where the foam of the sperm has just been seen. As Obadiah vows to live to see his son grow into a man, Terrence, at home, writes a letter to his father, fearing him dead, begging him to come home. And on the ship, the Captain readies to plunge into the depths of hell...

That song again... Why does he always play that song? Calypso tells him his home is here now. Obadiah resolutely continues his story.  He will not forget. The Woman in Red asks if the pressure is too much. 'I drink, I think, a tea of ink.' Goatse rescues Obadiah by getting him to drink the red liquid at last. Terrence writes his father a letter. Mother goes out often now, 'leaving me alone, with the  horrors of my imagination.' 'The prey is nigh... and now we plunge into the depths of hell!' Curtain Call

Obadiah dreams of the Woman in Red and the Man in White.

Calypso tells Obadiah he'll soon forget his home, but he continues his story:
The spray of the mighty sperm whale is sighted nearby and the ship begins the hunt,
even as Terrence writes his father a letter imploring him to come home.

EPISODE SIX (2/19/11)
Photos by Annette Fasone
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Terrence writes to Obadiah about his mother's new suitor, a drunken and loutish vintner named Tony, in hopes of hurrying his father's return home. Back aboard the Nausicaa, Argus is in hot pursuit of the legendary "demon" sperm, One-Eyed Willie... the very sperm who chomped upon his leg. The whale is incredibly massive, and Argus demands the crew stay the course. The whale rises and smashes its head into the boat. The crew is tossed into the water. As he fights the icy waves, Obadiah sees Argus standing upon a plank, shouting defiantly that he lives. The whale charges again, straight on, it's mouth a chasm into hell that grows before the terrified crew...

Penny's new suitor, the loutish Tony (Curt Bonnem). Terrence is not pleased. Shplank interrupts as Argus exhorts Peet to press on. The whale, One-Eyed Willie (Mark McClain Wilson), charges the Nausicaa.

Terrence is far from enamored of his mother's new suitor.

Captain Argus tells the tale of One-Eyed Willie.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Terrence writes his father a suicide note. He's had a dream that a great beast devoured his father whole. This is, in fact, true. An angry, exasperated Penny prevents Terrence's suicide, and plans to send him to boarding school. Meanwhile, the Woman in Red informs a recalcitrant One-Eyed Willie that he's eaten the wrong man. Inside Willie's stomach, Obadiah uses the last of his strength to use his great knife on Willie's stomach lining, causing him pain. Obidiah blacks out... and awakens on the Nausicaa some time later. The crew spot an albatross, which Goatse says is a good omen from the gods, bestowing a blessing upon Obadiah... but a shot rings out. Argus has shot and killed the albatross. The crew react in horror, but Argus insists that there are no gods or demons, and the albatross will feed the crew. No ill will come of it. However, Argus gives Obadiah a look of fear and hatred. They both know that eventually, one will hold the other's mortality in his hands. "But the dead bird in my arms carried a more catastrophic message," says Obadiah.  "Its voice was in the thunder and the wind. The storm that gathered near grew more savage by the moment, and in my bones I knew that man and ship alike were now to pay an all-consuming price. If you hear, o God, have mercy!"

Obadiah's tale gets darker still. Terrence writes a suicide note to his father. Terrence writes a suicide note to his father. Tony and Penny are exasperated with Terrence. Obadiah is trapped in the belly of the great whale. One-Eyed Willie (Marz Richards) refuses to admit he ate the wrong man. The Woman in Red insists that Willie release Obadiah. One-Eyed Willie takes orders from no one. 'Dost thou dare defy me?' Miracle of miracles... Obadiah awakens aboard the Nausicaa. Obadiah is haunted by his experience. Shplank and Goatse catch Obadiah up on shipboard doings. Shplank spots an albatross - a good omen! Captain Argus has shot the albatross. Horror settles over the crew. Argus denies any ill will come of his actions. Obadiah doubts this. Obadiah, the slain albatross in his arms, prays that God will have mercy. Curtain Call


Photos by Aaron Francis * Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  As the storm approaches, Argus scoffs at the danger, while Shplank tries to organize a mutiny before he gets them all killed.  Back at hom, Terrence, continuing to despair that his father is drowned, jumps off a cliff into the ocean, hoping to be reunited with his father, in a way, under the dizzying waves.  As the hellish storm overtakes them, the crew mans the rigging.  Obadiah, finally accepting the message of the fates, leaps into the abyss...

Obadiah (Jacob Sidney) catches us up on the story so far. Argus isn't worried. He thinks the wind will take them safely to the Cape. "Oh father, who art in the ocean, hollow is my heart." As the hellish storm overtakes them, the crew mans the rigging.

Shplank explains why his eyesight is so bad.