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written & directed
Aaron Francis

This time presented by people who
care about characters and story.

6 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Eps, 9/17/11 - 10/8/11
Playoffs: 2 Eps, 6/2/12 - 6/9/12


Rick Steadman

Ankin (Eps. 1-3 & 5-6)

Mark Skeens

Ob-Wan (Eps. 1 & 3-5)

Carrie Keranen

Amdala (Eps. 1-2 & 5-6)

Mandi Moss

Amdala (Ep. 4)

Eric Giancoli

Qui-G'n (Eps. 1 & 3)

Leon Russom

Palpatone (Eps. 1-2)

Richard Miraan

D'rth Plagueis (Ep. 1)

Brandon Clark

Y'da (Ep. 1)
Puppeteer (Ep. 3)

Marz Richards

Borvo (Eps. 1 & 4)

Victor Isaac

Slox (Eps. 1-2 & 4)

Terry Tocantins

Grignar (Eps. 1-2 & 4)

Laura Napoli

Tyche (Eps. 1-2)

Christine Breihan

Tyche (Ep. 4)

David LM McIntyre

Daw (Eps. 1-2)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)
Palpatone (Ep. 5)

Lemon Baardsen

Shmi (Eps. 1-2)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)
Puppeteer (Ep. 6)

Julia Griswold

B'ru (Eps. 1-3)

Areti Athanasopoulos

B'ru (Ep. 4)

Kaaden Francis

Mara (Eps. 1-2)

Monica Greene

Woman (Ep. 1)

Brian Wallis

Palace Guard (Ep. 1)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Collie Willkie

Thug (Ep. 1)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Lu Vasquez

Thug (Ep. 1)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

David Haverty

Puppeteer (Eps. 1-2)
Guard (Ep. 3)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Aaron Mendelson

Puppeteer (Eps. 1-2 & 5-6)
Guard (Ep. 3)
Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Vanessa Muhl

Puppeteer (Eps. 1 & 4)

Ari Radousky

Thug (Ep. 1)
(Eps. 2 & 4)
Puppeteer (Ep. 2)

Ceasar F. Barajas

D'rth Malig (Eps. 2-4)

Jones Welsh

D'rth Malig (Eps. 5-6)

Mike Lanahan

Wilhuff (Ep. 2)

Megan & Alexis Stier

Women (Ep. 3)

Brendan Broms

Guard (Ep. 3)

Aaron Francis

Puppeteer (Eps. 3-6)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Erika Salomon

Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Chris Millar

Palace Denizen (Ep. 4)

Andrew Post

Puppeteer (Ep. 4)

Curt Bonnem

General Quincy (Ep. 5)

David Nott

Puppeteer (Ep. 5)

Marianne Davis

Breha Orgna (Ep. 6)

JJ Mayes

Bail "Jimmy Smits" Orgna (Ep. 6)

Douglas Gabrielle

Fang Zar (Ep. 6)
Fight Choreography by Laura Napoli (Eps. 1-2 & 6)
Fight Choreography by Eric Giancoli (Ep. 4)

EPISODE ONE (9/17/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  Amdala is caught out as a spy when she attends Borvo's card game. Qui-G'n and his master detect massive changes in the natural order of things. Ankin wants to fly to the stars but is trapped working on his family's mine. Palpatone sets his dark plans in motion. Ob Wan is saved from an ambush by Ankin in a chance meeting on the street.

A new take on a familiar setting.

Curtain Call

EPISODE TWO (9/24/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  Amdala is prepared for interrogation by Borvo's thugs. She tries to fight her way out, but is unsuccessful. Palpatone sends his son, Malig, to take possession of the Skywelker's Anthracite mine by any means necessary. Daw and Shmi, as well as their youngest son Mara, are slain by Malig before Ankin and his sister B'ru make their escape.

The old man tells the new kid to get to work. Meanwhile, the captured spy is prepped for interrogation.

Curtain Call

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  The young sage is using his extraordinary abilities for pleasures of the flesh, while not being fully aware that more than his charisma is at work. He is visited by the master and chided for his juvenile behavior. The young sage is introduced to the survivors of the massacre at the mine. The evil empire sends its deadliest assassin to finish the job. The master successfully defends his charges... but at great cost.

S'th lord D'rth Malig is confronted by Qui-G'n J'nn at the Skywelker homestead.

Curtain Call

EPISODE FOUR (10/8/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  The young sage and the brash hero escape across the desert while pursued by the assassin. The spy in the gangster's palace is prepped for interrogation. The gangster lord finds the spy's attempts at infiltration laughable; the spy will remain a prisoner in the palace forever. A firefight breaks out, and the spy begins her escape.

Curtain Call


Video by Andrew Amani
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

The Emperor is displeased and lashes out near and far.

EPISODE SIX (6/9/12)

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez