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written & directed
by Nathan Wellman

It's raining space men. Hallelujah?

1 Episode


Matt Hatfield


Nathan Wellman


Zach March


EPISODE ONE (1/21/12)
Photos by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  A man in his underwear has fallen from the sky and landed in Jesse's ranch. Jesse wants to just chop his head off and get back to work, but his friend/field hand Jed is in desperate need of friendship! After instructing Jed to take care of the "space man," Jesse exits. Jed sits next to the still-unconscious man and tells him all about his life of thankless toil. Jesse comes back and discovers that not only is the deed not done, but Jed has made a new best friend! Jesse tries to take care of it himself, but Jed intervenes. Eventually Jesse confesses that not only do space men fall into his ranch all the time, but he once had a space friend of his own, until the space friend stole his life savings and took off for Vegas! While the two men are wrapped up in their own cathartic confessions, the man wakes up and asks them what the quickest way off the ranch might be. Enraged at this abandonment, Jed tells the man that he's not going anywhere, and he's going to have to stay on the ranch to be Jed's friend forever!