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written by Bill Robens & Christine Breihan
directed by Jaime Robledo

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 1954
“A World Without” series of educational films.

6 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Eps, 2/16/13 - 4/6/13
Playoffs Run: 2 Eps, 6/22/13 & 7/6/13


Eric Giancoli

Narrator (Eps. 1-6)
Templeton Pendergrass (Ep. 2)
FDR (Ep. 3)

Jaime Robledo

Joey (Ep. 1)
Page (Ep. 2)
Executive (Ep. 4)
Himself (Eps. 5-6)

Corey Klemow

Billy (Eps. 1-6)
Mormon Boy (Ep. 6)

Esteban Andres Cruz

Tommy (Ep. 1)
Boy (Eps. 1-2)
Doug Jr., Voice & Executive (Ep. 4)

Trevor Olsen

Donald Greerson (Ep. 1)
Pierce Beauregard (Eps. 5-6)

Brandon Clark

Franklin (Ep. 1)

Troy Vincent

Jefferson (Ep. 1)

Justin Brinsfield

Lincoln (Ep. 1)

Mike Mahaffey

Brad (Ep. 1)

Bruno Oliver

Ike (Ep. 1)

KJ Middlebrooks

Crispus Attucks / Fredrick Douglas (Ep. 1)

Heather Schmidt

Colonist / Cabinet Member (Ep. 1)
Suzie (Eps. 2-6)
Mormon Girl (Ep. 6)

Jonas Oppenheim

Colonist / Cabinet Member (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes

Colonist / Cabinet Member (Ep. 1)

Gabby Sanalitro

Colonist / Cabinet Member (Ep. 1)
Green Knight (Ep. 2)

Mandi Moss

Mother (Ep. 2)
Secretary (Ep. 4)

Michael Holmes

Father (Ep. 2)

Chairman Barnes

King John (Ep. 2)
Klaus (Ep. 3)
Doug (Ep. 4)
Himself (Ep. 6)

Brian Wallis

Red Knight (Ep. 2)

Natalie Rose

Mona Lisa (Ep. 2)

Michael Lanahan

Leonardo da Vinci (Ep. 2)

Anthony Backman

Giuseppi (Ep. 2)
Henry Singleton (Ep. 3)

Matthew Merchant

Johnny Battle (Ep. 2)
Hermann (Ep. 3)
Dick (Ep. 4)

Tifanie McQueen

Mother (Eps. 3-6)

Paul Plunkett

Father (Eps. 3-6)
Caleb (Ep. 6)

Pete Caslavka

Nigel (Ep. 3)

Peter Fluet

Bertram (Ep. 3)

Abraham Benrubi

Stalin (Ep. 3)

Bruno Olvier

Churchill (Ep. 3)

Curt Bonnem

Asshole (Ep. 3)
Horace von Mounterbatten (Ep. 4)

Lauren Dobbins Webb

Modern Suzie (Ep. 4)

Erin Parks

Claire (Ep. 4)

Erin Holt

Golfing Girl (Ep. 6)

Rebecca Larsen

Herself (Mrs. Smith) (Ep. 6)

Mandi Moss

Herself (Ep. 6)

EPISODE ONE (2/16/13)
The United Council of Pants & Leggings Manufacturers Presents "A World Without Pants"

Video by Marz Richards
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  In the spring of 1953, two events - the fall of China to Communism and the New York Public School system's decision to teach ballet to 12-year-olds - inspired the following film: "The United Council of Pants and Leggings Manufacturers presents 'A World Without Pants', a United Council of Pants and Leggings Manufacturers film."  In the film, a young boy named Billy can't stand his uncomfortable pants, and wishes pants had never been invented. So the Council's President, Donald Greerson, shows him how American history would have gone had our greatest heroes never worn pants.

In this series of educational films, we examine the ramifications of missing useful items.
In this case, A World Without Pants, when young Billy wishes for freedom from dungarees.

EPISODE TWO (2/23/13)
The United Council of Napkin and Wet Wipes Folders & Manufacturers Presents "A World Without Napkins"

Video by Marz Richards
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  In this educational film from 1954, Templeton Pendergrass, President of the United Council of Napkin and Wet Wipers Folders & Manufacturers, teaches a recalcitrant Billy and his sister Suzie about the importance of napkins. We learn how a messy plate of ribs would have prevented the signing of the Magna Carta and how a sloppy joe led to the destruction of the Mona Lisa. And in the present day of 1954, Suzie asks gets a dream date to the dance with popular Johnny Battle, the most popular boy in school... only to find his messy table manners a horrifying turn-off.

Young Suzie wishes for freedom from small personal hand towels.

The United Council of Chiropractic Specialists and Barcalounger
Manufacturers & Distributors Presents "A World Without Lumbar Support"

Video by Marz Richards
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  In this educational film from 1954, Henry Singleton, President of the United Council of Chiropractic Specialists and Barcalounger Manufacturers & Distributors, teaches a family the importance of lumbar support by showing how a lack of it would have led to the Allies losing WWII.  The British pilots, without lumbar support, would have lost to the Germans and their "uber-spines," and at Yalta, FDR, Churchill and Stalin would have been laid low by back pain.

The Yalta Conference of 1945 is disrupted by back spasms.

Dad scoffs at the idea of needing to get a car with lumbar support.  (L-R: Paul Plunkett, Heather Schmidt, Corey Klemow & Tifanie McQueen) Some asshole (Curt Bonnem), FDR (Eric Giancoli), Winston Churchill (Bruno Oliver) and Stalin (Abraham Benrubi) at Yalta. The Germans invade. (Matt Merchant) Henry Singleton (Anthony Backman) salutes lumbar support and capitalism in general.

The United Council for the Preservation of Familial Cohesion and the
Stay-at-Home Mom's Alliance presents "A World Without Traditional Gender Roles"

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  In this educational film from 1954, little Suzie announces that she's not going to have a husband when she grows up, but will instead be the C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 company.  She is set straight by Horace von Mounterbatten, President of the United Council for the Preservation of Familial Cohesion and the Stay-at-Home Mom's Alliance, who takes the family on a trip to the far-flung future of 1992 to show her how unhappy she and everyone else will be if she does not follow her traditional gender role.

Dick (Matthew Merchant) belittles future Suzie (Lauren Dobbins Webb) in the workplace as the secretary (Mandi Moss) looks on. Suzie's future husband, Doug (Chairman Barnes) is a househusband, and isn't good at it. Oops - Doug killed the baby. Again. Horace von Mounterbattan (Curt Bonnem) explains: "Your friends at the Chamber are forever on the cutting edge of finding new ways to resist the teeming hordes of Bolsheviks who would love nothing more than to rape you and your entire family."

EPISODE FIVE (6/22/13)
The Society for the Promotion of Patella Stability, Medial and Lateral Menisci Health,
and Anterior and Interior Cruciate Ligament Flexibility presents "A World Without Knees"

Video by Annette Fasone
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Suzie bangs her knees at the dinner table and doubles over in pain.  Her knees are always getting in the way.  She wishes to live in... a world without knees!  However, the cast - and the film's reality - quickly break down as nobody is able to get through saying the name of this week's Society.  The cast ask for help from their award-winning director, Jaime Robledo, who is exhausted from his many theater projects.  He wonders why he's expending so much energy on a Serial Killers playoffs piece when he knows that Padraic Duffy and Padraic Duffy's Skit Slayers is going to win anyway.  After the cast praise the great writer Bill Robens, author of "A World Without," who would NEVER put his own name into his own scripts, Jaime decides he either wants to win the playoffs, or get his Saturdays back.  He wants to live in A World Without... PADRAIC DUFFY!

Director Jaime Robledo breaks under the pressure of the Serial Killers
Playoffs and wishes for a world without the top seeded competitor.

The family after a fine repast. Suzie bangs her knee on the table. Danged knees, always getting in the way. "I want to live in a world... without knees!" Overworked wunderkind director Jaime Robledo tries to take control of the piece as the exasperated cast breaks down. "I want to live... in a world without Padraic Duffy!"

EPISODE SIX (7/6/13)
"A World Without Padraic Duffy"

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Pierce Beauregard shows Jaime a World Without Padraic Duffy.  Serial Killers has been cancelled and everybody's found other things to do with their lives.  Chairman Barnes has become a golf pro.  Rebecca Larsen has moved back to Utah and re-embraced her Mormon faith, and is happily married.  So far it looks like everybody's happier.  But then Jaime goes to Sacred Fools and finds Mandi Moss, now a crazy hobo who tells Jaime that his next show, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, isn't happening... because this is a World Without Sacred Fools!

Recap: "I want to live in a world without... Padraic Duffy!" Chairman has become a golf pro without Serial Killers taking away his practice time. (L-R: Erin Holt, Chairman Barnes) Rebecca (Rebecca Larsen) - now "Mrs. Smith" - has moved home to Utah and re-embraced her Mormon faith. Jaime goes to the theater, but hobo Mandi (Mandi Moss) tells him this is a world without... Sacred Fools!