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written by Erika Rose Salomon
directed by
Guy Picot
music/lyrics by Zachary Bernstein

A hateship of cosmic proportions.

1 Episode


Zachary Bernstein


Laura Napoli


Kathy Bell Denton


Bruno Oliver


Erika Rose Salomon


Areti Athanosopolous


EPISODE ONE (5/4/13)
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Charlie has a crush on his longtime friend, Honey, and is oblivious to the fact that his co-worker, Meg, has a crush on him.  Charlie's parents tell him to forget his crush on Honey, but he's too smitten to listen.  He's written a song for Honey, but when Fritz, the German foreign exchange student staying with his family, ends up coming along on his date - and Charlie is unexpectedly called into work - he never gets to sing it.  Honey, incidentally, is a rocket scientist at NASA.  And Fritz is actually an alien in disguise, whose mission is to steal the rocket technology... and conquer the human race.

Fritz (Laura Napoli) and Charlie (Zachary Bernstein). Fritz pretends to study while Meg (Erika Rose Salomon) gives Charlie advice. Charlie and his longtime crush, Honey (Areti Athanasopolous). Meg longs for Charlie.