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written by Sarah McKinley Oakes
directed by Alicia Conway

Parents just don't understand.

1 Episode


Megan Crockett


Ari Radousky


Alyssa Preston

Ms. Hoven

Joseph Beck

Mr. Overton

EPISODE ONE (4/6/13)
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Melanie and Josh, two teenagers who have been raised in a cult, are horrified to discover that their ritual marriage will not be to each other, but to each others' parents.  They decide to run away, but where?  They're terrified of the outside world, having been told many lies about the horrors that await them.  So they decide to join another cult instead, choosing one randomly from a pamphlet that was left by a visitor to the compound.  It's decided... they'll run away and join the Shakers.

Ms. Hoven & Mr. Overton prepare a nevious Melanie and Josh for the ceremony. (L-R: Megan Crockett, Alyssa Preston, Joseph Beck & Ari Radousky) Mrs. Hoven warns Melanie about the outside world. Melanie takes solace in ritual. "We're going to have to run away, aren't we?" "Yes."