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written by Michael Strom
directed by Rebecca Larsen
based on a sketch by
Andrew Hawtrey & Michael Strom

Just another day at the office.

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Eps, 2/9/13 - 2/16/13
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 6/29/13


Matthew Merchant

Josh (Eps. 1-3)

Cj Merriman

Tammy (Eps. 1-3)

Brendan Broms

Mr. Jackson (Eps. 1-2)

Pete Caslavka

Eddie (Eps. 1-3)

Colin Willkie & JJ Mayes

Mercenaries (Eps. 1-2)

Rebecca Larsen

Shelly (Ep. 2)

Scot Shamblin

Craig (Ep. 2)

Scott Golden

The Cyber Kraken (Ep. 2)

Monica Greene

Deb (Ep. 2)

Bruno Oliver

Security Guard (Ep. 3)

Joseph Beck

Dr. Shanoff (Ep. 3)

Peter Fluet, Colin Willkie,
Victor Isaac & JJ Mayes

Additional Security (Ep. 3)

EPISODE ONE (2/9/13)
Video by Annette Fasone
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Things are awkward between Diablo Cove co-workers Josh and Tammy, who have just slept together.  They meet their new co-worker Eddie, who is even more awkward, and has odd gifts for them.  But things are about to get strange, because Eddie is actually Josh's best friend from the future, and he's here to help him with an urgent situation - arming him with a knife just before mercenaries invade Diablo Cove and take Josh hostage.

Josh is accosted in the office by a brand new employee who claims to be his best friend.

Josh and Tammy (Matthew Merchant & Cj Merriman) Awkward Eddie (Pete Caslavka) gifts his new co-worker with an iPhone. Telling secrets. Left alone with his future knowledge.

EPISODE TWO (2/16/13)
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  As Josh attempts to free himself from the group that has kidnapped him, the iPhone Eddie gave Tammy proves to be a psychic weapon that kills her captor... and Eddie reveals to the insecure Tammy that he's her boyfriend... in the future.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Eddie reports to work for Dr. Shanoff, who has created a time machine, but the machine spirals out of control and cannot be shut off.  As things get dangerous, Josh and Tammy face off with Diablo Cove's security.  Tammy is shot, and Josh tries to get Eddie to let him download a copy of her into his mind... but in the middle of the process, Eddie freaks out and runs away as Tammy dies in Josh's arms.

Dr. Shanoff (Joseph Beck) surveys his invention. Dr. Shanoff shows his new assistant Eddie how the device works. Eddie's confused. Tammy lies dying in Josh's arms.