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written by Scot Shamblin
directed by Sabrina Lloyd

Monica's had enough.

1 Episode


Monica Greene

Monica Chartreuse

Jimmy Swan


Jay Bogdanowitsch


Scot Shamblin

Dr. Price

Richard Manriquez

Dr. Evans

EPISODE ONE (11/17/12)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  A strange diety known only as Hatchet tells us about humans and the weapons we've built over the years... and somehow, in between all that killing each other, we traveled to space.  But Hatchet liked things best the old way, in the days of spears and hatchets.  Meanwhile, a pair of scientists are studying a woman named Monica in hopes of proving that she's been influenced by the design.  Monica goes on a date with a spoiled rich scion who begs her to kill him with a hatchet... provided by Hatchet.  Monica doesn't understand why she should do this... but as the scientists observe, Monica kills him anyway... much to Hatchet's glee.