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written & directed by Marz Richards
sound design by Mark McClain Wilson
featuring music by Stolen Babies & Tyler Bates

When Slender enters... NO ONE LEAVES.

1 Episode


Heather Schmidt


Aaron Mendelson


Rebecca Larsen


Paul Plunkett


Pete Caslavka

Police Officer



EPISODE ONE (4/13/13)
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  A teenage girl wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there.  As she hazily wanders home, a string of murders takes place... and the victims include her own  mother.  We learn that she wasn't supposed to leave the hospital.  How'd she get away from the police that had been guarding her?  That night, at a party at her high school, she delivers a speech about the wasted lives her fellow classmates are going to live... and then Slender appears and kills everyone.  The only survivor is the school's Principal, who can no longer remember what happened, and is in the same haze as the girl was.

The terrifying Slender and the Daughter (Heather Schmidt) who controls it - or does it control her? The Daughter kills her mother (Rebecca Larsen) Slaughter at the high school dance. The Principal (Paul Plunkett) can't tell the Police Officer (Pete Caslavka) what happened - he doesn't remember.