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written by Eric Giancoli
directed by Ben Rock
music by Ryan Johnson 

But it's so tasty!

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Eps, 4/20/13 - 4/27/13
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 6/22/13


Eric Giancoli

Bob (Eps. 1-3)

Alyssa Preston

Shelly (Eps. 1-2)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Myron (Eps. 1-2)
Spider / Mourner (Ep. 3)

Dan Wingard

Burt (Ep. 1)

Marz Richards

Ronald McDonald (Eps. 1-3)

Anne Nemer

Ariel (Eps. 1-3)

Aaron Mendelson

Abel Monsanto (Ep. 2)
Cain Monsanto (Ep. 3)

JJ Mayes

Sunflower/Watermelon (Ep. 2)

Kara Andrea Emry

Corn/Apple (Ep. 2)

Will McMichael

Travis (Ep. 2)

Nathan Wellman

Spider (Ep. 2)

Pete Caslavka

Doug Sample (Ep. 3)

Megan Crockett

Shelly (Ep. 3)

EPISODE ONE (4/20/13)
Video by Annette Fasone
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Bob, whose girlfriend, Ariel, is making him go vegan, attends a meat-lovers support group.  He is introduced afterwards to Ron, a clown who convinces Bob that he's lacking in "meat strength," and convinces him to blend a hot dog into a smoothie in order to trick the animal-loving Ariel into eating meat... promising Bob that, being refilled with meat strength, she'll see the light and give up her vegan lifestyle.

Ron has a plan that will help Bob smooth out his problems with his vegan girlfriend.

The meat-eaters support group. (L-R: Dan Wingard, Jay Bogdanowitsch, Eric Giancoli & Alyssa Preston) Myron, the group's leader. Also, the group's name and acronym. In case you were wondering. Ron (Marz Richards), a meat-loving clown with power and a plan. Bob (Eric Giancoli) and the hot dog Ron has commanded him to slip into his vegan girlfriend's smoothie.

EPISODE TWO (4/27/13)
Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  The near future: Ron calls the meat-eaters to sanctuary in a post-apocalyptic vegan future.  Today: Ariel, who can talk to animals, is warned by a spider of the meat in the smoothie just before Bob can give it to her.  She decides to take Bob to her father... Abel Monsanto, who is doing terrible experiments on fruits and vegetables.  Anne is horrified to learn that the apple she's about to eat is alive and sentient and can talk... and so are the rest of her father's test subjects, all of whom disturbingly beg for release.

Ariel narrowly escapes drinking the meat smoothie. Ron, Shelly and a burger. Ariel and her father, Abel Monsanto (Aaron Mendelson). Ariel is horrified when the apple she bites into lets out a scream.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  With both animals and plants now sentient, Ariel refuses to eat, and begins to waste away.  Meanwhile, Bob is killed.  Ronald holds a funeral for him... but he comes back to life as a zombie, craving the taste of flesh, and takes a big bite out of Ron's arm!

Ariel, unwilling to eat anything, is wasting away. Bob buys food at the mini-mart from Doug Samples (Pete Caslavka). Ronald leads a funeral for Bob. McDonald's Funeral