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written & directed by Marz Richards

America is having a birthday.
Burt Reynolds is Batman.
Happy birthday, America!

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (3/1/14)

SUMMARY: Award-winning, acclaimed screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky (Network) is hired for his most unlikely work: a big-budget film adaptation of BATMAN.  He sets to work on his magnum opus, but dark forces may make the project rather less than he dreamed: Burt Reynolds is angling for the lead role... and David Bowie, who is set to play The Joker, has a real-life evil plan of his own.

BATMAN 1976 logo by Marz Richards Paddy Chayefsky (Peter Fluet) is greeted at the studio by secretary Doris (Heather Schmidt). Paddy begins to storyboard his ideal Batman film. (Pictured: Gregory Guy Gorden) Meanwhile, Burt Reynolds (Brendan Broms) is assured by Mike Flannery (Colin Willkie) that he can win the role of Batman. David Bowie (Mandi Moss) persuades Paddy to cast him as The Joker.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Brendan Broms

Burt Reynolds

Peter Fluet

Paddy Chayefsky

Marz Richards

James Brolin

Gregory Guy Gorden

Young Man

Colin Willkie

Mike Flannery

Aaron Mendelson

Mountain Guardian

Heather Schmidt

Doris the Secretary

Mandi Moss

David Bowie