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written by Chairman Barnes & Susannah Myrvold
directed by Chairman Barnes

Joel wants to be CENTER STAGE, but
his FAME may come 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS.

2 Episodes
Original Run: 1 Ep, 5/3/14
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 5/24/14

EPISODE ONE (5/3/14)

SUMMARY:  Joel Speedwell auditions for the prestigious Julliard School... but on his first day of class, he finds he hasn't been accepted into the acting program, but into the Julliard School of Driving Instruction and Refrigerator Repair.  He thinks there must be some mistake, but the demanding Professor Parkington says he saw a raw talent in the way Joel drove to his audition.  After class, star student Rock "Ice Man" Thornquist picks a fight with Joel, thinking Joel thinks he's hot stuff.  Later, Joel meets acting student Sharon and her friend Gwen, and pretends he's in the acting program to impress her.  But as she leaves, he learns that she's Professor Parkington's daughter...

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  Joel faces the increasingly psychotic enmity of fellow driving school classmate Ice Man.  He learns that Sharon would never date a student from the driving school... and tries to pass as one of the acting students.

Joel in Professor Parkington's class. Sharon's not impressed with the "Iceman," but Sharon's agog. Joel eavesdrops and learns and Sharon would never date anybody from the driving school. Best pals!

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Bryan Bellomo

Joel Speedwell (Ep. 1-2)

Bruno Oliver

Prof. Parkington (Ep. 1-2)

Chairman Barnes

Dr. Hackney (Ep. 1)

Susannah Myrvold

Dr. Hoofer (Ep. 1)

Victor Isaac

Rock "Ice Man" Thornquist (Ep. 1-2)

Dana DeRuyck

Sharon (Ep. 1-2)

Heather Schmidt

Gwen (Ep. 1-2)