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written by various drunks
created by JJ Mayes & Annette Fasone
directed by JJ Mayes

Tonight's episode brought to you by alcohol.

5 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Eps, 9/28/13 - 10/19/13
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 5/24/14

EPISODE ONE: Brought to you by red wine (9/28/13)

Written by Bob DeRosa, Annette Fasone, Peter Fluet & Jamie Fluet

SUMMARY:  Jill's on the run from her crazy, controlling, wealthy father, with the help of a stalwart bartender.  Stuff happens.  Necks are broken.  Other stuff happens.  But her father catches up with her...

Introducing... the Drunken Playwrights Players. Jill (Carrie Keranen) and a blurry bartneder (Matt Merchant). Geoffrey (Colin Willkie) and Davis (Victor Isaacs) are about to get their necks all broke and stuff. Megan (Cj Merriman) is tired of her boss Thomas' (Pete Caslavka) drunken ways.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

EPISODE TWO: Brought to you by Bloody Marys (10/5/13)

Written by Bob DeRosa, Annette Fasone, Peter Fluet, Jamie Fluet & Colin Willkie

SUMMARY:  Jill's father reveals he's experimented on her DNA and given her super-powers, which he now wants to exploit.  He seals her in a tube... or something... where she has a conversation with her beloved Daniel, who may or may not be a figment of her imagination. Meanwhile, drunken detective Johnny is on the case with his secretary Megan, who is obliged to do all the detecting, given Johnny's inebriation.  Back at the lab, we discover that Jill has another dad.  Despite being exhorted by Daniel to stop, Jill breaks the neck of the first dad.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE THREE: Brought to you by Margaritas (10/12/13)

Written by Jenelle Riley, Annette Fasone, Jamie Fluet & Jamie Fluet

Bar Tended by Fergus Intemann

SUMMARY:  Megan continues to investigate while Johnny (Gomez?) drunkenly despairs that he cannot "slove" the case.  As Joshua recovers in the hospital, Daniel has a personal crisis.  Both of Jill's fathers are alive, and when Jill breaks out, she goes on a killing spree... but cannot bring herself to kill Daniel.  Other stuff happens, too, including Daniel going into a dream state that includes a musical number.  "I know this is all very confusing," says one of the characters, for the second week in a row.  He's right.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Joshua Benton

EPISODE FOUR: Brought to you by Jack Daniels (10/19/13)

Written by Annette Fasone, Bob DeRosa, Marz Richards, Jamie Fluet & Peter Fluet

Bar Tended by Fergus Intemann

The angst of the genetic superwoman and the man she loves. Rap dancers.  Just 'cause.  (L-R: Julia Griswold, Monica Greene & Natasha Norman) Trouble at the lair! Joshua studies up while Wendy (Jen Smith) talks to the Doctor (Victor Isaac).

Photos by Zachary Bernstein

EPISODE FIVE: Brought to you by Mojitos (5/24/14) - PLAYOFFS WEEK 2!

Written by Bob DeRosa, Annette Fasone, Jamie Fluet & Peter Fluet

SUMMARY:  Remember what was going on in previous episodes?  Neither do we!  And so a new tale begins, in which a young couple from a town of indeterminate name (Stockton Heights?  Hendersonville?  Stockdon Heights?  Henderson Heights?) are told by a deer to return to their hometown to save it.  However, Mayor George Bailey has it in for them.  A monkey, a pair of cops, machine guns and fairies figure in somehow.

Colleen (Carrie Keranen) encounters a deer (Colin Willkie) in the woods.  THERE ARE DEERS HERE, BITCHES. <---Actual stage direction from the script "Hendersonville needs your help," advises the not-yet-homidical deer. Meanwhile, Creepy Older Dude #1 (David LM McIntyre) sucks up to Mayor George Bailey (Bruno Oliver), who is up to no good. Purple and Pink fairies (Jamie Fluet and Jennifer Christina Smith) rescue Colleen and Ben (Bryan Bellomo) from the massacre.  Lying dead on the ground: a cop (Corey Klemow) and the deer.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Matt Merchant

Bartneder (Joshua) (Eps. 1-4)
Cop #1 (Ep. 5)

Carrie Keranen

Jill (Eps. 1-4)
Colleen (Ep. 5)

Victor Isaac

Davis / Officer 1 (Ep. 1)
Narrator (Ep. 2)
The Doctor (Eps. 3-4)
James (Ep. 4)

Colin Willkie

Geoffrey / Officer 2 (Ep. 1)
Technician / Goon (Eps. 1-3)
Technician (Ep. 4)
The Deer (Ep. 5)

Pete Caslavka

Thomas (Ep. 1)
Johnny (Eps. 1-2)
Gomez (Eps. 3-4)

Bryan Bellomo

Daniel (Eps. 1-4)
Ben (Ep. 5)

Cj Merriman

Megan (Eps. 1-4)

David LM McIntyre

Dad (Jill's Father) (Eps. 1-4)
Creepy Older Dude #1 (Ep. 5)

Bruno Oliver

Other Dad (Eps. 2-4)
George Bailey (Ep. 5)

Dana DeRuyck

Bear Assistant (Ep. 3)

Aaron Francis

Bear Assistant (Ep. 3)

Will McMichael

Bear Assistant (Ep. 3)

Mike Mahaffey

Orderly (Ep. 3)

Jen Smith

Wendy (Ep. 4)
Pink Fairy (Ep. 5)

Julia Griswold

Rap Dancer / Baby (Ep. 4)
The Narrator (Ep. 5)

Monica Greene

Rap Dancer (Ep. 4)

Natasha Norman

Rap Dancer (Ep. 4)

Heather Schmidt

The Monkey (Ep. 5)

Corey Klemow

Cop #2 (Ep. 5)

Jamie Fluet

Purple Fairy (Ep. 5)

Fight Choreography by Mike Mahaffey (Ep. 3)

Music by Richard Levinson (Ep. 3)