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written & directed by
David LM McIntyre

inspired by "Death Note"
by Tsugami Ohba and Takeshi Ohba

Let people call me ruthless.
At least they'll remember me.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/7/13)

SUMMARY:  A band of demons gather around a television and watch melodramatic young Donica Paige - a.k.a. Missy Drama - vow revenge on those who voted her off the reality show she was competing on.  Meanwhile, one of the demons, Samil, has realized that he left his death book in the human world.  It is found by a youngman named Michael Moon, who learns that he now has the power to kill people just by writing their names in the book.  Samil warns him there are lots of rules, but Michael thinks he's got it handled.  This could be fun.  "Yes," smirks Samil, "it very well might..."

Death Demons Ornias (Abraham Benrubi), Verin (Corey Klemow) Melchom (Marz Richards) and Kobal (Natalie Rose) Mortal Michael Moon (Trey Perkins) finds a lost Death Book. Samil (Will McMichael) thinks a human with a Death Book could lead to fun. Michael Moon and Samil prepare to kill Tom Hanks (Justin Welborn) - not that Tom Hanks, just some guy named Tom Hanks.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Trey Perkins

Michael Moon

Natasha Norman

Donica Paige (aka Missy Drama)

Will McMichael


Aaron Mendelson

Robert Hunter

Justin Welborn

Tom Hanks

Jessica Sherman

Mimi Savoir / Host

Marz Richards


Natalie Rose


Inspired by "Death Note" by Tsugami Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Makeup by Mandi Moss