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written by Eamon Glennon
directed by Eamon Glennon & Justin Welborn

Mystery. Debauchery. Detectivity.

6 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Eps, 10/5/13 - 11/16/13
Playoffs Run: 2 Eps, 5/17/14 & 6/28/14

EPISODE ONE (10/5/13)

SUMMARY:  In a modern-day metropolis, Holmes is irritated by his new roommate, the overenthusiastic Watts.  Despite Holmes' utter lack of detective skills, Watts, as well as Holmes' building manager, LeStrade - who is convinced that he's a cop - are convinced that Holmes is a genius.  The truth is that Watts and LeStrade are simply too dumb to notice the blindingly obvious.  Together, the trio solve a not-very-mysterious mystery involving a dead Mormon and a blow-up doll.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (10/12/13)

SUMMARY:  Holmes doesn't quite seem himself as the trio investigate their latest case involving a politician's stolen campaign money and the murder of his wife.  It turns out that Holmes is really Irene Adler in disguise... and she's the perpetrator.  She kidnapped Holmes to keep him from stopping her.  As she escapes, Watts and LeStrade are left to wonder... where's Holmes?

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Joshua Benton

EPISODE THREE (10/19/13)

SUMMARY:  The fur-coated Smalls and his ape-ish companion Tonga are pushing Holmes in a shopping cart back to Baker Street. On the way, they kill a jogger. Meanwhile, in Holmes' absence, Mrs. Hudson has moved into the closet of his and Watts' apartment. When Holmes returns, he explains that that when Irene kidnapped him, she left him at Burning Man. Beautiful neighbor Mary arrives to ask the men for help. Her brother Thaddeus had just discovered where their dead father hid a lot of money, but the money was then stolen, and Thaddeus was murdered by Smalls and Tonga. Watts and Holmes, both falling in love with Mary, enlist LeStrade's help in finding the money. Lestrade, using his animal instincts, helps locate Tonga and Smalls. It transpires thatTonga's darts only kill vegetarians, which is good for Holmes and Watts. However, Smalls is killed protecting Mary before he can confess where the money is, and Tonga gets away with Mary's ring.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Zachary Bernstein

EPISODE FOUR (11/16/13)

SUMMARY:  Holmes and Watts have a new job, working at a weed dispensary... but there's a new strain on the streets, a "super-kush" that people will kill for.  But never mind that... Wilson, an overweight male model wants to hire Holmes to find out why he lost his modeling job.  Holmes decides to just make something up, but when he goes to Wilson's place to collect his money, he learns that Wilson lives right next door to the weed shop... and a gang of toughs is using their access to Wilson's place to drill a hole into the dispensary so they can steal the super-weed.  Holmes, Watts and LeStrade barely manage to fend them off, but they get a warning call from the gang's boss.  His name... ?  Moriarty.  This fails to make any impression on Holmes and Watts, who decide to go get tacos.

Holmes and Watts, while working at a weed dispensary, are hired by male model Wilson (Curt Bonnem). The guys make short work of Conrad (Matt Merchant), a crazed addict who was looking for that new "super-kush." Holmes and Watts meet the criminal gang of Flim-Flam (Marian Gonzalez), T-Bag (Emily Donn) and Spaulding (Guy Picot). Getting ready to defend the dispensary against the gang's imminent break-in.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: LeStrade bursts into Holmes and Watson's apartment at 221B Baker Street to announce that there's been a murder.  However, the victim is a squirrel and Holmes quickly solves the non-mystery by deducing that it was shot by the kids in the park - the "Baker Suites Irregulars" - with BB guns.  However, the Irregulars surround our heroes, as they seem to be working for somebody who has it in for the World's Least Detective.  The entire escapade is narrated by an eccentric Arthur Conan Doyle, a strange Englishman who has been following Holmes and Watts around.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Sisters Julia and Helen are hypnotized by a penis stuck through a glory hole in their apartment, and things only get odder from there.

Sisters Helen (Emily Donn) and Julia (Amber Marie Bollinger). Watts, LeStrade and Holmes confab. Things quickly get out of hand, as per usual. Is anybody surprised that LeStrade was the man on the other side of the glory hole?  Anybody?  No?  Okay.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Eamon Glennon

Holmes (Eps. 1 & 3-6)

Justin Welborn

Watts (Eps. 1-6)

Michael Dunn

LeStrade (Eps. 1-6)

Travis Goodman

Enoch (Ep. 1)
Karl Von Kramm (Ep. 2)
Smalls (Ep. 3)

Amber Marie Bollinger

Lucy (Ep. 1)
Irene Adler (Ep. 2)
Mary (Ep. 3)
Baker Suites Irregular (Ep. 5)
Julia (Ep. 6)

Richard Levinson

Strangerson (Ep. 1)

Marian Gonzalez, Emily Donn & Erika Rose

Drug Fantasy Performers (Ep. 1)
The Cats (Ep. 2)

Curt Bonnem

Irene Von Kramm (Ep. 2)
Thaddeus (Ep. 3)
Wilson (Ep. 4)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Eps. 5-6)

Katie Hall

Tonga (Ep. 3)

Emily Donn

Mrs. Hudson (Ep. 3)
T-Bag (Ep. 4)
Baker Suites Irregular (Ep. 5)
Helen (Ep. 6)

Marian Gonzalez

Jogger (Ep. 3)
Flim-Flam (Ep. 4)

Matt Merchant

Conrad (Ep. 4)

Guy Picot

Spaulding (Ep. 4)

Julia Griswold

Baker Suites Irregular (Ep. 5)