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written by Ed Goodman
directed by Bryan Bellomo

It's all too real.

8 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Eps, 4/19/14 - 5/3/14
Playoffs Run: 5 Eps, 5/24/14 - 7/19/14, 8/2/14

EPISODE ONE (4/19/14)

SUMMARY:  A building manager shows vacancies to a group of idiots who don't pay attention to anything he tells them, try to grind him on the price, and argue against the building's policies.

Photos by Joseling Jolieth

EPISODE TWO (4/26/14)

SUMMARY:  Ed the Manager deals with various tenants, as well as his crush on sweet and sane tenant Emily Trillions.  His Eastern European friend, Ballsa, encourages him to act on his feelings, but Ed has a strict rule about not mixing his work and personal life.  Ed is annoyed when his ex-wife, Paula, comes over to look at an apartment and denigrates him for working as a manager and not yet making it as a writer... and he's horrified when his clueless rich boss, landlord Sam Clarington, moves Paula and her new husband, handsome rock & roll manager Dashielle Malmsteem, into the apartment directly above his.

Photos by Joseling Jolieth


SUMMARY:  It's just another day of dealing with tenant problems, relieved only by a brief break in which Ed and Emily get to know one another a little better. But at the tenant meeting, Mr. Clarington announces that he's going to convert the apartment into condos, meaning that everyone who can't afford the option of buying their units will have to move.  As Clarington leaves Ed to deal with the angry tenants, Paula announces that she's pregnant.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  Ed gets a letter from Emily telling him how much she appreciates him... but it turns out to be her 30-day notice.  She's moving back to Chicago to be with her ex, Chaz, who once burned her books but "has come a long way in the last thirteen months."  She thanks Ed for his advice the day he moved in to take stock of her life and recalibrate.  A devastated Ed watches her go... only to be besieged by his tenants, who all somehow know the entire drama, including his secret crush, and decide, much to his chagrin, that they're going to help him get Emily back.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  Ed deals with the tenants' propensity to jam the garbage chute while also dealing with the departure of Emily, and receives some heartfelt advice from maintenance man Manado Ponduras.

"Ten Cats Too Many" is upset again. Ed tries to teach his tenants how not to jam the garbage chute. Mr. Dickman thinks Ed should go after Emily. Ed isn't having it. Heartfelt advice and hugs from repairman Manado Ponduras (Esteban Andres Cruz).

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Manado finds himself in charge when Ed goes missing, and he tries to deal with tenant complaints in a way that would make Ed - who he is in love with - proud.  Ed's answering machine contains a message from Emily Trillions, who really wants to talk to Ed, because her ex-boyfriend Chaz who she got back together with is up to his old manipulative, emotionally manipulative tricks.  Manado and the tenants all decide to jump into an RV and take a road trip to Chicago to rescue Emily.  Just after they leave, another call comes in - from Ed, who has fallen down the garbage chute and is trapped, and begs Manado to help him get out of there.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Things get worse for Emily, who feels trapped in her abusive relationship with Chaz, and must endure strange pancake breakfasts punctuated with rage and abuse. She's just about given up calling Ed for help. Meanwhile, the tenants race towards Chicago in the RV. Ed, for his part, feels he has a responsibility to the building; Emily is an adult, she made her choices, and he has work to do. But when Manado plays Emily's message for him, which he's hearing for the first time, Ed finally decides to head to Chicago to save Emily.

Photos by Joseling Jolieth


SUMMARY: Emily, who was attracted to Ed all along, has gotten tired of waiting for him to respond to her calls. And she's particularly tired of Chaz. Just as she's walking out the door and leaving him, the Wilcox Arms tenants burst in to "save" her. After some confusion, Emily slips out... and Ed finally shows up a minute later. He tracks her down, but Emily says she's tired of waiting for the boys in her life to grow up into men. Why didn't he ever say anything, the whole time she was living in his building? Ed has no good answer, but says he's changed. Emily's heard that before, though, from Chaz. The other tenants appear and try to matchmake, but Ed says they've both said their pieces and there's nothing left for him to do. The tenants ask if he told her he lost his job to come after her. Emily's even less impressed - now both she and Ed are jobless and homeless. But Ed is finally inspired. In a passionate speech, he tells her they can both start together, from zero, and go anyway or be or become anyone they want. Emily is finally won over, and they kiss as the tenants cheer.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Ed Goodman

Manager (Eps. 1-5 & 7-8)
Voice of Manager (Ep. 6)

Peter Fluet

Dickman (Eps. 1 & 4-8)

Julia Griswold

Dunel (Ep. 1)

Victor Isaac

Mr. Gupta (Eps. 1 & 3-8)

Peter Caslavka

Happy (Ep. 1)

Carrie Keranen

Late Lucy (Ep. 1)
Amy Merica (Ep. 3)

Jaime Robledo

Puppy Love (Eps. 1 & 3)

Cj Merriman

Pushy (Ep. 1)
Super Fun (Ep. 2)
Ten Cats Too Many (Eps. 3-8)

Natalie Rose

Smarty (Ep. 2)
Janet Pushy (Eps. 3-4 & 6-8)

Bryan Bellomo

Jean (Ep. 2)

Monica Greene

Paula Folter (Eps. 2-3 & 6-8)

Brendan Hunt

Ballsa (Eps. 2-3)

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Armin Meiwes (Eps. 2-3)
Armand Weiss (Ep. 5)

Jaime Andrews

Emily Trillions (Eps. 2-6 & 8)

Rebecca Larsen

Emily Trillions (Ep. 7)

Corey Klemow

Sam Clarington (Eps. 2-4)

Will McMichael

Dashielle Malmsteen (Eps. 2-3 & 7-8)

Curt Bonnem

Dashielle Malmsteen (Ep. 6)

Julia Griswold, Scott Golden,
Marz Richards & Friends

The Wilcox Arms Tenants (Ep. 3)

Esteban Andres Cruz

Manado Ponduras (Eps. 5-8)

Scott Leggett

Chaz (Eps. 6-8)