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written by Peter Fluet
directed by JJ Mayes

I have a friend named Marian.
You'll find out more in a minute.
Give Teri a hip, hip, what the hell?

14 Episodes
Original Run: 10 Eps, 12/14/13 - 4/26/14
Playoffs Run: 4 Eps, 5/17/14, 6/28/14 - 7/19/14

EPISODE ONE (12/14/13)

SUMMARY:  Peter tells the exceedingly odd story of himself and his friend Marian, a story that involves whimsy, a sentient light cluster, accidental death and terrible danger.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (1/25/14)

SUMMARY:  Marian auditions for a PSA directed by Godzilla (with whom she falls a little bit in love, much to the concern of her spouse, the sentient light cluster) and assistant directed by Mothra.  Peter makes a big sacrifice to get her the role (and himself some cake, which Mr. Montabello is determined not to let him have), but in the end, despite running from the audition in tears due to a douchebag of a scene partner, she earns the herself from a sympathetic Godzilla.  In the end, Mr. Montabello, who has been shooting his own PSA, explains this week's theme: always clean the microwave.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters (Julia Griswold) and her co-director Mothra (Victor Isaac). Peter and Marian are have an awkward celebrity encounter when they meet Mothra and Godzilla in the elevator on their way to the audition. Peter thinks he knows what the theme of this episode was. But Mr. Montabello knows the real theme: cleaning the microwave. (L-R: Fergus Intemann, Peter Fluet, Victor Isaac, Bryan Bellomo, Corey Klemow & Marian Gonzalez)

Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


SUMMARY:  Mr. Montabello is in love with Marian, so he invites her to dinner, and is crushed when she brings her spouse.  To save face, he hires Tiffany, a hooker, to be his date.  Peter is also at the dinner with his wife, the famous movie star Jamie, whose stardom came with a curse: Peter.  We learn that Peter once interviewed for a job killing werewolves on the moon, but he flubbed the interview so badly that the werewolves got away... and one of them is here tonight, thus making Peter responsible once more for a tragedy in Mr. Montabello's life.

Going out to dinner. (L-R: Jamie Fluet, Peter Fluet & Marian Gonzalez) Jamie is cursed to be married to Peter in exchange for her fame. A dejected Mr. Montabello (Bryan Bellomo) hires Tiffany (Julia Griswold) to be his date. Hey, it's Teri Tokantin (Terry Tocantins)!

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Marian and Peter pretend to be sick to get out of work at Vague Industries - it's a beautiful day, and there's a 24% chance of a hurricane.  The friends pick up their always-sick friend Winston, and then pick up his crush, Sloan Peterson, after prank calling their boss, Mr. Montabello, tricking him into thinking Sloan's father has been taken captive by terrorists. Their antics over the course of the day are a shorthand and twisted version of the events of Ferris Beuller's Day Off.  In the end, when Mr. Montabello corners Peter, a hurricane tries and fails to spirit him away, but instead spirits Mr. Montabello away when Peter proves too heavy to lift.  In the end, the moral is that when you have to write a new script for Serial Killers at 3am on a Friday 'cause you couldn't do the script you originally wrote, these are the sort of fun hijinks you can expect.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE FIVE (2/15/14)

SUMMARY:  It's time for Vague Industries' annual karaoke night they do to stave off unionization.  Peter and Marian just want to have fun with it, but the mean people at work are overcompetitive, and they summon the ghosts of Freddie Mercury and Andy Kaufman to gain an unfair advantage.  Mr. Montabello can't sing, and wishes it was a dance competition so he could show them all, and win Marian and Tiffany's hearts... but even in his fantasies, he can't win.  Peter's famous wife Jamie sings, and Peter is thrilled to hear she needs him - until she said she just needs him to sell t-shirts.  After a rousing number in which Jamie is backed by her friends Adele and Avril Lavigne (after Freddie Mercury declines to sing because he sung already and Rick Astley has to leave to go work his shift at Subway), we find that Peter has run away to Washington, DC to visit the Lincoln Memorial, the place he always goes when he's sad, "Because the only thing sadder than me right now is Abraham Lincoln, our 300th president, who was turned to stone by a Medusa while he was trying to remember something."  Marian and Avril Lavigne find him - he's been missing eight months, because he ran all the way from Los Angeles to Washington.  He says he feels like a dusty old Grape Crush that isn't anybody's first choice, but they reassure him that everybody feels that way sometimes.  And then Winston arrives to close out the evening with a song about Grape Crush.

Photos by Joshua Benton

EPISODE SIX (2/22/14)

SUMMARY:  Peter visits his family, the Fluents, and his twin sister Monica, who looks nothing like him.  Monica and Mr. Montabello bond over their mutual disgust with Peter, and soon are engaged in a passionate love affair.  Meanwhile, Marian is offered a promotion to another department... but if she takes it, she'll no longer be working with Peter.

"TJ Maxx Commercial" by Ryan Johnson

Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


SUMMARY:  As Marian contemplates her promotion, she reminisces about how she met Peter.  In a story that is in no way reminiscent of The Help, we learn that Peter was originally cared for by his elderly and cancer-stricken co-worker, Ava.  When Marian was hired, the dying Eva asked Marian to take good care of her "giant man-baby."  And so Marian did...

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  When Peter's parents reveal to him that his sister Monica was adopted - and that they adopted her just so that they could make him feel special by favoring him over her - Peter decides to make things right with his sister.  However, Monica is on a hot 'n' heavy date with Mr. Montabello, and they've been making out all night.  They've just gotten home and are en route to the bedroom when Peter, who thinks Monica and Mr. Montabello are just really good friends, surprises them.  Though the news that she's not related to Peter is initially gratifying, Peter has gone an extra step: he's hired a private detective to find Monica's true family... and it turns out that Mr. Montabello is actually Monica's brother.  As the incestuously star-crossed pair recoil from each other and a horror from which they may never be able to cleanse themselves, Peter congratulates himself on what a wonderful thing he's done.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE NINE (4/19/14)

SUMMARY:  Peter is annoyed with his new killjoy co-worker, Scott... but he soon becomes The Winter Peter, and begins killing people.  And so Nick Furious and Black Widow recruit Marian and convince her to become Captain Amarian once more - an identity she's renounced for years - to help fight the Winter Peter.  The Winter Peter was created by Taylor Swift and Winston, who are members of H.Y.D.R.O.X., a secret cabal dedicated to spreading chaos... and promoting the superiority of the Hydrox cookie over the Oreo.  HAIL H.Y.D.R.O.X.!  And so Peter, Marian and Montabello find themselves trapped in a room with a Gamma Bomb about to go off...

Photos by Joseling Jolieth

EPISODE TEN (4/26/14)

SUMMARY:  Mr. Montabello has the best day ever - Marian confesses a crush on him, and Peter is dying painfully and quickly.  But it's just a dream to help him forget he's about to die when the Gamma Bomb goes off.  Peter hypnotizes Marian to make her leave the room, and her escape impedes Mr. Montabello's.  Peter "sort of" defuses the bomb, which doesn't explode, but instead "harmlessly" leaks massive amounts of gamma radiation.  Meanwhile, Black Widow arrives at the lair of H.Y.D.R.O.X. to kick some ass, but Taylor Swift reveals that they didn't really want to kill Marian and Peter... they actually want to heal Marian and Peter's friendship.  They rush off to try to save Marian and Peter from the bomb, only to discover that the gamma radiation has temporarily turned Peter into a handsome and superintelligent man, while Mr. Montabello now has leukemia... and as if that weren't enough, the radiation also transforms him into a woman.

Mr. Montabello's dreams seem to be coming true - Marian's got a crush on him and Peter's dying! Buuuuuuuuuuut no.  It's just a dream, and the Gamma Bomb is about to go off. Taylor Swift leads her hordes in a song about H.Y.D.R.O.X.'s true motivations. (L-R: Jamie Fluet, Cj Merriman, Zachary Bernstein [sitting], Corey Klemow, Bruno Oliver, Julia Griswold, Jenelle Riley & Shannon Nelson) "HOW DOES EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORK OUT FOR YOU!?" The Gamma Bomb has made Peter (Colin Willkie) handsome and intelligent, while Mr. Montabello has gotten leukemia.

Photos by Joseling Jolieth


SUMMARY:  Peter just wants to tell a simple story of two friends and a dog who says "I love you," but a cornucopia of characters, including The Witch Queen of Altadena, Avril Lavigne, Congressman House of Cards and the time-traveling Doctor and his companion Monica keep bogging the whole thing down in plot... confusing, confusing plot.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Mr. Montabello has become part of the Tight, Tight, Pants Thursday Club who sing Maroon 5 around the water cooler every Thursday. Peter wants to join the club and is willing to show everyone how uncool Mr. Montabello is to do it. The more level-headed Marian pleads for him to use his consience before going forward with such a rash act. Peter has never used his consience before, and it's represented by Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, who wants him to take over Vague Industries, and Karen Carpenter, who wants him to eat. Tight, Tight, Pants Thursday Club is poisoned and their death is blamed on Montabello, who then has to fight The Mountain - a small but mighty woman. Cut to: the time-traveling Doctor and Monica arrive five years in the future, a bleak landscape where a now-evil Peter - having abandoned his promise to not indulge in any complicated plot - has taken over Vague Industries.

Marian and Peter meet Litlefinger (Gregory Sims). A mustache.  A man.  An incipient plot. The Doctor and Monica arrive five years in the future. Abraham Benrubi as "Abraham!"

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Peter once again affirms that he won't be dropping you into the middle of a complicated plot.  Peter and Marian decide to take a break, but what kind of break should they take?  First, they try a Dramatic Break, watching a DVD that was delivered to Mr. Montabello containing a morose flashback of his father giving him up and then committing suicide.  Discomfited, they try a Point Break instead, and enjoy a bit of Keanu-style action.  Suddenly, the Doctor and Monica arrive in the TARDIS; the Doctor is concerned as the collapse of the Universe seems to have started right in this place and time.  Monica and Mr. Montabello have an awkward reunion, and Monica turns down his offer to go to a concert.  As the Doctor angles for the tickets, Peter steals the TARDIS, goes back in time, becomes D.B. Cooper (look it up on the internet), and returns to the present... where he and everyone else is immediately arrested, as the cops know somebody there is D.B. Cooper but they're not sure who.  The woman are quickly released, and the Doctor is also released as they don't have the rights to use him.  Peter's lawyer is Young Abraham Lincoln, who successfully gains Peter his freedom; in the process, the judge also rules against women's contraception, just because.  Mr. Montabello is suspected of terrorism because the flashback DVD was downloaded from an illegal torrent from "Syria-Iran-Syria," but like Andy in "The Shawshank Redemption," he digs his way to freedom, just in time to go to the concert with everyone.  It's a happy ending... but suddenly, the Doctor is discomfited.  "This isn't right!" he exclaims.  WHEW.  LUCKY WE'RE NOT DROPPING YOU INTO THE MIDDLE OF A COMPLICATED PLOT OR ANYTHING.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  A trio of new characters, Teri, Kelly and Hazel, try to take over the story. When Vague Industries is sold to The Specific Company, Mr. Montabello takes a new job running a pizza place with the perky trio, creating a spinoff that the Doctor and Monica warn Peter will be the undoing of the universe. But when Peter is unable to prevent the spinoff from happening, events spiral out of control. As they do.

Teri (Carrie Keranen) is one of a trio of new characters trying to take over the story. Kelly (Lauren Van Kurin), Marian's new best friend who she's never met before. A visit to Mt. Rushmore. (L-R: Jaime Robledo, Scott Leggett, Jenelle Riley, Padraic Duffy, Peter Fluet, Marian Gonzalez & Julia Griswold) Teri, Kelly and Hazel rob Mr. Montabello at their pizza place. (L-R: Carrie Keranen, Lauren Van Kurin, Heather Schmidt & Bryan Bellomo)

Photos by Joseling Jolieth


Peter Fluet

Peter (Eps. 1-14)

Marian Gonzalez

Marian (Eps. 1-14)

Bryan Bellomo

Mr. Montabello (Eps. 1-6 & 8-14)

Heatherlynn Gonzalez

Sentient Light Cluster (Eps. 1-4 & 7)

Aaron Francis

Heatherlynn the Sentient Light Cluster (Ep. 5)

Abraham Benrubi

Heatherlynn the Sentient Light Cluster (Ep. 10)
Abraham! (Ep. 12)

Natasha Norman

Anne (Ep. 1)

Joseph Beck

Chip (Ep. 1)

Natalie Rose

Gloria (Ep. 1)

Rebecca Larsen

Maddy (Ep. 1)
Terrorist 1 / Fan / Art (Ep. 4)
Maddy (Ep. 5)

Scott Leggett

Blaine (Ep. 1)

Guy Picot

Enemy Combatant (Ep. 1)
The Doctor (Eps. 11-14)

Fergus Intemann

Basketball Player (Ep. 2)
Rick Astley (Ep. 5)

Julia Griswold

Godzilla (Ep. 2)
Tiffany (Eps. 3 & 5)
Sloan (Ep. 4)
Avril Lavigne (Eps. 5 & 11)
Nina (Ep. 6)
Ava (Ep. 7)
Cupcake Worker (Ep. 8)
Black Widow
(Eps. 9-10)
The Mountain (Ep. 12)
Annie (Ep. 13)
Julia / Slutsy (Ep. 14)

Victor Isaac

Mothra (Ep. 2)
Peter (Ep. 6)

Nick Furious
(Ep. 9)
Victor (Ep. 13)

Corey Klemow

Dexter (Eps. 2 & 5)
Hostage (Ep. 4)
Coffee Shop Employee / Kyle (Ep. 10)

Pete Caslavka

Drew (Ep. 3)
Johnny Gomez
(Ep. 8)

Jamie Fluet

Jamie Fluent (Eps. 3, 5, 8 & 10)

Lauren Van Kurin

Hostess (Ep. 3)
The Witch Queen of Altadena (Ep. 11)
Kelly (Ep. 14)

Bruno Oliver

Ghost Fist (Ep. 3)
Iron Hammer (Ep. 10)
Ex-Boyfriend (Ep. 14)

Terry Tocantins

Teri Tokantin (Ep. 3)

Zachary Bernstein

Winston (Eps. 4-5, 7-10 & 14)
Bank Robber (Ep. 13)

Heather Schmidt

Ms. Hampton (Ep. 4)
Joan Jett
(Ep. 5)
(Ep. 7)
Joan Jett (Ep. 8)
Gamma Montabello (Ep. 10)
Hazel (Ep. 14)

Esteban Andres Cruz

Waiter / Car Attendant (Ep. 4)
Ghost of Freddie Mercury (Ep. 5)
Red Pants 2 (Ep. 12)

Natalie Rose

Terrorist 2 / Fan / Art (Ep. 4)
Gloria (Ep. 5)

Aaron Mendelson

Andy Kaufman (Ep. 5)

Alyssa Preston

Adele (Ep. 5)

Padraic Duffy

The Lincoln Memorial (Ep. 5)

Pat Towne

Mr. Fluent (Eps. 6 & 8)

Jaime Andrews

Mrs. Fluent (Eps. 6 & 8)
Karen Carpenter (Ep. 12)

Monica Greene

Monica (Eps. 6, 8 & 11-14)

Jason Daniels

Jerry (Ep. 6)

Cj Merriman

Cj (Ep. 6)

Erin Matthews

Erin (Ep. 6)
(Ep. 7)
Carpool Shooter (Ep. 10)

Marz Richards

TJ Maxx Employee (Ep. 6)
Dan Harper (Ep. 14)

David LM McIntyre

Elmo (Ep. 7)

Erin Holt, Rick Steadman & Jason Daniels

The Wolf Pack (Ep. 7)

Shannon Nelson

Taylor Swift (Eps. 8-10)

Brendan Patterson

Puma-Tar (Ep. 8)

Angela Sauer

Puma-Tar's Assistant (Ep. 8)

Colin Willkie

Shakey's Host (Ep. 8)
Gamma Peter (Ep. 10)

Bruno Oliver & Marz Richards

Bruno Marz (Ep. 8)

Matt Valle

Dave (Ep. 9)

Sean Sweeney

Scott (Ep. 9)

Will McMichael

Peter Stunt Double (Ep. 9)

Andrew Amani

Dave Stunt Double (Ep. 9)

Laura Napoli

Marian Stunt Double (Ep. 9)

Tamiko Brownlee

Black Widow Stunt Double (Ep. 9)

Jenelle Riley

Robot Krasner (Ep. 10)


The Dog (Ep. 11)

Matt Merchant

UC Dog (Ep. 11)

Gregory Sims

Congressman House of Cards (Ep. 11)
Littlefinger (Ep. 12)

Erika Rose

Red Pants 1 (Ep. 12)

David Mayes

Red Pants 3 (Ep. 12)

Rick Steadman

Rick (Ep. 13)

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Cop (Ep. 13)

Brian Frates

Young Abraham Lincoln (Ep. 13)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Judge (Ep. 13)

Carrie Keranen

Teri (Ep. 14)

Eric Curtis Johnson

Eric Curtis Johnson (Ep. 14)

Joe Fria

Mr. Muppapuppapocalypse (Ep. 14)

Padraic Duffy, Scott Leggett,
Jaime Robledo & Jenelle Riley

Mt. Rushmore (Ep. 14)
Choreographed by Cj Merriman (Ep. 5 & 10)
Original Music by Zachary Bernstein (Eps. 5 & 9-10)
Musical Direction by Alyssa Preston (Ep. 5)
Original Music by Ryan Johnson (Eps. 6-8)