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written by Chris Millar, Terry Tocantins,
Scot Shamblin & Alex Zola
directed by Guy Picot & Ben Rock

Jesus died for your sins.
Now he's back for revenge.

9 Episodes
Original Run: 5 Eps, 11/16/13 - 1/25/14
Playoffs Run: 4 Eps, 5/17/14, 6/28/14 - 7/19/14

EPISODE ONE (11/16/13)

SUMMARY:  Jesus' mooks Peter and James find the cave he was "buried" in (he faked his death) and set him free.  Jesus, after an unsentimental reunion with his apostle goombahs, including a formerly very doubtful Thomas, he learns that Judas was the one who betrayed him to the Romans... and so Jesus, ever the vengeful Godfather, orders a hit on his former friend.

James (Scot Shamblin) is upbraided by a newly-resurrected Jesus (Terry Tocantins). Jesus, in turn, is upbraided by Mother Mary (Jamie Fluet). Far from the last supper. L-R: Jesus (Terry Tocantins), Bart (Sean Sweeney), random disciple (Gabe Leonard), Doubting Thomas (Jay Bogdonowitsch) and another random disciple (Joshua Benton). Peter (Bruno Oliver) is incredulous at Jesus' order: put out a hit on Judas.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (11/23/13)

SUMMARY:  Jesus cures his disciples' headache with a Eucharist involving the Alka Seltzer and Coffee of Christ.  Barty, who is blackballed at the palace, is sent out to find Tommy, who was sent to talk to the Romans.  Soon, Tommy brings news that they have a meeting with Pilate tomorrow at 3, that Barty has been arrested by the Romans... and that he's learned where Judas is hiding out.  Jesus sends Mark to kill Judas, and orders that he make it look like a suicide... and sends James to watch Mark, who is just out of rehab.  However, when they arrive at Judas' place, Mark begins doing coke to "get tight" and then decides to screw what the boss wants... he's going to offer Judas a choice: hanging, or a bullet to the head.  Judas rambles on philosophically in order to stave off the inevitable, but eventually a coked-up Mark kills Judas with a knife and bites off his ear.  James unwisely calls in to report on what's happening... and the Roman cops have tapped the call.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY: Jesus and his crew arrive at the Roman palace for their appointment with Pontius Pilate, and they also bail Bartholomew out of jail.  They meet up with John the Baptist, who feigns friendship at first, but when he gives Jesus lip, Mark kills him.  After much paperwork, Jesus and his gang of disciples are admitted to Pilate's office; as they enter, Jesus calls out threateningly,  "Ey!  I bet you never thought you'd see ME again!"

Video by Ari Radousky ~ Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE FOUR (12/14/13)

SUMMARY: As Jesus meets with Pilate, Luke - "The Wolf" - is called in to help dispose of John the Baptist, who Jesus' crew is having a hard time killing.

Video by Annette Fasone ~ Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE FIVE (1/25/14)

SUMMARY: Jesus and his mooks meet with Herod and Salome.  Mark parties Herod to death by giving him a gigantic pile of blow.  Meanwhile, Salome, who has fallen for Thomas, requests the head of John the Baptist on a platter, and gets it.  Jesus plans a meeting with Saul of Tarsus... but the devious Saul is planning on letting Jesus do all the dirty work of killing all their mutual enemies, and then making a killing of his own.

Jesus gets ready for a meeting with Herod. Jesus asks Mark to kill Herod by partying him out - i.e. plying him with mountains of cocaine. A coked-up Herod (Guy Picot) murders a party girl (Angela Sauer) at his palace. Jesus confronts Timothy (Abraham Benrubi).

Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton


SUMMARY: Jesus meets with Moe Greene, who is infuriated that Jesus wants to buy him out.  When he refuses, Mark shoots him in the eye.  However, Greene survives, and Tiny Tim - who is working for somebody unknown - thinks Greene will serve as a good ally against Christ.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Jesus and his crew stage an intervention for Mark, who ultimately accepts rehab with his usual laconic air.  Afterwards, Mary Magdalene pays Jesus a visit.  Meanwhile, Tiny Tim turns out to be working for Saul of Tarses, and their plan to betray Jesus continues apace.

An intervention is staged for Mark. Mary Magdalene (Natalie Rose) has a word with Jesus. Saul of Tarses (Donal Thoms-Cappello) confabs with the quisling Tiny Tim. Luke confabs with Peter and James.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Jesus just needs to carry out three more hits to avenge his death and take over the Empire... but his plot to kill Barabbas by planting a bomb in his chariot goes awry: Barabbas survives, Moe Greene's leg is maimed - further inflamin his enmity for Jesus and his crew - and the Centurion who is killed in the blast becomes a martyr for the Romans, turning public opinion against Jesus.  For his part, Jesus has had plastic surgery to change his face as part of his plan, and now must deal not only with the botched hit, but with Mary Magdalene's announcement that she's pregnant.  Meanwhile, the Roman Emperor and Pontius Pilate agree that the only threat remaining comes from Mark - who is in rehab and therefore harmless.  However, Mark receives a vision of God - a sultry woman who tells him that his boss needs him, and that he must "get tight," leave the hospital where he's convalescing, and come to protect his boss.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Moe Greene takes out Barty, but is subsequently wiped out by Mark, who goes on a killing spree in Jesus' name.

Jesus and Barty. Pilate and a warning. Moe Greene ices Barty. Mother Mary's being judgemental again.

Photos by Joseling Jolieth


Terry Tocantins

Jesus H. Christ (Eps. 1-7)

Pat Towne

Jesus H. Christ (Eps. 8-9)

Bruno Oliver

Peter (Eps. 1-9)

Scot Shamblin

James (Eps. 1-9)

Jamie Fluet

Mother Mary (Eps. 1-9)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Tommy (Eps. 1-9)

Sean Sweeney

Barty (Eps. 1-9)

Joshua Benton

Andrew (Eps. 1-8)

Richard Levinson
Zachary Bernstein
Will McMichael

Sundry Disciples (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie
Gabe Leonard

Sundry Disciples (Eps. 1-2)

Gregory Sims

Mark (Eps. 2-7 & 9)

Corey Klemow

Judas (Ep. 2)

Rick Steadman

Simon the Zealot (Eps. 2-5 & 7-9)

Laura Napoli

Mary Behind the Desk (Ep. 3)

Anthony Backman

John the Baptist (Eps. 3 & 5)

Zachary Bernstein

John the Baptist (Ep. 4)
Barabbas (Ep. 8)

Trey Perkins & Kelly Frazier

Bar Couple (Ep. 3)

Marz Richards

Luke the Wolf (Eps. 4-5 & 7-9)

Lauren Van Kurin

Pontius Pilate (Eps. 4 & 8-9)

Jon Palmer

Ciaphas (Ep. 4)

Shaela Cook

Lilith (Ep. 4)

Guy Picot

King Herod (Ep. 5)

Abraham Benrubi

Tiny Tim (Eps. 5-9)

Erin Matthews

Salome (Ep. 5)

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Saully Two-Times (Eps. 5 & 7-9)

Angela Sauer

Party Girl (Ep. 5)

Esteban Andres Cruz

Abdalla (Ep. 5)
Orderly (Ep. 8)

Monica Greene

Moe Greene (Eps. 6 & 8-9)

Natalie Rose

Mary Magdalene (Eps. 6-9)

David LM McIntyre

The Emperor (Eps. 8-9)

Matt Merchant

Centurion (Ep. 8)
The Roman Cop (Ep. 9)

Jaime Andrews

The Old Man (Eps. 8-9)

Bryan Krasner

Frankie (Ep. 9)

KJ Middlebrooks

Louie (Ep. 9)