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written & directed by Aaron Francis
assistant director: Christine Breihan

Check in. Get comfortable. Stay a while.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (9/28/13)

SUMMARY:  At a secluded desert hotel, a desperate young couple find there's no escaping the twisted family that's imprisoned them.  Domineering mother Tam and her daughter Margot rule with iron fists, meting out their own brand of "justice" in God's name, punishing all those they deem "sinners."  Peter and Erica's sin?  Stealing... by not pointing out that Tam had charged them $9 per night when the price is $29 per night.  It was a test.  They failed.  And they leave it to Margot's slow brother Jesse, who is just starting to wonder if maybe what they're doing is wrong, to kill the couple and throw their bodies in the silver mine.  But Jesse's will is weak, and he carries out his family's bidding like he always does... this time.

Erica (Erin Holt) and Peter (Pete Caslavka) try to escape, but are caught by Margot (Victoria Hogan) and Tam (Linda Miller) Clive (Jesse Myers) plays his guitar, trying to ignore the screams for help. Tam stands in judgement. Clive rebels.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Jesse Myers


Pete Caslavka


Erin Holt


Linda Miller


Victoria Hogan


Diana Wyenn