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written by Abraham Benrubi
directed by Scott Leggett

Vengeance sucks!

4 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Eps, 2/22/14 - 4/12/14
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 5/17/14

EPISODE ONE (2/22/14)

SUMMARY:  As Bryan, a Victorian gentleman, is heading home after an evening at the pub, he is accosted by two women who turn out to be vampires.  He wakes up at sea on their pirate ship, and learns he and his excellent-smelling blood are to be used as bait.  The crew of vampire women are out for revenge on the famous vampires that turned them.  Their first target: Nosferatu!

Photos by Travis Snyder-Eaton

EPISODE TWO (3/1/14)

SUMMARY:  In the first act of vengeance, the Vampirates' scheme goes exactly as planned.  Count Orlok - aka Nosferatu - is unable to resist Bryan's blood.  He is saved at the last moment by the vampires, led by the Painted Lady, who was once known as Ellen before being turned by Orlok.  Orlok seems to recognize the Captain, and recoils in horror, but before he can say anything more, the Captain urges Ellen to sink the stake into Nosferatu's heart.  Meanwhile, on the way to Orlok's castle, Bryan met Little Red Riding Hood... who, after Orlok's death, is turned into a vampire by the ladies and taken along as a new shipmate.  But there's no time to waste... it's time to head to the 1970s, and destroy Blacula!

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  The other vampires are finding it harder and harder to resist Bryan's blood, but there's no time to waste - they've arrived in the 1970s and they've got to get their funk on to hunt Blacula.  However, Blacula does not prove as easy a target as Count Orlok... and, like Orlok, he knows that Captain Cruella is hiding a secret.  He tells the other vampire ladies not to trust her, offering them safety if they'll take his side instead.

Little Red (Julia Griswold) and Bryan (Colin Willkie) are tied up below decks. Zachaline (Zachary Bernstein) is having trouble resisting Bryan's blood. Blacula (Victor Isaac) proves a formidable foe. Captain Cruella and Blacula battle for the loyalty of the Vampirates, with Bryan caught in the middle.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Van Helsing attempts to take down Blacula.  He is quickly overpowered, but not before he reveals that Captain Cruella's ship is actually his own... and that he used to be married to Cruella. 

Van Helsing (Joshua Benton) confronts Captain Cruella (Alyssa Preston) while Edwina (Ed Goodman) looks on. Sexy disco-dancin' Vampirates. (L-R: Dana DeRuyck, Cj Merriman, Liz McIntire & Shaela Cook) Captain Cruella has everyone in her power. (L-R: Joshua Benton, Alyssa Preston, Julia Griswold, Colin Willkie & Natalie Rose) Little Red (Julia Griswold) is cute as a button, yo. Meanwhile, Zachaline (Zachary Bernstein) cuddles his one true love.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Michael Holmes

Bryan (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie

Bryan (Eps. 2-4)

Alyssa Preston

Captain Cruella (Ep. 1-4)

Shaela Cook

Ellen, the Painted Lady (Eps. 1-4)

Natalie Rose

Fifi, the French One (Eps. 1-4)

Cj Merriman

Strong Lady (Eps. 1-4)

Elizabeth McIntire

Hungry Ramona (Eps. 1-4)

Dana DeRuyck

Hissing/Lisping Lady (Eps. 1-4)

Ed Goodman

Gentleman Drinker #1 /
Lady Pirate w/Guitar
(Ep. 1)
Edwina (Eps. 2-4)

Zachary Bernstein

Gentleman Drinker #2 /
Lady Pirate w/Guitar
(Ep. 1)
Zachaline (Eps. 2-4)

Julia Griswold

Little Red (Eps. 2-4)

Jaime Robledo

Nosferatu (Ep. 2)

Victor Isaac

Blacula (Eps. 3-4)

Joshua Benton

Van Helsing (Eps. 3-4)

Music Adaptation by Zachary Bernstein & Ed Goodman

Music Adaptation by Zachary Bernstein, Alyssa Preston & Ed Goodman (Ep. 4)

Choreography by Cj Merriman (Ep. 4)