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by Spencer Green
directed by Frank Stasio

1 Episode

Thrill to the adventures of Norris Hellcat, famed and
rugged archaeologist, who battles the diabolical L. Ron Hubbard
and his twisted Scientology ray as the very fate of the world
lies in the balance! Or is it "lays?" Who knows? Correct
grammar is irrelevant when excitement is writing the story!


Jacob Sidney

Norris Hellcat

Bryan Krasner

L. Ron Hubbard

Matthew Garland

Bergeron P. Stalworthy

Stacey Jackson

Tracey Bingwhistle

Joe Jordan

Jesus Christ

Jordan Savage
Philip Newby
Mary Guilliams


Norris Hellcat (Jacob Sidney), famed
archeology professor and tobacco smoker!

Bergeron P. Stalworthy (Matthew Garland),
from the U.S. Dep't of Adventure!

Tracey Bingwhistle (Stacey Jackson), headstrong
Ace Reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper!

We follow their travels via a device not at all
reminiscent of any movie you may have seen!

The evil L. Ron Hubbard captures our intrepid heroes with the help
of Norris' brainwashed students! (L-R: Philip Newby, Jacob Sidney,
Mary Guilliams, Bryan Krasner, Stacey Jackson & Jordan Savage!)

Mary shows off the Scientology Ray!
(Requires 4 "D" batteries - not included!)

Even Jesus (Joe Jordan) has fallen under the ray's spell!
Can anything save our heroes from any further peril?
Yes!  An insufficient number of votes from the audience!