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written & directed by Tami Sagher

2 Episodes
2/4/06 - 2/25/06

Jodie Ackerman lost her virginity in college and didn't think
twice about it. Ten years have passed and Jodie is continuing to
lose things: her keys, wallet, job, the will to live. So now Jodie
sets off on an Oydsseus-like quest to find her virginity, discovering
a few other folks' lost virginities along the way


Tami Sagher

Jodie Ackerman (Eps. 1-2)

Rich Talarico

Dr. Ben Iserson (Ep. 1)

Marypat Farrell

Marypat / Gina (Ep. 1)
Nikki Packer
(Ep. 1)

Carri Levinson-Daly

High School Virgin (Ep. 1)
Young Jodie Ackerman (Ep. 2)

Andrew Daly

Vinnie DeLuca (Ep. 1)
Voice of Dog the Bounty Hunter (Eps. 1-2)

Bartholemew Jay

Dog the Bounty Hunter (Eps. 1-2)

Douglas Sarine

Norm Tutlebaum (Ep. 2)

L-R: Douglas Sarine, Marypat Farrell, Andrew Daly & Carri Levinson-Daly

Photo by Haven Hartman