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written by Bob DeRosa
directed by Ben Rock

6 Episodes
8/6/05 - 10/8/05

This morning, Bibi was a blushing bride. Tonight,
she's dead.  But it'll take more than death to stop
her when she comes back as...ZomBibi!

Episodes 4-6 were entitled "Zombibi! Redemption"

- Photos -


Dawn Stahlak

Bibi (Eps. 1-5)

Josh Flaum

Roger (Eps. 1-3)

Chris Chauncey

Mark (Eps. 1-4 & 6)

Corey Klemow

Mark (Ep. 5)

Frank Stasio

Doctor (Ep. 1)

Tom Kiesche

Mr. Dark (Eps. 1-2)

Bob DeRosa

Mr. Dark (Ep. 3)

Audrey Kearns

Mrs. Dark (Eps. 1-3)

Jason Meyer

Nurse (Ep. 2)

Andy Corren

Mr. Case (Ep. 2)

Trey Stafford

Gibber (Eps. 4-6)

Peggy O'Neal

Maggie (Eps. 4-6)

Ian Covell

Sheriff Dixon (Ep. 4)

Matthew Iseman

Sheriff Dixon (Ep. 5)

Matt Young

Sheriff Dixon (Ep. 6)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Deputy Champ (Eps. 4-5)

Marissa Renee Odom

Angela (Ep. 6)


Below photos are from the
First Annual Thursty Awards
re-presentation of Episode 6!

Jaime Andrews as Bibi
- Photo by Amber Rey -

Bibi visits her dad, Mr. Case (Bob DeRosa)
- Photo by Victor Isaac -

Mr. Case & his Nurse (Jason Meyer)
- Photo by Victor Isaac -

Husband Roger (Michael Lanahan) tries to kiss his beloved bride, but
it's not easy when the one you love is decaying at an alarming rate.
- Photo by Victor Isaac -

Mark (Chris Chauncey) reveals that the only way
to slow the decay... is for Bibi to eat human flesh.
- Photo by Victor Isaac -

Roger is captured and tortured by Mr. & Mrs. Dark
(Tom Kiesche & Anna Boroughs)
- Photo by Victor Isaac -

- Photo by Victor Isaac -