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We celebrated Season 13 of Serial Killers with
our annual fake awards at a not-so-exclusive
party in the Broadwater Plunge!

(following the conclusion of the Tenth Annual Playoffs)

(Winners in Gold)

Best Villain:
GJean Black as "Betsy Devos," Jordan Maverick: History Teacher
Michael Shaw Fisher as "Gunner," Stop the Truck
Colin Willkie as "Mr. X," The Villainous Mr. X
Tim Kopacz as "Pierce," Renfield
Austin Kress as "Dirk Strongo," Nazareth High
Ensemble of #instagay as "Garabombies," #instagay
Tifanie McQueen as "Detective Neely," Stop the Truck

Best Historical Figure:

Lucas Alifano as "Jesus," Nazareth High
Emily Clark as "Diamond Dave," Hair Metal Expanded Universe
Cj Merriman as "Sammy Hagar," Hair Metal Expanded Universe
Bart Tangredi as "Trump," Christmas Carol 2017
Victor Isaac as "Ben Carson," Christmas Carol 2017
The Cast of Stone Age Tools

Best Gun Show:

Dave’s Gun Club
Jordan Maverick: History Teacher
Emu Wars
Lone Star of David
Black James Bond

The Mickey Rooney Award for Most Offensive Stereotype:

Rob LeCrone as "Australian Farmer," Emu Wars
Brent Pope as "Asian James Bond," Black James Bond
Derek Reid as "Black James Bond," Black James Bond
Alon Dina as "Eli," Lone Star of David
Alli Miller as "Mary Magdalene," Nazareth High
Cast of "Babyface," Babyface
Cast of #instagay
Arnie Pantoja as "Pablo," Jordan Maverick: History Teacher

Best Song:

Nazareth High theme song
"Treble," Come Back
theme song
Strippers and Whores" Medley, Come Back
"Memory," Come Back


Best Action Sequence:

David Haverty and Travis York, sabre-tooth tiger fight, Stone Age Tools
Tim Kopacz, all fights, Renfield
Travis, Cj, Rowan, slow mo gun battle, Emu Wars
Peter Fluet and Arnie Pantoja, shoot out, Jordan Maverick: History Teacher
Jake Tittl and ensemble, Taser Fight, Super Slasher Soiree
Ensemble, Sit/Stand/Lean, Jordan Maverick: History Teache

Best Drama:

Stop the Truck by Joe Jordan
New Wave by Jeff Dinnell
Mimsy: The Phonograph by Samuel Capaldi
Wanderers by Jeff Scot Carey
The Companions by Annette Fasone
Robot Bastards by Scott Golden
These Are Days by TJ O’Brien
Ill Humors by Katie Eiler


Best Spy:

Derek Reid as "Black James Bond," Black James Bond
Brent Pope as "Asian James Bond," Black James Bond
Tim Kopacz as "Thames Pond," The Villainous Mr. X
Marz Richards as "The Spy," L’Espion
Tim Kopacz as "Davies," Mimsy: The Phonograph



Our prestigious quantitative award

Most Actress:

Jaime Andrews, Libby Baker, Kristyn Evelyn, Monica Greene,
Julia Griswold, Cj Merriman, Stasha Surdyke

Most Actor:

Demetris Hartmann, Tim Kopacz, Amir Levi,
Travis Snyder-Eaton, Colin Willkie


Most Director:

Patrick Hurley, JJ Mayes, Marisa O’Brien,
Jaime Robledo, Ben Rock, Travis Snyder-Eaton

Most Writer:

Bob DeRosa, Tony Foster, Patrick Hurley
Joe Jordan, Travis Snyder-Eaton


Most Tech:

Suze Campagna, Adriana Colón, Sofija Dutcher,
Salvador Flores, Cole Wagner

Most Playoffs:

Peter Fluet

Most Overall:

Peter Fluet, Demetris Hartman, Patrick Hurley,
Tim Kopacz, Cj Merriman, Travis Snyder-Eaton

Most Newcomer (The Newby Award):

Tony Foster, Demetris Hartman, Patrick Hurley,
Austin Kress, Marisa O’Brien

Big Producer Thanks:

Chairman Barnes, Annette Fasone, Joe Jordan