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We celebrated Season 14 of Serial Killers with
our annual fake awards at a not-so-exclusive
party in the Broadwater Plunge!

(following the conclusion of the Eleventh Annual Playoffs)

(Winners in Gold)


The best of the year, as voted for by our audience

Best Non-Human Character:
Zach Smith as "Gator," The Bayou Boys
Heather Schmidt as "The Ark of the Covenant," Whiplash Gum Plus Shoe In Pie Equals Suckthousand Not Equal
Bart Tangredi as "The Spirit," The Shitty Poltergeist
Brendan Mulligan as "Grapes," Georgia Everly: Loose Cannon Wine Glass Designer
Marina Mastros as "Magic," The Book of Briarshire
Eric Curtis Johnson as "The Devil," Itís About Time
Ensemble as "The Hurricane," Scott Builds a Tent

Best Monologue:

Alisha Soper as "Marilyn Monroe," Deep State Tonight
Ryan Gowland, Scott Builds a Tent
Scott Leggett, Scott Builds a Tent
Zach Smith, The Inferno
Brian Allman as Andy, LUNR

Best Music/Songwriting:

Pam Quinn Eberhardt, It's About Time
Laura Wiley, Just the Worst
Travis Snyder-Eaton, Suburban Limbo
Adam Stern-Rand, Basil and Dick (tap is music!)
The All-Seeing Eye House Band, Deep State Tonight

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi:

It's About Time
Hicks in Space
Georgia Everly
The Book of Briarshire
Hubble Project


Best/Worst Accent:

Garrett Botts, Bros
Eric Barnard, Bros
Gino Marconi, Just the Worst
Austin Kress, The Bayou Boys
Jake Tittl, The Bayou Boys
Nathan Wellman, Marley Blows It
Fancesca Manzi, The Flock
Debbie Fry, The Book of Briarshire

Best Violence:

The Boys vs the Gator (who ate Paw Paw), The Bayou Boys
Scott vs the tent, Scott Builds a Tent
The Bros vs Barista (et al), Botch Bros. Run Errands
Sir Holden vs the Merman, The Book of Briarshire
Hubble vs Fiona Apple, The Hubble Project



Our prestigious quantitative award

Most Actress:

Jessie Bias & Rebecca Larsen (tie)

Most Actor:

Zachary Smith


Most Director:

Harim Sanchez

Most Mostest:

J. Bailey Burcham

Most Writer:

J. Bailey Burcham


Most Tech:

Murphy Towne

Most Newcomer (The Newby Award):

J. Bailey Burcham

Producer Award:

Murphy Towne