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written by Peter Fluet
directed by JJ Mayes

I have a friend named Marian.
You'll find out more in a minute.
Give Teri a hip, hip, what the hell?

Episode 15

EPISODE FIFTEEN (12/13/14): "A Me and My Friend Marian Christmas"

As part of Serial Killers' Tenth Anniversary celebrations, the cast of last year's
playoffs contender
ME AND MY FRIEND MARIAN hosted the show for a night!

SUMMARY:  A very serious Peter, stung by the death of Me and My Friend Marian last season, decides to lecture us on the true meaning of Christmas: dramatic irony.  Julia sings "Do You Wanna Do a Show, Man?" to try to get him to lighten up, but it's not until Marian tells Peter he can't be friends with him any more that Peter's goofy side returns, and he and the rest of his friends and enemies host the show.  He tries to get Julia to play "Slutsy the Sailor" which she still says is never gonna happen, though she'd be happy to play Godzilla again.  They play "Fuck, Marry, Christmas" as they read through the cast list of the first serial of the night.

Later, as they pimp Sacred Fools' current productions, they get Peter's adopted "twin" sister Monica to do the promo.  Peter and Monica try to read the next serial's cast list simultaneously, but they can't manage it; however, Monica and Mr. Montabello, who are genuinely brother and sister - and had developed a romantic attraction to one another before they found out - are able to read the cast list for a serial in perfect sync, all the while fighting their passion for one another.

Before the final serial of the night, they need to stretch for time while actors are changing, so Peter forces Mr. Montabello to wear a wig and read a terrible script in which Peter is a Catholic gypsy priest in 1938 Berlin questioning his faith, and Mr. Montabello is Hildegard, a 19-year-old Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis.  Marian and Avril Lavigne don't want to play Nazis, so they instead dress up as a reindeer and a cat.

At the end of the show, Peter finally gets his Christmas wish: to know how Me and My Friend Marian would have ended after the serial died back in June: "We travel through time, we stop being friends, we become friends again, and it turns out Monica and Mr. Montabello were never twins after all and they could finally find happiness and love."  As Monica and Mr. Montabello make out passionately, Peter and Marian wave goodbye to us all, along with Julia, in costume as Slutsy at last.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US ALL!

Photos by Scott Golden


Peter Fluet


Marian Gonzalez


Julia Griswold

Avril Levigne playing a Cat

French Stewart

Guy Who Does Pratfalls

Bryan Bellomo

Mr. Montabello

Monica Greene