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Deceased Serial:

Chick Tract: The Musical!
Episode 1

curated by Vanessa Claire Stewart
music & lyrics by Richard Levinson
directed by Paul Plunkett

You can go to hell.

This is Chick Tract: The Resurrection! Chick Tract was originally seen in Season 10.

1 Episode

Episode One: "Sin City" (2/22/20)

Summary: Vanessa Stewart introduces us to the idea of "Chick Tracts" - an actual thing that exists. They are comic books that are passed out by Christian Evangelicals in order to teach about the wages of sin. In this week's adaptation, a Christian man who protests a Gay Pride parade is beaten and hospitalized by the savage sodomites and is charged with a hate crime for simply preaching his faith. In the hospital, the gay minister Reverend Ray tells him to drop his bigoted attitudes, and tells a false version of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. But a passing Christian gets Ray to reform and learn the truth about Jesus. The role of Reverend Ray is played by Rollerskate Gary, who recently underwent gay conversation therapy... but when Gary gets a flirty wink from another rollerskating gay man, he realizes that it didn't take.



Photos by Jessie Bias


Vanessa Claire Stewart Host (Ep. 1)
French Stewart Rollerskate Gary (Ep. 1)
Troy Blendell Malcolm (Ep. 1)
KJ Middlebrooks Jimmy (Ep. 1)
Gregory Guy Gordon Gay Guy (Ep. 1)
Tim Kopacz Gay Guy / Lot (Ep. 1)
Marian Gonzalez Gay Gal / Lot's Wife (Ep. 1)
Julia Griswold Gay Gal / Angel (Ep. 1)
Michael Lanahan Cop #1 / Abraham (Ep. 1)
Nathan Wellman Cop #2 / Angel (Ep. 1)
Gregory Guy Gordon, Colin Willkie, Laura Napoli & Natalie Nicole Dressel Sodomites (Ep. 1)
Pat Towne Zanah (Ep. 1)
Richard Levinson God (Ep. 1)