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written & directed by Henry Dittman

14 Episodes
2/9/08 - 6/21/08

It's a wild world out there.  Why not take a few minutes
to enjoy yourself on Buzzy Grovenor's Ding Dong?

Featuring the return of "Buzzy Grovenor" from GLAMMER!
Plus a guest shot by "Cortez" from TEMP COP!


Henry Dittman

Buzzy Grovenor (Eps. 1-14)

Sirena Irwin

Taffy Tenton (Eps. 1, 4 & 12-13)

Carrie Wiita

Betsy (Ep. 1)

Ahmed Best

Delmore Lefton (Eps. 1-6, 8-12 & 14)
Voice of Delmore (Ep. 13)

Stacy Chbosky

Babs Dupree (Eps. 1-3, 5-8, 10-11 & 14)

Carolina Lancaster
Shelby Rabara

Buzzy's Girls (Ep. 1)

Rebecca Larsen

Beatrice Benson (Ep. 2)

Jaime Robledo

Cortez (Ep. 2)

Mary Guilliams

Sammy Pampson (Ep. 3)

Bryan Krasner

Markle Paulson (Ep. 3)

Mitch Silpa

Lindy Claymore (Ep. 4)

Rachel Germaine

Luanda Pepper (Eps. 5-14)

Gerald McClanahan

Reginald "Reggie X" Lefton (Ep. 5)

Richard Levinson

Little Dickie Tackleberry (Eps. 6 & 14)

Philip Newby

Carl Heston (Ep. 7)

Anthony Backman

Tony Chabone (Eps. 8-9)

Michael Lanahan

Salvadore O'Malley (Ep. 9)

Chris Wylde

Dink Willoughby (Eps. 10-11)

Matt James Garland

Hank Tamblin (Eps. 10 & 13)

Jaime Andrews

Penelope F. Livingston (Eps. 11-12)
Choreography by Raquel Horsford (Ep. 6)
Sound Engineer - Ahmed Best (Ep. 13)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (2/9/08)

The legendary Buzzy Grovenor (Henry Dittman)

Buzzy's lady du jour, Taffy Tenton (Sirena Irwin)

Buzzy 'n' Taffy introduce the show.

Buzzy's Girls (Carolina Lancaster & Shelby Rabara)

Betsy (Carrie Wiita, far right) and her botched boob job.

Buzzy's old friend, Delmore Lefton (Ahmed Best)

Buzzy's ain't too pleased when Delmore
makes a play for Taffy.

But they make up soon enough.

Buzzy's nemesis, the aging Babs Dupree (Stacy Chbosky)

We're all friends here on Buzzy Grovenor's Ding Dong.

EPISODE TWO (2/16/08)

Dignified 'n' dapper.

Buzzy's lady du jour, Beatrice Benson (Rebecca Larsen)

Buzzy 'n' Beatrice introduce this week's episode.

Babs is back... with new boyfriend Cortez (Jaime Robledo).
You may remember Cortez from Temp Cop.

The passion of Babs 'n' Cortez

And... she's out.

Delmore's latest song.


Buzzy's lady du jour, Sammy Pampson (Mary Guilliams).

Buzzy's Presidential tail tales.

Uptight FCC rep Markle Paulson (Bryan Krasner) wants Buzzy's show fined and
shut down.  And he reveals that Buzzy's real name is Buznard Eugene Brillson.

After being hypnotized by Delmore,
Markle becomes a sex machine.


Buzzy's oldest friend, Lindy Claymore (Mitch Silpa).


Buzzy, who didn't know Lindy was "a gee,"
learns a lesson in tolerance and friendship.

EPISODE FIVE (3/29/08)

Buzzy's lady du jour, Luanda Pepper (Rachel Germaine).

Buzzy convinces Delmore's activist brother,
Reggie X (Gerald McClanahan), that hes not racist - just sexist!

Babs wants to know if Reggie likes white meat.

Delmore and Buzzy hanging out after hours.

EPISODE SIX (4/5/08)

Former child star Little Dickie Tackleberry (Richard Levinson).

Buzzy and Delmore sing "Me and My Shadow."

Shadowed by friendship.


Remembering Chucksteak.

Chuck's son, Carl Heston (Philip Newby), deals with his grief.

Buzzy's outraged to find that Carl's
an anti-gun vegetarian homosexual.

Babs convinces Buzzy to let Carl have his say.
Didn't he learn anything about tolerance last week?

And then Buzzy shoots Carl.


Luanda is withholding "num-nums" from
Buzzy because he put Carl in the hospital.

However, she's willing to offer comfort to Delmore,
whose leg was injured by overzealous police when he
happened by the investigation of Carl's shooting.

Hardcore porn star Tony Chabone (Anthony Backman), who
wants to be in more respectable films - like softcore pornos.

Babs is gee-ross, as usual.

Uh oh - Tony is Buzzy's long-lost illegitimate son!
Might unprotected sex actually have... consequences?

EPISODE NINE (4/26/08)

Luanda's not feeling well, but Buzzy still wants the nice-nice.

Tony's trying to be more like his dad.

Irish pop star and philanthropist,
Salvadore O'Malley (Michael Lanahan).

Sal inspires Buzzy to start a charity.

EPISODE TEN (5/3/08)

Buzzy outlines his idea for a philanthropic version of his
show to network exec Hank Tamblin (Matt James Garland).

Instead, Buzzy is fired, and the show becomes "Dink Willoughby's
Knockers," hosted by Dink Willoughby (Chris Wylde).


Buzzy's less than thrilled to be performing at the
South Oxnard Little Theatre Dinner & Dance Revue.

Wishing he could be back on his show.

Babs, who got him the job, reminds him to be grateful.

Dink arrives, begging Buzzy to come back -
the ratings have tanked since he's been gone.

Shushing Babs.

Back on m'show.

Happy to be back.


Mailbag time!  It's "Fe-Mail Call" with Taffy Tenton!

Delmore's kung-fu fightin'.

Luanda and Taffy fight, but Delmore
hypnotizes them into getting along.

Ms. Penelope F. Livingston (Jaime Andrews) from N.O.W.
arrives to educate Buzzy about women's rights.

Meet Penelope.


Taffy ponders a weighty problem.

Taffy's thoughts.

Luanda's thoughts:  "I want waffles."

Penelope's thoughts: "I wonder if Luanda likes me likes me."

Hank's thoughts are interrupted by Buzzy, wondering if we
can get back to the story he's telling about Natalie Wood.

Photos for this episode by Aaron Francis

Luanda's sad.  Her mother is in the audience and
she wants to prove that she's a real actress.

Buzzy lets her do a sketch she wrote,
but she can't remember her lines.

Maybe she should have wrote her lines on
cue cards, like she prepared for Buzzy.

Trying their best to salvage Luanda's sketch.

They are finally rescued by Delmore, who
initiates a song about how great life is.

One last song and dance.  They've got a world that swings!

Afterwards, Buzzy says it's been a fun fourteen
episodes but he's done - don't vote for him!
And so "Buzzy Grovenor's Ding Dong" becomes
the first storyline to voluntarily retire.

See Buzzy one last time at the Third Annual Thursty Awards on June 12, 2008 @ 9pm!