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written & directed by Jaime Robledo
choreography by Kat Bardot (eps. 1-7)
choreography by Natasha Norman (eps. 8-15)

15 Episodes
Original Run: 10 Episodes - 10
/11/08 - 2/14/09
Playoffs: 5 Episodes - 5/30/09 - 6/27/09



Joe Hendrix

A (aka Alexander) (Eps. 1-10 & 13-15)

Victor Isaac

The Black White Rabbit (Eps. 1-8 & 11-15)

Kat Bardot

Susan (Eps. 1-7 & 9-13)

Lucy Griffin

Susan (Eps. 8 & 14-15)

Bryan Krasner

Father (Eps. 1-15)

Alyssa Preston

Mother (Eps. 1-15)

Jaime Robledo

Ricky Ricky Red (Eps. 2, 4, 6-7 & 9-15)

Barbara King

Ladysister (Ep. 3)

Krista Conti

Ladysister (Eps. 3-6, 11-12 & 15)
Lushis Lee (Ep. 14)

Natasha Norman

Ladysister (Ep. 4-6, 11-13 & 15)
Ricky Ricky Red (Ep. 8)

Matt Valle

The Queen (Eps. 3-4, 6, 8-9, 11-12 & 14-15)

Jennifer Fenten

Gina (Eps. 4-6 & 8-10 & 13-15)

Scott Leggett

Horace (Eps. 4-6 & 15)

JJ Mayes

Horace (Eps. 13-14)
Shozbot (Ep. 15)

Michael Holmes

Syfur (Eps. 5-6)

Justin Brinsfield

Hunky Dude (Ep. 7)

Andrew Bentler

The Crazy-Ass Mad
 Motherfucking Hatter
(Eps. 8-10)

Gabby Sanalitro

The King (Eps. 9, 11-12 & 14-15)

Henry Dittman

MC H Ditty (Eps. 11-13)

Red the Dog

Li'l Shante (Eps. 12 & 14)

Brian Wallis & Colin Willkie

Horace's Legs (Eps. 13-15)

by C.M. Gonazlez

EPISODE ONE (10/11/08)


A tense family dinner in the home of a wealthy family.
(L-R: Alyssa Preson as "Mother," Joe Hendrix as "A,"
Kat Bardot as "Susan" and Bryan Krasner as "Father.")

Father is angry that his son got arrested again
hanging out with those hoodlum friends of his.

Though Susan is deaf, Father insists on speaking to her -
he won't have her being "treated like a cripple."

The Black White Rabbit (Victor Isaac) digs A's fresh DJ moves.

A, looking to escape his father's wrath, takes a
blue pill and runs off with the Rabbit to Planet Rock.

EPISODE TWO (10/18/08)


Father is concerned that Alexander isn't joining them for family TV time.
Susan begins to hear A's voice - coming from inside the TV.

Meanwhile, waking up on Planet Rock,
A finds a mic marked "Spit Me."

Spittin' exposition.

Welch's Grape soda - one of the main food groups on Planet Rock.

And of course there's Pumpkin Pie.

Did somebody say "Pumpkin Pie"!?

A wants to go home, but the Rabbit has other problems...

...he's been spotted by the Queen's guard, Ricky Ricky Red (Jaime Robledo),
and must engage in a dance contest for his freedom!

Dance Contest!

The Rabbit's caught!  A swears he will find him!

EPISODE THREE (10/25/08)

The Black White Rabbit is put on trial...

...and sentenced to the K-Tel Zone!

Alex meets a couple of feisty ladysisters (Barbara King
and Krista Conti), who take him to meet the Queen

The Queen takes an instant linking to Alex... maybe
too much of a liking... but is enraged to find that
he's friends with the traitorous Black White Rabbit.

Meanwhile, Susan is just staring at the TV incessantly,
and even being pelted by hot dogs doesn't faze her...

...until, suddenly enraged, she exhibits psychic powers
and makes the furniture float menacingly!

EPISODE FOUR (11/22/08)


The Black White Rabbit crows to signal the start of another episode.

Alexander is an unwilling special guest of the Queen.

But things are looking up when he meets Gina (Jennifer Fenten),
the Queen's maid, who has "not yet learned how to ill."

Meanwhile, in the K-Tel Zone, the Rabbit meets Horace (Scott Leggett),
a Rastafarian caterpillar who wants to team up to escape the Zone.

Horace needs to stretch his legs.

EPISODE FIVE (11/29/08)


Horace gives the Rabbit a ride, but the frigid winds
of the K-Tel Zone soon freeze him to death.

Alexander meets Gina's obnoxious ex, Syfur (Michael Holmes),
made even more insufferable by his power to teleport.
They agree on a game of the dozens... and the winner gets Gina.

As Mother threatens to leave Father for his constant verbal abuse, Susan
suddenly speaks her first word:  "Daddy..."  And then her second word:  "...bad."

EPISODE SIX (12/6/08)
Photos this week by Suze Campagna


Alexander prepares for his duel with Syfur.

Syfur is laid low!

However, the Queen arrives, and she is not best
pleased to learn that Alexander has fallen for Gina.
Rejecting the Queen's advances has one punishment: beheading!

Horace and the Rabbit are still trudging through the wastes of the K-Tel Zone.

Father deals with the departure of Mother.

EPISODE SEVEN (12/13/08)
Photos this week by Aaron Francis


Mother goes cruising at the local bar.

She chats up a willing young buck (Justin Brinsfield)...

...but he's knocked unconscious by a jealous Father.

A distraught but jealous queen visits Alexander in jail, and tells her he can be King if he'll just give up Gina,
who is her maid... and her daughter.  But Alexander spurns her again.  He'll be beheaded for sure.

Meanwhile, the Black White Rabbit has made it through the K-Tel Zone
to Earth, where he and Susan team up to find and rescue Alexander.

A hail of cards from the sky heralds an invitation by the Crazy-Ass
Mad Motherfucking Hatter, who hates the Queen.  Maybe he'll help them!

Photos this week by Amber Rey


The Black White Rabbit brings us up to date with some rhyming exposition.

Meet the Crazy-Ass Mad Motherfucking Hatter (Andrew Bentler), who
gets a little too fresh with Susan (played this week by Lucy Griffin).

Drinking at nine in the morning at the Hatter's party.

SWITCH!  The Hatter finds new seats.

Meanwhile, Mother returns home from her romantic escapades
to find a note from Father.  He's left her, and wishes her happiness.

On Planet Rock, Gina tells her mother, the Queen, that if
she beheads Alexander, she'll have to behead her, too.

This occasions a major musical number.




The Vatos in Space (Ajrediz Elez and Jon Monastero), whose own
serial was cancelled the week before, cameo to bring a message
from the Black White Rabbit, who couldn't be here this week.

Mother finds Father by the side of the road and tearfully takes him back.

The Queen is still grieving over her loss of Alex to Gina.

The King (Gabby Sanalitro) returns, and though he doesn't care much about Gina -
turns out she's adopted - he's upset that she's with a boy from Earth.
Earth's been nothing but trouble for years.  Time for an invasion!

The Hatter says he'll only help Susan find Alexander if she joins
him in a little debauchery.  She stomps on his foot and storms off.

Alexander busts Gina some rhymes to show how much he loves her.

The duo are madly in love - but Alexander is thrown when Gina says she's pregnant.

EPISODE TEN (2/14/09)
Photos this week by Angela Carper Lanahan


Did the Black White Rabbit hear somebody say... Pumpkin Pie?

The round of "Pumpkin Pie" jokes that
ensue result in a reunion at last!

But the skies darken, as the warships of Planet Rock approach Earth!
They're not sure what's going on, but whatever it is, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Father and Mother Fresh are reunited, and Father pleasures her
with techniques inherited from his Asian ancestor, Wang-Pei Fresh.
But they, too, see the skies darkening, and the arrival of spaceships.


A brief recap... and

MC H Ditty (Henry Dittman) catches everyone up on the story so far.

Choreographer Natasha Norman is a righteous Ladysister.

The Queen and King are about to have a throwdown!  The Queen opposes
the King's invasion of Earth.  He wants her arrested for treason, but
she says she only listes to two CDS... "to see deez nuts!"

With the alien invasion in full effect, Susan returns to her parents with
the Black White Rabbit in tow, who tells them that they've come
from the future - "Come with me if you want to live!"

Stills taken from video by Suze Campagna


Accused of treason... facing beheading... and even
Li'l Shante (Red the Dog) won't give the Queen a kiss.

The Queen and King engage in a round of the Dozens, but
the King goes too far when he threatens to behead Li'l Shante.

The Queen
goes Diana Ross on the King's ass.
"I curse you! Until you do right by me,
everything you think about is gonna crumble."

It all went down a little bit like this...


Alexander and MC H Ditty start us off with a rhyme.


Alexander and a very pregnant Gina.

Alexander reassures Gina that he still loves her.

Their lovemaking is interrupted as the family
beams in with the Black White Rabbit.

The Rabbit says that Horace (JJ Mayes) prophesized
that the Fresh family hold the key to peace in the galaxy.

The reunion is interrupted by the arrival of the King's men.

And there's only one way to defeat the King's Men...

Photos by Juliette Storace, plus stills taken from video by Suze Campagna


Mother, offended that Father thinks she can't
handle danger or hip hop, busts out some rhymes.

PUMPKIN PIE!?  Did someone say PUMPKIN PIE!?

A panicking Alexander tends to Gina, whose water has just broke.

One of the King's guards has ambushed and shot
the Black White Rabbit!  He dies in Father's arms.

The King gloats, but the Queen tells him,
"This ain't over by a damn sight."

From beyond, Horace tells the Rabbit that "The story be not over, mon!
Many secrets are still to be revealed!  Your destiny... awaits!"


The Black White Rabbit awakens, but where is he?  A mysterious
force lifts him into a wheelchair (since actor Victor Isaac tore
his Achilles tendon during last week's show).

Horace (Scott Leggett), who has newly-sprouted wings,
tells the Rabbit that they are are in the Universal Taint...
'tain't life.. 'tain't heaven or hell...
it's the big musty grey space in between.

Alex sings a lullabye for his newborn son.  (This episode was written
and performed the week that Michael Jackson passed away.)

A dream ballet recaps the entire story so far.

The Rabbit has fulfilled his destiny,
and so he orates a tearful final farewell.

The Fresh Family and the Queen confront the King at the palace.

Gina tells the King that if he won't save Earth for her...
then do it for his grandson. But the King has a bombshell
to drop: Alexander... is his son.  WHAT... !?  Cliffhanger, yo!