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written by Jon Monastero
directed by Juliette Storace

16 Episodes
Original Run: 10 Episodes - 9
/27/08 - 1/31/09
Playoffs: All 6 Episodes - 5/30/09 - 6/27/09 & 7/11/09



Ajredin Elez

Beto (Eps. 1-15)

Jon Monastero

Flaco (Eps. 1-15)
Maria (Ep. 10)

Mandi Moss

Alien Princess #1 (Eps. 1-4, 6-9 & 11-15)

Krista Conti

Alien Princess #2 (Eps. 1-4, 6-9 & 11-15)

Stephen Simon

Houston Control (Sam Houston) (Eps. 1-3 & 6-14)

Brian Wallis

Jim Bowie (Ep. 3 & 6)
Unseen Force (Ep. 4)
NASA TIE Fighters (Ep. 5)
Quetzalcoatl (Eps. 5 & 13)
Sand Person #1 (Eps. 8-9)
Young Sam Houston (Ep. 10)
Sam Houston Doll Puppeteer (Ep. 15)

Brandon Clark

William Travis (Ep. 3)

Corey Klemow

William Travis (Ep. 6)
Sand Person #2 (Eps. 8-9)
Tree Planet Alien (Eps. 11-15)

Troy Vincent

David Crockett (Ep. 3)

Michael Holmes

David Crockett (Ep. 6)

Juliette Storace

Dickinson (Eps. 3 & 6-7)
Iztpaplotl (Ep. 13)

C.M. Gonzalez

Abuelita (Eps. 4, 8-10, 12 & 14)
Unseen Force
(Ep. 4)

Kirstin Eggers

Alien Queen Mother (Eps. 4-5, 9 & 15)


Alien Queen Mother (Ep. 6-9 & 11-13)

Bryan Krasner

Pancho Villa (Ep. 8)

Megan Crockett

Sand Person #3 (Eps. 8-9)
Karate Mime Army #2 (Ep. 15)

Amanda D'Angelo

Sexy Robot Missile (Ep. 12)
Tree Planet Alien #3 (Eps. 14-15)

Rich Pierre Louis

Zapata (Ep. 12)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Tree Planet Alien #2 (Eps. 13-15)

Derek Mehn

Monolo Montoya (Ep. 14)

Kevin F. Sherry

Perito (Ep. 14)
Male Dominated Home Planet Nobleman #2 (Ep. 15)

Marz Richards

Male Dominated Home Planet King (Ep. 15)

Colin Willkie

Male Dominated Home Planet Nobleman #1 (Ep. 15)

Sean Sweeney

Male Dominated Home Planet Herald (Ep. 15)

Julia Emelin

Karate Mime Army #1 (Ep. 15)

Heather Klinke

Karate Mime Army #3 (Ep. 15)

Doll Costumes designed by Kat Bardot & Mandi Moss

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE I (9/27/08)

Beto (Ajredin Elez) and Flaco (Jon Monastero),
the first Vatos on the Moon!

Blasting off!

Landing on the moon

Captured by alien chicas! (Mandi Moss & Krista Conti)

EPISODE II (10/4/08)

Hangin' with the alien chicas.

Exploring the moon.

Upon reporting that they've found alien life forms,
Houston Control says they'll send a supply ship and crew with
the "special blankets" in order to help enslave the aliens.

Beto and Flaco decide to ditch Houston in
order to tool around space with the alien chicas.

EPISODE III (10/11/08)

A tense day at NASA.  The Chicanos have abandoned the mission and are now headed towards Mars.
L-R: Troy Vincent as "David Crockett," Brandon Clark as "William Travis,"
Stephen Simon as "Sam Houston" (of Houston Control) and Brian Wallis as "Jim Bowie."

Intelligent and organized Dickinson (Juliette Storace) is ridiculed
for trying to do math and stuff.  'Cause she's a girl.

Remembering the Vatos' training.

Houston decides to intercept the crew on Mars.  The Vatos
are expendable - but the aliens will be brought back alive.

On Mars, they detect the NASA ship arriving.
Beto decides to stand and fight.

His homies have got his back.

EPISODE IV (10/18/08)

Flaco is the victim of a NASA drive-by!

In Heaven, Flaco's Abuelita (C.M. Gonzalez)
sends him back to Earth Mars.

The Alien Queen Mother (Kirstin Eggers) pulls up.

She's looking for her daughters -
those alien chicas are Princesses!

Remembering how she trained her daughters to be Princesses.

Flaco and Beto check out the Queen's sweet ride.

Sweet ride!

EPISODE V (10/25/08)

Strafed by tie fighters! (played by Brian Wallis)

The boys smoke some chronic, and have a vision of Quetzalcoatl.
(Brian Wallis, demonstrating his amazing range.)
The god gives Flaco the ability to transform into an Eagle Warrior
and turn invisible, while Beto can now turn into a "jagwire"!

EPISODE VI (11/22/08)

The men at NASA carry out experiments
on the Alien Princesses.

Dickinson protests, but, as usual, is ignored.

Sneaking into NASA with the Alien Queen Mother - who
has been shrunken to doll size by the Earth's atmosphere
(and by the unavailability of actress Kirstin Eggers).

Sneaking in.

The scientists at NASA.  L-R: Corey Klemow as "William Travis,"
Michael Holmes as "David Crockett" and Brian Wallis as "Jim Bowie."

Sam Houston punches in the door code.

The Vatos are nearly caught, but manage to act white enough to avoid detection.

With their newfound "jagwire," eagle and invisibility powers, they manage to free the Princesses.

The Alien Queen Mother makes short work of Sam Houston.

A warrior eagle perching on a fallen foe.

Dickinson tells them of a spacecraft they can use to escape.
The Princesses plan to return to their male-dominated
home planet and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

But little to they know that Sam Houston
has stowed away on the ship with them...

EPISODE VII (11/29/08)

Houston captures the Princesses and the shrunken
Alien Queen Mother and beams down to the planet below.

With the help of Dickinson at Houston Control,
the Vatos beam down to give chase.

EPISODE VIII (12/6/08)
Photos this week by Suze Campagna

Beto and Flaco, lost and exhausted, nearly give up hope.

Flaco dreams of his beloved Abuelita (C.M. Gonzalez),
who offers him words of encouragement and support.

Pancho Villa (Bryan Krasner) is also supportive.

Pancho Villa and Abuelita seem to have a li'l sumthin'-sumthin' goin' on!

The Princesses and Queen Mother manage to escape from Sam Houston...

...only to be quickly captured by hostile Sand People.

A terrifying visage.

Sam Houston reveals that he's now
the leader of the Sand People.  Uh oh.

EPISODE IX (12/13/08)
Photos this week by Aaron Francis

Facing death, Flaco recalls his life in the barrio with Abuelita...

...and the first time he met and went cruising with Beto.

The Alien Queen Mother is back to normal size!

However, before she can free everyone, she is overtaken with
the Pon Farr and is driven to mate... with Sam Houston!

Flaco and Houston engage in a lightsaber duel...

...which ends just like it does in that movie.
"Yo soy tu padre."

EPISODE X (1/31/09)
Photos this week by Amber Rey

Flaco decides to join his father on the Dark Side.

Flashback to before Flaco was born, as his future Abuelita meets her daughter
Maria's (Jon Monastero) new boyfriend, a young Sam Houston (Brian Wallis).


Okay, forget that last episode.  The Vatos land on a Tree Planet.

They encounter a peevish Tree Planet Alien (Corey Klemow)
who threatens to "destwoy" them.

Behold the alien's power of teletransportation!

"I'm over hewe..."

The alien quickly runs off when the Vatos tell
him they have the power to fuck him up.

The Princesses return, demanding that Beto y Flaco
help them free their mother from Sam Houston's influence.
Refuse and be zapped!

Beto kinda likes being zapped.

The gang goes on the offensive as Sam Houston enters, with the
Alien Queen Mother - reduced once more to doll size - in his grasp.

Stills taken from video by Suze Campagna

Tied up and awaiting their doom!

Sam Houston has the Tree Planet Alien prepare the Life Sucking Machine.

The gang escape, but the Alien teletransports away.

As they attempt to escape in their spaceship, Sam Houston
unleashes the Sexy Robot Missile (Amanda D'Angelo).

Direct hit!

Flaco stirs in the wreckage to find a vision of his Abuelita...

...who has brought Emilio Zapata (Rich Pierre Louis) with her.
Zapata warns Flaco that to truly fight injustice,
sometimes you must dine with the devil.

"Where are you going?"
"To have dinner with the devil."


Flaco enters the Aztec underworld, where summons the
goddess Iztpaplotl.  With his blood.  That's jacked up.
Still frame taken from video by Suze Campagna -

The seductive goddess reveals herself
to Flaco in a more comely form.

Quetzalcoatl returns to warns Flaco away from Iztpaplotl.

Iztpaplotl offers Flaco great power.

Sam Houston shows up with two Tree Planet Aliens.
(L-R: Stephen Simon, Jay Bogdanowitsch & Corey Klemow)

Prepare for battle!

Photos by Juliette Storace

Having escaped from the Aztec underworld, the Vatos and Princesses have
become hopelessly stranded in space.  The Vatos pledge to help the
Princesses take back their male-dominated home planet someday.

The Tree Planet Aliens (with new Alien played by Amanda D'Angelo),
with Sam Houston in tow, have jacked their car... and their weed.
Still frame taken from video by Suze Campagna -

Abuelita arrives, as she always does when things are at their worst,
with help... this time in the form of Monolo Montoya (Derek Mehn) - and his
friend Perito (Kevin F. Sherry) - who, though not dead, was killed last week.

Monolo advises the Vatos and trains them for battle!

As a reward for completing their training, Monolo gives them a new car!
They set course for the male-dominated home planet at last!


The Vatos and the Princesses ride into the Danger Zone.

On the Male Dominated Home Planet, the men play Sportball and
congratulate themselves on the excellent idea of exiling all the women.
(L-R: Sean Sweeney as "MDHP Herald," Kevin F. Sherry & Colin Willkie
as "MDHP Noblemen" and Marz Richards as "MDHP King")

When intruders are detected, they call forth the Karate Mime Army!
(L-R: Julia Emelin, Megan Crockett & Heather Klinke)

Karate Mime Army!

The Aliens crash-land on the MDHP, and are
lost without their Master, Sam Houston.

Little Lost Aliens

The Vatos, newly arrived on the MDHP, begin to doubt themselves...
but are given a pep talk by the suddenly normal-sized Alien Queen Mother...
who doesn't remember a thing that's happened to her since she shrunk.
She woke up in the wreckage of a ship, and that's all she knows.

However, Sam Houston (Ken, assisted by Brian Wallis),
unseen by the others, has been shrunk to doll size by the crash.

The Herald disguises himself as a woman to gain the Queen's trust.

But it was a trick!  The women are trapped in a mime box!

The King gloats.

Before the Vatos can affect a rescue, they
are captured by the Karate Mime Army.
"Abuelita!" cries Flaco. "Where are you?
We need you! I don't understand!"

Photos by Juliette Storace

"We're in a mime box!"  Prisoners of the Male Dominated Home Planet.

Tree Planet Alien #1 attempts to teletransport them out, but there's
not enough room to work his teletransportation mojo.

When the King learns that Sam Houston is the Queen's mortal enemy, he
orders him reconstituted in a special effect not unlike that used in Superman II.

Left on their own in the mime box while the other prisoners
are transported elsewhere, Beto and Flaco attempt an escape.

Trapped and despairing,
the Vatos remember all their homies.

When all seems lost, Abuelita arrives.  Flaco asks if she's brought
another novio along to help.  Well, not quite... Abuelita's been experimenting.

It's Frida Kahlo (Bryan Coffee)!

Frida Kahlo to the rescue!

Frida and Abuelita leave, hand in hand.

The court of the MDHP discusses what to do with the prisoners.

Beto and Flaco to the rescue!  First in a tug of war with the Karate Mime Army...

...then by tagging the MDHP noblemen!  "Dot the eye, esse!"

The female contingent of the Royal Family is now back in
charge of their no longer male dominated homeworld.

Beto and Flaco are richly rewarded.

With the men sentenced - quite happily - to a lifetime of Sportball, the Herald sentenced - happily again -
to be her stylist, and the Karate Mime Army and the Tree Planet Aliens as her new guards,
the Alien Queen Mother gifts Beto and Flaco with a new ride, and takes her leave.

Preparing for one final lowride.
"Goodbye, white people!"