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written & directed by Sean Sweeney

7 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Episodes - 11/22/08 - 12/6/08
Playoffs: 4 Episodes - 5/30/09 - 6/20/09

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have lied,
I have acted and I have killed...and I'm a cop.


Sean Sweeney

Reilly (Eps. 1-7)

Scott Leggett

Sarge (Eps. 1-7)

Brendan Patterson

The Ear (Eps. 1-7)

Peter Fluet

Alias... Lear (Eps. 1-7)

Maarten Cornelis

Alias... Tartuffe (Eps. 1-3)

Tyler Brooks

Alias... Vanya (Eps. 1-4)

Chip Godwin

Alias... Mack the Knife (Eps. 1 & 3-7)

Jaime Andrews

Alias... Ophelia (Eps. 1-7)

Jeff Miller

Mr. Customer (Eps. 1-3)

Joe Fontes

Mr. Customer (Ep. 4)

Sirry Jons

Ms. Bank Teller (Ep. 1)

Rebecca Larsen

Nadine (Eps. 2 & 4)
Voice of Nadine (Ep. 3)

Kelsey Wedeen

Special Agent Zavistowski (Eps. 3 & 7)

Colin Willkie

Alias... Ionesco (Eps. 5-7)

Chairman Barnes

Lieutenant (Ep. 5)

Ajredin Elez

Beto (Ep. 7)

Jon Monastero

Flaco (Ep. 7)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (11/22/08)

Badass cop... or wimpy actor?
Sean Sweeney is beside himself as "Reilly."

The criminal gang known as The Actors rob a bank.

Their leader, stage named Lear (Peter Fluet),
charms the bank teller (Sirry Jons).

Reilly prepares to go undercover.  L-R: Scott Legget as "Sarge,"
Sean Sweeney as "Reilly" and Brendan Patterson as "The Ear."

At the 50-seat theater known as Actor's Alley, Riley
auditions for The Actors with a well-known monologue.
Click on the picture above to hear the monologue!

Sarge and The Ear listen in, as Sarge recounts that Reilly was married before,
to an actress - the toast of the Santa Monica/Wilcox corridor.  But she and
their child were killed by a crazy actor researching a role in "Our Town."
Now Reilly's determined to kill them all.

Reilly meets Ophelia (Jaime Andrews), who wants to know if
he knows anybody who can help him get his SAG card.
She reminds him of somebody.  He may already be in too deep.

Reilly is offered a temptation.
Click on the picture above to hear the temptation!

Taking a trip.

"Remember who you are Reilly," warns Sarge, as
the theater games begin.  "You're a cop!"

EPISODE TWO (11/29/08)

Reilly's feeling the strain.

Surrounded by The Actors.

Ophelia... a lovely vision of
actressy actressyness.

Ophelia wants something from Riley.

Reilly remembers his late ex-girlfriend, the actress Nadine (Rebecca Larsen).
She doesn't care about his tale of his workday, or that he accidentally shot a child.
She needs to be with people who understand the pressure of her impending stardom.

Sarge stops by with surveillance photos of The Actors,
but Reilly can't recognize them through their masks.

Reilly frets that Sarge's interruption will interfere with his
audition.  He's an actor.  Or is he a cop?  He's in too deep!

The Actors have overheard, and Lear ponders
what to do about the Iago in their midst.

Photos this week by Suze Campagna

Reilly's definitely in WAY too deep...

...so Sarge sends in Special Agent Zavistowski (Kelsey Wedeen) after him.

Reilly prepares for his first heist with The Actors,
little suspecting that they're on to him.

Mr. Customer (Jeff Miller) cowers in terror
as Reilly agonizes over his loyalties.


This episode was a recap of the previous three,
except now Mr. Customer is played by Joe Fontes.

Sarge warns Reilly about getting involved with actors.


Lear leads Mack the Knife (Chip Godwin) and
Ionesco (Colin Willkie) in an acting exercise.

Ophelia's bedroom technique.

The Lieutenant (Chairman Barnes) is breathing
down Sarge's neck, demanding results.

Reilly's ineptness at an imaginary water balloon
fight leads him to break down and cry that he can't
do it - he's no actor!  Is his cover blown?

No!  "To become a great actor, you must first
admit that you are a bad one.  Now, turn your
soul over to me, so that I may remold it."
An anguished Reilly agrees.  "REMOLD ME!"


Deep, deep cover.  (See video below for the skinny.)

Meanwhile, Ophelia rhapsodizes about Riley.  "It's almost
like he isn't an actor at all.  He cares about people other
than himself. He doesn't want attention!" 
Lear warns her
not to get in too deep with him... he may be dead soon.

Lear tells Riley about their next improvisational
acting exercise... which will be set at the bank.



The Actors aren't sure about Reilly... but they'll find out at tonight's gig.

Reilly freaks out when Ophelia tells him that when he's
"downtown," he's like "a cop interrogating my vagina."

Special Agent Zavistowski warns Sarge that Reilly's cover may have
been blown... and it turns out she had a steamy affair with him years ago.

Ophelia is caught rehearsing a monologue from "Star Spangled Girl."

The bank robbery gets underway.

"Oh my GOD,
you're an agent?  Theatrical or just commercial?"
"I'm the kind of agent that can save your life."

As the robbery continues, with Beto y Flaco (Ajredin Elez
and Jon Monastero) as hostages, Reilly blows his cue.

"I can't stand it, Felix, I'm crackin' up!"