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written & directed by Paul Byrne

1 Episode

Caution: Cojones!


Sondra Mayer


Rebecca Larsen


Emily Donn


Corey Klemow


Caesar F. Barajas

Detective Joe Cojones

Paul Byrne

Inspector Dexter

Suzanne Karpinski


EPISODE ONE (3/26/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  As an art class sketch a nude model, the teacher, Miss McWiggle, asks if they've noticed anything unusual about her.  They haven't.  Because they don't notice anything.  The model has just been shot dead.  Inspector Dexter of the Art Police and his partner, Detective Joe Cojones arrive (last seen in In-Digo), but they can't get any information from the unobservant, self-absorbed students.  However, Cojones inspires plenty of heat with McWiggle.  Inspector Dexter notices a sniper (or "snipe," as he calls him) on the building across the street.  Dexter is shot, while McWiggle and Cojones make out.  "Sure, go ahead," cries the dying Dexter.  "Kiss my Cojones... over my dead body!"

Unobservant art students Lulu (Emily Donn), Sondra (Rebecca Larsen) and Delmont (Corey Klemow). 'Do you notice anything unusual about this model?' asks McWiggle (Sondra Mayer). 'She aint' got no clothes on.' Enter Det. Joe Cojones (Caesar F. Barajas) and Inspector Dexter (Paul Byrne) of the Art Police. They examine the murdered model. The victim is Melba Montaine, of the Mammoth Mountain Montaines. Still oblivious. Cojones on the job. 'Is it getting colder in here?' 'I can't tell - she's lying face down.' 'She was the victim of a snipe! Biggest coward there is, a snipe!' (He means 'sniper.') Standing in front of the window the sniper shot through. Ob. Livious.