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They Call Her... THE SHOCKER!
written & directed by Jaime Robledo
fight choreography by Marz Richards

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Episodes - 4/16/11 - 4/23/11
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/21/11

Vengeance is a messy business.


Rebecca Larsen

The Shocker (Eps. 1-3)

Leon Russom

Daddy (Eps. 1-3)

Terry Tocantins

Herv (Eps. 1-3)

Jim Nieb

Lo Pan (Eps. 1-3)

Trey Perkins
Aaron Francis
Aaron Mendelson
Jay Bogdonowitsch

The Dispatched (Ep. 1)

Brendan Broms

Nash teh Biker (Ep. 2)

Mandi Moss

Deb (Ep. 2)

Aaron Mendelson
Jaime Robledo

Bunraku Shadows (Eps. 2-3)

Troy Blendell

Old Sage (Ep. 3)

Henry Dittman

Voice of Old Sage (Ep. 3)

EPISODE ONE (4/16/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Annette Fasone

SUMMARY:  A young woman who was married to Herv, the idiot son of Daddy, a dangerous criminal, cheats on her husband and spies on Daddy's business... and so the ruthless Daddy cuts off her left hand and all the fingers on her right hand except her pinky.  He then has Herv dump her body.  However, she is not dead.  Her body is found in the garden of Master Lo Pan (last seen in Office Fu back in season one!), who trains her in the ways of martial arts.  Now she is an unstoppable vengeance machine.  She is... THE SHOCKER.

The Shocker (Rebecca Larsen). As she destroyed her enemies, she says, 'I lost a part of who I was.' Vengeance is a messy business. Earlier: Daddy (Leon Russom) cuts off her left hand and all her right fingers except her pinky. She snooped on his business and cheated on his son, and now pays the price. Daddy calls to his son. Herv (Terry Tocantins) decides he wants to go back to her.  Too late.  'She knows too much.  She knows how I make my money.' She listens with mounting horror. 'Children - you can't live with 'em, and you can't smother 'em with a pillow pretend that it's SIDS.' Herv drags her away to get rid of her, per Daddy's orders. Master Lo Pan (Jim Nieb) waters his plants. She awakens were Herv dumped her - in Master Lo Pan's garden. 'Need a hand?  I can't put my finger on it, but there seems to be a problem.' Daddy's upset with Herv. Daddy shoots Herv in the gut as punishment for botching things. 'It's okay son... I still love you.' 'They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... but old Mr. Scratch has never come face to face with me.' Master Lo Pan offers to train her in martial arts. 'Many an empire has fallen under the might of one little finger.' And so is born... The Shocker.

A disfigured assault victim takes her revenge on thugs in the employ of her attacker.

The Shocker's messy origins.

Master Lo Pan learns about the devilish man who disfigured the Shocker.

EPISODE TWO (4/23/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  Daddy offers a reward to his employees to retrieve The Shocker, dead or alive... and will pay more if she's alive.  Meanwhile, The Shocker wants to begin her training, but Master Lo Pan warns her that she must learn patience.  After a training montage, she becomes cocky.  However, Lo Pan tells her that to defeat her enemies, the student must surpass the master.  Back at Daddy's, he calls in his transvestite son-in-law, Deb - formerly known as Peter - and tells her to track her sister down.  Deb accepts the job with relish.  "The game was set in motion," says The Shocker.  "Only one of us could win. The other was sure to die." 

Advanced white crane techniques. The Shocker dispatches another enemy. 'Revenge doesn't stop to catch its breath.' Herv reports to Daddy. Daddy explains why Herv should never, ever interrupt his morning coffee. Herv's insolent expression is about to change. The Shocker is impatient to begin her training. Lo Pan says she must learn patience. The Shocker wants to learn patience NOW. 'The harder you clutch the rock, the more it slips from your grasp.' Training montage! Training montage! Training montage! The Shocker's brother, transvestite Deb - formerly Peter (Mandi Moss). Daddy tells Deb to track her sister down. 'The game was set in motion. Only one of us could win. The other was sure to die.'

The Shocker applies advanced White Crane techniques.

Daddy talks to Herv about why he drinks coffee.


Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Although The Shocker is making progress in her training with Master Lo Pan, it is not enough.  She must study with the Old Sage, who can be found on the tallest peak of the highest mountain... in New Hampshire.  Meanwhile, Master Lao Tzu, the Old Sage, senses their approach.  "There is a smell of vengeance in the wind! Blood will be shed indeed!"  And the meditating old master begins to float in the air...

The Shocker recaps the story so far. The Shocker recaps the story so far. Recap: The Shocker's origins. Recap: Deb is sent to track down his/her sister. Recap: Deb is sent to track down his/her sister. The Old Sage, Master Lao Tzu (Troy Blendell) senses the smell of vengeance in the air. Curtain Call