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written & directed by Terry Tocantins

1 Episode

We were waiting for a hero... what we got was Wallis in the Morning.


Brian Wallis

Wallace Wallis

Terry Tocantins

Pvt. Cooper

Annette Fasone

Janet the Intern

Pat Towne


Michael Holmes

The Cowboy

Jacob Sidney


EPISODE ONE (4/9/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Suze Campagna

SUMMARY:  Wallace Wallis is the last drivetime DJ in Los Angeles after the Apocalypse, broadcasting a ham radio station from the basement of the old Capitol Records building, and he's trying to keep people's spirits up.  The 101 is literally a parking lot and savage thugs rule the Valley like the despots of old.  The other day, Wallis saw Leeza Gibbons crucified on Ventura Boulevard. Before that, it was Esai Morales.  There are no more records, so Pvt. Cooper must sing all the hits.  Nobody's calling in... but the station gets a rare visitor in Schadenfreude, a dour man who just wants to bring everybody down.  He reports that slavery provisions are being enacted... and Tom Petty was recently killed.  Schadenfreude is ultimately executed by another arrival... The Cowboy (from Pretencia), who is wise in the ways of the DJ Code.  He warns that the aliens are coming... and they want Wallis' radio station.

Pvt. Cooper (Terry Tocantins) and Wallace Wallis (Brian Wallis) broadcast their drivetime show. 'K-HAM, the world's only ad-hoc provisional, government official ham-radio operated broadcast in Southern California!' In the old times, Wallis used to be Wally on 97.1, The FUSE. Wallis tries to reach a survivor... anybody. Defending against a possibly dangerous visitor. Enter Schadenfreude (Pat Towne), who was kicked out of his government bunker. Schadenfreude's got nothing but bad news about the outside world. Schadenfreude requests songs that are too high on Pvt. Cooper's vocal range. A lonely vigil. Janet the intern (Annette Fasone) has brought lunch. Pvt. Cooper attempts 'Paradise City.' Enter... The Cowboy! (Michael Holmes) 'My eyes are ashamed, but my aim is true! Counter-request - Elvis Costello and the Attractions!' The Cowboy used to have an overnight show when he was at U Mass. 'The aliens are coming - and they want your radio station.'

Signing on for a post-apocalyptic broadcast with "Wallis in the Morning."