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written & directed by Paul Plunkett

Next Time: Episode 2
Began 4/23/11

Duffy said it was okay.


Henry Dittman


Paul Plunkett

Voice of Klagdor

Jaime Andrews


Tifanie McQueen


Colin Willkie
JJ Mayes

Klagdor Puppeteers

plus the entire rest of the cast of the April 23, 2011 show

EPISODE ONE (4/23/11)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Adina Valerio

SUMMARY:  On the closing night of Samuel Beckett's Endgame at Sacred Fools, Smacky and Chaz (from A Cat Wrote This Play!) discuss the show and speculate on how the characters die - something left vague by Beckett.  They are joined by girlfriends Jackie and Jaz, and also by Klagdor (of Giant Monologue and others).  Everything explodes in an orgy of in-jokes, culminating with a sarin gas attack that kills the entire cast of that night's Serial Killers, just like in Don Giovanni Today, Don Carlo Tomorrow.

The return of Smacky (Henry Dittman) & Chaz (Paul Plunkett)! They are confused by Samuel Beckett's 'Endgame.' Chaz vanishes after an argument. Big pause. Klagdor comes crashing through the roof. He thinks the woman from 'Puzzler' can solve the mystery of how the 'Endgame' characters died. Girlfriends Jackie (Jaime Andrews) and Jaz (Tifanie McQueen). Maybe the 'Endgame' folks died of zombies. 'Maybe they died of inside jokes.' Chaz returns. 'I don't really hate you. I love you. We're friends.' A smell of almonds, and Klagdor falls down dead. 'THEY HIT THE HEARTLAND!' The entire cast of tonight's show dies of a poison gas attack.  What WAS that... ? Curtain Call (and birthday cake for Carrie Wiita and Colin Willkie!)

Endgame's Ending