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selected by Vanessa Claire Perkins
directed by Joe Jordan

Every week, hundreds of untrained writers from around the world
send their unsolicited, unregistered scripts to Hollywood production
companies in the hopes that their story will rise above the rest to be
made into a feature film. Most never even get read... until now.

The scripts are beyond belief... but seeing is believing.
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"Presented word for word... unedited...

...we didn't change a thing."

Click on Thursty to watch the intro!

From Episodes 9-21: "Love Written in the Stars"
- Full Cast & Crew Details & More Photos -

The righteous Assistant (Jaime Robledo) confronts
the egomaniacal Director (Paul Plunkett)

Jeff's mother Marla (Jenelle Riley) and fiancee
Mandy (Stacey Jackson) have a heart-to-heart.

Doc #1 (Adam Bitterman) tries to tell them
that Jeff's really dead and not playing a prank.

Cop #1 (Adam Bitterman) and Cop #2 (Laura Napoli)
arrive to question Amber about Jasmin.

Nick is really, really enthused about prom.

The gang bids Amber farewell at the airport
as she leaves for Hollywood to follow her dreams.
It doesn't get any more on the nose than this, folks.

Amber visits a guilt-stricken and dying Tim Markly (Henry Dittman).
Click on the picture above to hear Tim's self-diagnosis.

Hear some final words of wisdom from Linsay

From Episodes 22-34: "Abigail's Choice"
- Full Cast & Crew Details & More Photos -

A Very Important "Appointment"

Abi visits Dr. Sue (Christina Byron), her "gyna-ecologist,"
and talks about her feelings for Sean Michael.

Abi's romantic final night with Sean (Troy Vincent) a year ago.

An awkward first date.
- Photo by Aaron Francis -

BONUS VIDEO: Abi and Sheron discuss the legality of bigamy.

Making love.

But they end up in bed together.  Tony has
some rain checks he'd like to cash in.
Click on the picture to hear their
incredible, indescribable pillow talk!

As we get closer and closer to the end of the
script, the typos come fast and furious.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Sheron's famous eggs.  Abi looooooves them.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

From Episodes 35-36: "What's Love Made Of, Anyway?"
- Full Cast & Crew Details & More Photos -

Hear Thursty announce the title of the piece

Sandy tries to comfort Leila (Jaime Andrews).
Possibly the most completely insane conversation
in the entire history of "Magnum Opus Theatre."
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -